What Are the Best Products for Curly Hair?

According to Sephora, the best products for curly hair are by Bumble and bumble and Devacurl. Bumble’s product is called Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil and! I’ve used it, but only before straightening my hair — which makes me feel a little bit like I rode my bike across town even though my car keys were in my pocket? Devacurl’s product is called No-Poo, which I’m apprehensive about trying given that I’ve been experiencing pretty severe constipation qualms but that is another conversation for another forum.

Anyway! Here’s the thing. I’ve always had curly hair. I dealt with it for as long as I needed to, but would abstain from showering for days after my mom blowed dry my hair and the minute she let me buy an iron, that was that — curls be damned.

I’ve tried to air out dirty laundry in relation to my curly hair (see: this and platitudinous this), and I tried to enlist the help of Rita Ora’s hair stylist because Dame Ora seems like someone who knows what is going on north of her forehead. However, as aware as she may be, still no dice for me.

Every time I get out of the shower, I am confronted with the oft-utilized reliability of a tool that beats the character and authenticity out of my head, plus a set of products I am told are fantastic but have heretofore done nothing for what I’m trying to build on top of my head.

And that, of course, is this:


Which can be defined by equal parts volume and mess and a tidy tousle at the crown.

So here we go, curly fries: what are the best products that you use for your hair and should I try them? I plan to spend the next month approximating this and swear-to-blog to report back, so let’s go, eh?

Oh! And I know what you’re thinking, just ask Diane, right? I’m pretty she air dries, and to that, I offer this:

Haven't changed much.

Collage by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Aydan

    I use deva curl (no poo and one condition), but always do a hair mask on Sunday nights (usually using Moroccan or argan oil — only on the ends of my hair). I also only wash my hair every two or three days. I have bangs, so I’m def washing those and styling them every day, but otherwise I just let my hair air dry and go (if its too cold, just sleeping on it wet at night). Every time I go to the hair salon (every two weeks now that I have bangs) they use Kevin Murphy which always leaves my hair super soft, so that could be another great line to try!! Here is the result of second day hair/restyled bangs (excuse the facial expression, I’m still working my way through my coffee!!)

    • Aydan


      • Raythedevil

        That’s very nice.

      • l:ly

        you have french girl hair and i am so jealous

    • Caitie Rosen

      I use Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion, and then let my hair air dry and it is heaven!!

    • Jo

      Kerastase Nutritive Masque Oléo-Curl Intense is the best Hair Mask For Thick, Curly & Unruly Hair!

  • hester

    Coconut oil and the strangely named hair plopping, basically use a t-shirt to let the curls dry without frizzing (see below) xx

    • BAM

      Plopping is the best, it sounds weird but magically improves curls

      • Michelle

        PLOPPING FTW!!!

  • Samantha

    Ouidad styling products are my favorite. I use the Hydrafusion Intense curl creme and then put on the Texture Taffy. I also use the Deva Curl decadent no-poo for added moisture and absolutely love it. Ouidad’s co-wash is also great, but I am thinking of switching to Bumble and Bumble’s co-wash. I love that my curls don’t have that crunchy texture and I’m able to easily air dry them.

  • Jackie Miller

    I really like the products by Carol’s Daughter, and also Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls or Pillow Soft Curls. I have fine, wavy/curly hair and these have both worked really well for me.

  • NikkiMakesThings

    I wash my hair once a week and shampoo/condition with khiel’s products. The only product I’ve found thus far that gives me soft defined curls is Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie. I’ll run a little silk serum through my hair first and then follow up by scrunching the Curl Smothie in. I then try to let my hair air-dry till it’s halfway there then I blowdry upside down with a diffuser. I promise it sounds more complicated than it actually is!

    My boyfriend has perfect (PERFECT!) corkscrew curls, he just washes his hair a couple times a week and pats it try with a towel…super easy. Here’s a picture of our curls in action!

  • Check out naturallycurly.com to find out your curl type and develop a routine accordingly. Their Curl Mart has the best products and recommendations. It’s a journey…

    • janecpt

      Agree that naturallycurly.com is a great resource, but for some reason they don’t mention or sell Living Proof. The LP serum is the best for my 2A hair in humid weather.

  • Ruth

    I use a variety of products depending on the overall humidity outside: If it’s very humid or wet out (e.g. snowing, raining, etc.), I like to use a gel/cream combination such as Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl cream-serum. If the air is relatively dry (aka my hair has a low chance of frizzing up), I use Briogeo Curl Charisma leave-in conditioning creme.

  • Olivia Valdez

    Mixed Chicks shampoo and conditioner plus a combo of Frizz Ease Dream Curls styling spray and Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls, wrap wet hair in cotton t shirt, let air dry — that’s my curly hair remedy!

  • Meghan

    Ouidad Climate Control Gel is my absolute go too. Nothing controls my hair better and a little goes a long way. For your type of hair (soft loose curls) I also recommend Moroccan Oil products specifically the curl defining cream and the moroccan oil!

  • Meg Branson

    I never, ever brush, and I use Deva Curl No Poo and One Condition, and in the shower when my hair is still soaking wet, put in more Deva Curl: b’leavein, frizz free volumizing foam, and hairspray. I put the first two products in my palms, rub them together, flip my head upside down and rub my palms over the front and back of the hair sheets in three sections, then lightly scrunch. Spray with hairspray and lightly scrunch again, with a bit more spray in my palms. Then I wrap my hair in a long sleeve tee shirt while I’m getting dressed and putting on makeup. I also sleep on a silk pillowcase and try to only wet my hair every other day, shampooing every other time I do that. And I use the Deva Curl dryer and diffuser too, which gives my crown more volume than air drying, plus air drying in the southern US takes 2-3 hours.

  • Heidi

    I’ve tried everything and then I discovered Oribe and it changed my life. I use Oribe conditioner for moisture and control every day (shampoo every other day with sulfate free shampoo). I don’t towel dry, I just drip dry and then scrunch in Oribe curl by definition cream. Then I finish it off with Curly Hair Solutions gel. The Oribe products are stupidly expensive, but instead of out of control puffiness, I get soft, defined curls. I’m willing to pay for that!

  • Quinn Halman

    The best thing you can do is to make sure you get all the product off your scalp but if you let your hair dry in braids the curls come out quite tame and consistent. You can change the curl depending on how many and, just, how you braid

  • Hannah

    Use a microfiber towel, wide tooth comb after shower, Davine’s curl serum, twist hair into curl pattern with fingers, let dry naturally. That curl serum is miraculous.

  • Gabby

    Go to a hairdresser who specialises in curly hair and get the appropriate cut. Use a shampoo and conditioner free from parabens, SLS and phthalates. Don’t dry your hair with a towel as that causes frizz. Instead squeeze it dry. My favourite product is Catwalk by Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier, which I apply to my hair when it’s wet and then leave to air dry. I only wash my hair every four or five days.

    • Gabby

      Oh and only brush while in the shower with a wide tooth comb!

  • Natalie

    For approx. a year I am using the curly girl methode. I am trying to use only organic cosmetics and really like Korres because they are using no alcohol etc as ingredients. I also try to take care, that the products have as less ingredients as possible. Air-drying works for me just when I use very much styling gel – after the hair is dry I knead my curls and the gel is not visible anymore and there´s also no frizz. I think getting to love your curls is more a process, there´s not the one product which will change everything. I couldn´t live without microfibre towels and lots of conditioner.

  • I recently switched over to Living Proof products. Cream at the scalp moving to mousse or gel at the ends. Bumble & Bumble just redid their line as well and it’s great. More great options are Devacurl & Ouidad. When I had dark hair, gels and curly mousses were good, and when I coloured my hair I switched over to creams. Oh and I always finish with a holding spray from Aussie but other brands are great too! One thing to keep in mind about some of the suggestions is type of hair. a lot of curly products are created for different textures.

    • BAM

      I was going to suggest Living Proof also. I’ve been using for ~6months and am really happy. I use the “No Frizz” styling cream, but my hair is fairly thin & wavy instead of true curly. You may want to try the Curl products

  • I have kinky hair ( type 4 for my naturals) and i use deva curl. it’s good but pricey. I would also look into shea moisture. terresentials and ms jessies.

  • Jade Coles

    Highly recommend this http://www.skimdo.com/ Skimdo curl cream, Its a great long wear styling product thats light, and leaves the hair shiny and well groomed. Lasts for DAYS – Its a bit of a cult item so it sells out alot, so if you try it and like it buy it in absolute BULK.

  • Brittani

    This article is spot on! I’ve determined there is no ubiquitous curly hair superstar product. I started using DevaCurl after listening to the advice of many people online and the largely underrated podcast What the F**k Do I do With My Jewish Hair?!, and I will admit I’ve seen some improvement. However, my hair never looks like the pictures from other DevaCurl users, and it never lasts to the next day without a halo of crazy frizz forming along with my typical disjointed curls. Overall, I would definitely recommend One Condition and the NoPoo. And the Deva Curl gels are great for getting more defined curls! Don’t trust the MisterRight spray! I tried it to help with the aforementioned second day situation, but it made my hair even more of a rats nest with the addition of a sticky substance! Good luck!

  • Carrie Salmon

    LOVE Deva Curl’s SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler. I was an ardent user of Bumble and Bumble’s leave in conditioner mixed with plain ol’ Dep sport gel, but Bumble and Bumble just re-did their curl line, so I am not sure what I will do once my leave-in stash works out! Ultimately for my girl, the amount of product I use depends on how much I want to weigh my hair down, or combat frizz. Typically a combination of the Coconut Curl Styler and/or some sort of oil (I like OGX’s nourishing coconut milk) helps with frizz on second or third day hair. I also try to air dry as much as possible. I’ve never tried any sort of special shampoo or conditioner — I’ve always liked Pantene’s curl line, as the conditioner is thick and helps to get out the knots!

  • Maria

    You must become friends with Sandra at justcurly.com. She gives fantastic advice with a full listing of all the products I now use. I have been naturally and happily curly for 1 year now. Be free of those hot tools!

  • Heina Dadabhoy

    Shea Moisture Professional Curl Memory Leave In Conditioner. It works across curl types, holds curls, and doesn’t leave it crunchy.

  • allie

    Ok, here’s what works (very well) for me:

    1. Stop shampooing. Use “no poo” if you have to use some kind of shampoo, but I just cowash my scalp with conditioner. It’ll be gross for like a week or two but then your hair will adjust and start producing the right amount of oil for your scalp. This is good and a surprisingly normal thing for people interested in good hair, regardless of their hair type.
    2. Use a sulfate free conditioner that won’t weight down your hair. Read those bottle labels!
    3. NEVER dry your hair with a towel—the harsh fibers mess with your curl pattern. Some brands will try to sell you a microfiber towel but I just use a soft t shirt.
    4. Try “plopping” your hair, which basically amounts to adding product to wet hair and wrapping it on top of your head in the above special towel/t shirt to dry.
    5. Get your hair cut at a curly hair salon (Ouidad or Deva), or with a hairstylist who is an expert in curly hair.
    6. Products. There are a lot of good ones, but I like to use Ouidad heat and humidity gel.
    7. Use heat tools (blowdryer and straightener) as little as possible. If you must, use a diffuser on your blowdryer and use at low heat.

    • Deborah

      I second all of this. I wash with Whole Foods generic mint-scented conditioner. The mint has a nice clean sensation and it is super emmolient, sulfate-free, and cheap. That last part is important so that you don’t feel compelled to skimp. I’ve found that leaving a good amount in post-shower reduces frizz and doesn’t itch. For the DVF look I recommend something stickier than a curling creme. My hair looks most like that when I apply Deva Heaven in Hair to sopping wet hair then gently comb through, top to bottom, with a VERY wide-toothed comb. I don’t flip my head over or touch my hair until it’s fully dry, at which point I flip aggressively, tousle, and gently scrunch bottom-up to break the mask. Keeping your head upright allows the weight of your wet hair to keep the crown tidy and smooth while it dries.

    • Michelle

      Ditto. No sulfates, no silicones! The cheaper the “Gel” the better… plop that shit into a long-sleeved t-shirt, not a towel.

  • Georgia Maroni

    Miss Jessie’s pillow soft curls and a diffuser ??

  • Rosie

    Dang! I’m too broke for Deva Curl products but all of these comments are making me want to splurge.

    I feel like I might get some up-turned noses at this, I’ve been using Herbal Essences ~Totally Twisted~ mousse for literally TEN. YEARS. Thank god they haven’t discontinued it because I would be lost without it. I comb it through my curly Italian hair when it’s wet, scrunch, and blowdry (usually upside-down) with a diffuser. Once it’s dry I scrunch it with my hands again (even though everyone’s like “nooo don’t touch it once it’s dry”, I can’t help it) because it makes the curls softer. This mousse is the shizz. And it will still look great the next day, so no need to wash every day!

    Once every week or two, I’ll make a natural hair rinse with 1 part apple cider vinegar, 3-4 parts water and let that sit in my hair for a few minutes in the shower. It *really* helps get rid of product build-up. Happy scrunching!

  • Claudia Michel

    I water wash my scalp and condition my ends to midshaft everyday. I use whatever no paraben, etc, etc conditioners I find at Marshal’s. Never shampoo. I brush it once about once month or when i realize my hair is way tangled (I’ve gone months!) I air dry it and that’s it. No additional products to style. If it’s feel a little dull or dry, I’ll do an over night oil treatment – slab coconut oil all over and braid. I’ve made a lot of adjustments over the years on what i do, been doing my current routine for a year. I stopped shampoo and styling products about 5 years ago. And no lie my curls are amazing. I also cut my own hair.

  • I’ll admit I’ve struggled with my curly hair. I wish I could say HERE IS THE PERFECT PRODUCT search no more, but I can’t :/ Every curly haired girl has her own curly hair probs that no one else can fix, but herself.

    Sorry this is very cynical and I’m sure not at all what you are looking for in a go-to hair advice column, but I think it’s true. Yes, there are so many good tips and YouTube videos for what to do with curly hair, but what we really have to do is just keep experimenting and hopefully one of these lovely “perfect-for-curly-hair” products will be THE ONE. Leandra Medine, I hope find THE ONE.

    Sincerely, Maia Wilson


  • Daria

    I think everything has been mentioned but for me – stick to a cleansing conditioner (Oribe has a super fancy one, but Wen and Purely Perfect are great too), only brush your hair in the shower and moisturize like crazy! Oils, styling creams and leave in conditioners to the max! That way you will maintain the natural pattern of your curls))

  • Lauren Swindol

    When my hair was longer I used Deva Curl no poo and one condition, then transitioned to just one condition. I love their anGel too, because there’s nothing worse than crispy curls. I referred to their website and followed their rules for styling. Was really impressed with everything except the haircut I had. Now that my hair is shorter and very bleached, it has lost its curl. It looks really bad unless I straighten it or use a curling iron. Now I use Verb shampoo and conditioner, Bumble and Bumble repair blow dry cream and blow dry with a 2″ round brush. Then I straight iron using CHI iron guard spray. Might use a teeny amount of hairspray if necessary. I will wear it straight for two days, then up for a day, then wash again and repeat. I do a coconut oil hair mask as often as I can. I too long for Diane’s effortless curls, because I enjoy doing my hair about as much as I enjoy rubbing acetone into a cut. I long to feel Flawless*** because hell no, I did not wake up like this!!!

  • Natalie

    I have wavy/curly hair and my main problem is that it gets really frizzy and fluffy. I’ve been using Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Olive Oil Shampoo and honestly it makes my hair less frizzy and a little flatter (which I like), so far I haven’t found a product that I like better than this..

  • Catherine Lajoie

    Having tried almost every curly haired product on the market (and for the record I have fine hair with a medium to loose curl) including Deva Curl (which never really worked for me) and the only consistently good products for me have been Ouidad products. Which they keep on improving. Microfiber towel to dry, wide tooth comb, air dry, diffuse, air dry (depending on time you have) and morrocan oil when it’s dry. I wash it every three to four days, and re-wet it and use a moisturizing spray to bring it back to life.

  • AJ

    I am in love with Ouidad. After years of straightening my hair, I accepted my curls with the help of Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. Their rake and shake technique takes about 10-15 minutes, which coming from someone who used to blow dry and straighten, is so easy to do. I do this in the morning and let my hair air dry throughout the day. I also always use the Curl Quencher Leave-in Conditioner (my old hair stylist actually recommends this product for all hair types). I have been using the Climate Control Gel and Leave-in Conditioner for over two years, and my curls are often consistent and dependable–something that curly ladies rarely have! I am also new to the OGX tea tree moisturizing shampoo and conditioner–I absolutely love it after about a month of use! It keeps my *cough* dandruff at bay, and hydrates my curls.

    • AJ

      OH! And I never brush or comb my hair. I think the only time it is ever combed is when I get it cut.

  • amy whiting

    First of all, have you tried the curly girl method? Takes a while for your curly hair to get its best curled form if you straighten it a ton. I feel like you must have, because internet, but just in case, google curly hair method. CurlyPenny on youtube has good stuff for that. Secondly, Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Defining Creme saved me in every way possible and I may register for only that, a thousand avocados, and some mini-wheats for my not-even-in-hypothetical-existence-yet wedding.

  • starryhye

    Curly hair rule #1: Step away from the hair brush! After that, it’s really all about product trial and error. BUT you live in NYC and have more access than the average curly girl, so my advice would be to go to Ouidad’s salon! She’s basically the patron saint of curls.

    For my curly hair, my products are Paul Mitchell’s Round Trip serum and Sculpting Foam. I like my hair to have a lot of volume, so I’ll defuse it, upside down. I rarely shampoo my hair, opting for any old sulphate free conditioner. Also, DO NOT comb or brush your hair when wet. I finger comb some leave in conditioner into my hair while sopping wet, before stepping out of the shower. Then I wrap my hair in the oh-so-sexy Turbie Twist, where it will remain until I’m ready to add product. I flip my head over and distribute product through my hair, being careful not to break up the curl pattern. Scrunch it all through and from there I can air dry or diffuse.

    Report back with your findings, Leandra!

  • Pamela

    I went through the same transition with my hair, I used to iron it all the time until one day I decided to stop. It required some patience because not even the best product could repair the damage of the iron. But my recommendation is to let it down as much as possible, do not use the iron (it’s prohibited hahahhahahaha) let it air dry. I have discovered that using a towel makes it frizzy so I don’t use anything after the shower. As far as products go I recently switched to devacurl no poo and one condition and it is amazing! Finally don’t forget to use a leave in styling cream, I’m constantly switching the brand of the cream because I feel they stop working after a while but the one I love the most and always works is Hergen Nourishing Leave in Conditioner (has a weird smell but it works). Hope this helps, good luck with your Curls!

  • Katie N.

    You know, I think we have the same struggle. You want to be low maintenance, unique, and natural. But (personally) I want to be comfortable and confident as well. I think that’s where the curly/straight blow out battle comes in. I have naturally curly hair I’ve tried to tame for the last 24 years, but to me the curls don’t really go with my self identity since they only hit/escalated during puberty and I had straight hair as a child. So this past fall, I took the plunge and got a keratin treatment. For me, it was such a sigh of relief and aside from the shame of having greasy straight hair for the initial three days, it looked awesome every time I got out of the shower. It also goes away so if it’s not for you then hey wait three months and bye. Now it’s all gone for me and I’m thinking of trying to make the curly hair work again in the plight of being “au naturale.” It reminds me of articles Amelia’s been writing about no shame makeup. About do what makes you comfortable and happy and makes you feel like you. So I think I’ll keep my blowdryer for now.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    While it makes your hair feel a bit weird to the touch, Bumble and Bumble surf spray keeps the curl non-fuzzy. Also Fekkai (but don’t put too much in — you’ll look like you’re one of the Outsiders).

  • Gene

    New Wash, it used to be Purely Perfect but they re-branded to reflect what they’re trying to do (revolutionize hair care) and I can’t get it in Canada right now, but if I could I would. It’s all I need. I use aloe for product, scrunch and air dry with a little re-shaping help from a straightener for ill shaped curls.

  • Desiree Rose

    Ok, a lot of people mess up in not realizing that it’s equal parts product AND routine. We have different curl patterns so what works for me may not have the exact same effect on you but it’s worth a shot bc my hair is even curlier than yours. Bear with me, this will be so, so long:

    1. Shampoo & conditioner. I can use pretty much any product here, whether it’s for curly hair or not, and it will be just fine. If you want something with a little bit of oil in it for extra moisture, that will make minor improvements so you may as well try. You really don’t need to be shampooing every time you shower at all! Curly hair is already so dry naturally, and your scalp’s natural oil has a hard time making its way down the shaft of your hair strands. I shampoo twice a week max, to prevent stripping moisture from it. If you really can’t live without it, try a cleansing conditioner instead, which you can still follow with regular conditioner.

    2. Do not brush your hair when dry ever ever ever! Don’t even touch it, if you can avoid it! That’s the perfect storm for frizz, you must avoid touching it as much as possible, except to apply product! You can brush during your shower while hair is wet (very gently, do not tug! And wide tooth combs are the better option for me, but you should experiment. A brush could be a more useful tool for you). I recently switched from a wide tooth comb to just combing my hair in the shower with my fingers, and I get out all the tangles that way and can feel when I’m pulling too hard on my hair so I don’t yank it all out.

    3. Product. There are so many products and a lot of them are great, so it’s hard to say what’s the very best. Devacurl is definitely wonderful. I have recently given design essentials a try, and it’s been working really well. Start by wringing out excess water from your hair right out of the shower. Avoid towel drying; try to use and old, soft t-shirt as your new hair towel because regular towels create frizz. So after you’ve wrung out your hair a bit, you can let your hair dry a a few minutes in the t shirt, but you can also apply product immediately, which will further reduce frizz (however this can be less comfortable because your hair is still very wet and you won’t be using the shirt after you put in product. Some people don’t like hanging around with very wet hair). You start with leave in conditioner of whichever brand you chose (design essentials for me, another good one is surprisingly Bedhead by tigi). Use a lot, like enough to finger-comb it through your whole head and feel kind of slippery on the strands. Next you use a styling cream, a mousse, or a gel. Again, you’ll have to experiment because different curl types are so unique. But I would guess mousse works well with your hair, in which case design essentials again comes to the rescue; be warned that for this specific brand, you need TONS of mousse, at least 4 pumps on my short hair! But it’s worth it because it leaves hair soft and still has a good amount of hold even though it’s a light product, and smells great. So run it all throughout your wet hair

    4. You can air dry, as I do, but it will likely take forever. You can also dry your hair on low heat and low to medium power, with a diffuser. For extra volume, flip your bend forward and blow-dry with your head down like that. Try to touch it with your fingers as little as possible!

    5. If you’d like a little more shine, or feel that you’ve used too much styling gel/mousse and your hair is a bit crunchy, you put a very tiny amount of oil in your palms and distribute throughout hair. Coconut, avocado, olive work best for me, but you can try some fancy brand stuff if you’d like.

    Voila, you’re done.

    • Desiree Rose

      Forgot to add, you should be doing a hair mask pretty regularly. You can probably get away with doing it every 2-3 weeks, but if you have the patience for every week, that’s better

  • Wow, turns out I hadn’t known the first thing about curly hair before reading all the comments here (which is probably why I had them cut short so often, because I didn’t know what to do with them).

    Been using organic, chemically nice products (eg. Lavera) and they are OK, but on the whole, I can hardly wait to have them cut into a same-length bob, no layering and stuff (aka rats’ tails right now).

  • Cinamaron

    I have been trying out Davines’ curl serum and I really like it so far! My problem is always balancing curling products with the fineness of my hair, and so far I have not had any issues with oiliness or lack of volume using it. I scrunch it throughout my hair and then plop my hair in a microfiber towel for a bit. This has been great for a messy-curly look for me.

  • cw

    Devacurl Lo-Poo once a week. “wash” every other day with Devacurl Condition One and on the other days I just condition with Devacurl One. While my hair is wet I carefully towel dry then spray with Devacurl Free then use a combination of Devacurl gels to help. I no longer have frizz. I no longer look like the little old lady left out in the rain at the last remaining commune in America. And I receive so many compliments on my hair that a friend of mine said my hair needed its own set of paparazzi. Every curly head is different and you must experiment and experiment and experiment to find what works best for you. Also, (and this is the money shot) it can take up to three weeks for any particular curly haired product to really work on your hair so you can’t just try a product once or twice…

  • lindalindanyc

    I love love love this product that somehow still seems to be under the radar: http://www.hydrohair.com/ I’ve also tried & been disappointed with deva curl & Ouidad. Even living proof didn’t deliver – though i love other products in the line. But with all of these go-to curly girl products, my air-dried hair would end up a super frizzy mess (and me immediately off for a blow out). But this hydro stuff is Amazing. Smells good. I can actually let my hair air dry & have it be soft & non-frizzy. Almost the way it looks wet, but dry (not gelled looking in any way, it’s a cream) — Miracle stuff. Oh – and there’s a city connect (it’s based in brooklyn), so that’s also a plus. Finally, I also second the t-shirt (no towel) for absorbing moisture from my hair post shower.

  • anoni81b4u

    In Guyana, the native women soak their curly hair in whitetail bat urine. They have been doing it for hundreds of years. People are just now finding out how well it works.

  • Jocelyn

    I use Mixed Chicks shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. I like their products because the leave my hair super soft, with a pleasant smell, and are both vegan and cruelty free.

  • Jessicaaaa

    Can believe no one has mentioned Aveda curl intensifier!

  • Megs

    I’m cheap, so I go with Suave’s Moroccan oil line for shampoo and conditioner. For leave-in products (applied right out of the shower, after a t-shirt has soaked up the extra water in my hair) I mix it up. It’s usually some combination of Garnier anti-frizz serum and Garnier leave-in conditioner, or Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk with Organix Coconut Curls Mousse. If I need extra control, I’ll use Garnier’s Curl Cream Gel. It controls the curls without the crunch. I have a lot of hair, so I need a lot of control and moisture locking products. I also shower at night and sleep dry my hair so I don’t have to deal with a hair dryer or wet hair in the morning.

  • Jennifer Dornfeld

    I think it depends on how tight your curls are and how thick your hair is. I’ve tried everything from deva curl to living proof and none of it works for me, especially in Florida. I need stuff to weigh my hair down and over washing will make it frizzy. I wash my hair about once per week with a non sulfite shampoo. the rest of the week I either just rinse and scrub or wash it with a conditioner. This prevents me from stripping it of moisture. Once out of the shower and t-shirt towel dried, I use dove daily moisture conditioner (I know of all things). I apply it while damp then let it air dry. Don’t tough it till it’s fully dry then you can fluff it. The conditioner weighs it down enough, tames the frizz and keep my hair soft and moisturized. I recently started washing my hair with the organix brazilian keratin therapy shampoo and conditioner. This tames my curls a little. As I said it depends on your curls because if you have thin hair with a tiny bit of curl, then this might be too heavy for you.

  • Amy

    Stop what you are doing and go to the Devachan Salon in NYC NOW! Coming from a girl that has literally tried every product that exists…the DevaCurl product line is the best for curly hair! No Poo (shampoo), One Condition (conditioner), Volumizing Foam, Styling Cream, Heaven in Hair (deep conditioner) are all great. They will change your life!


  • Fran

    My hair is only slightly wavy, but, without intervention, it tries to turn itself into a giant, waist-length puffball, so I generally have the blessings and problems that come with curly hair, without the curls. At least I have a bit of texture. I used to have totally straight hair (before my thyroid acted up). Totally straight hair is also totally flat and refuses to be anything other than what it already is. So I’m grateful.

    If I want to go with the waves, I either co-wash or super-deep-condition-and-detangle after lather-washing all the product out of my hair (Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash + Curl Conditioning Rinse, or (sulfate-free) shampoo(s) followed by Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment for at least 5 minutes followed by Kinky Curly Knot Today if my hair still wants to tangle). After squeezing some water out, I spray a bit of Shu Umera Miracle Worker on the ends (for conditioning + tangle prevention), then apply Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner, then a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil on the ends, then a bit of Living Proof Instant Texture Mist (it doesn’t spray well — I take the top off, pour some in my hands, and work everything through my hair with a Wet Brush); scrunch, and let air dry while trying hard not to touch it. That brings out my waves and shine without letting things go puffy. I like Living Proof products because silicones act like dust magnets on my hair.

    If I need to blow-dry because it’s frigging cold out or I’m in a hurry, then I have to settle for straight hair. My waves are so slight that even a diffuser will straighten it. I use different products when I’m going to blow-dry.

  • Nataly Gomez

    Hey!! I like using LUSH products.. The Daddy-O shampoo cleans my hair out thouroughly. I don’t care for their conditioners and am using a random moroccanoil one now.. But that’s not really important! I think a hair mask 2x a week makes a major difference. I like LUSH’s Jasmine and Henna Fluff ease mask.. I only brush my hair right out of the shower, let it air dry, and use a bit of hair moisturizer namely R&B cream when I feel like it haha..

    Don’t mind the crazy eyes ?

  • Carly

    Shampoo once, maybe twice a week. Drown it in coconut oil the night before shampooing when possible (I used to wrap my head in an old t shirt but it would always fall off, so now I take the shirt and stick my pillow inside). For styling, Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls on damp hair is life changing.

  • Emily Parr

    NO styling product. Just use Briogeo Be Kind, Be Gentle Co-Wash. Air dry and apply Salma Hayek’s Nuance texturizing spray.

  • Rafaela Garcia

    I don’t use any legit products. I use hair masks once a week made of olive oil and honey. Mayo works so well though the smell isn’t my favorite. After I shower and rinse it all out I leave in some of my conditioner and air dry. Or I blow dry if I need to but air drying is preferred. I had a long journey of straightening and controlling my puffs, but I couldn’t help but look at myself and not feel like myself with straight hair. Plus my hair was just exhausted. So, I went through a ton of products to try to learn to control the frizz atop my head and through trail and error, I one day looked at myself and just smiled. I don’t understand why I had tried to lose my locks so much. I love my curls 🙂

  • Julianna Lee

    Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, best think ever! sleep with yet hair and this on, you wake up with beautiful curly hair 🙂

  • Olivia Corbello

    girl. i got that curly hair too. i am 25 years old and joke that i still don’t know how to style ma curlz. You know what is the way and the truth? Using Pantene curly conditioner, and then putting MORE in when you get out of the shower and leaving it in there. Literally makes my hair look RIGHT.

    All the best!

  • A keratin treatment can be a lifechanger/lifesaver for excessively curly/frizzy hair. It cuts drying/styling time in half or more, eliminates frizz from humidity or sweat, and lets you easily smooth out or straighten curls with a minimal amount of heat or air-dry as a less curly version of your natural hair. Brazilian Blowouts typically cost $200-$500 in salons but you can DIY with Uncurly for about $25 per treatment. Lasts 3-5 months. htps://UNCURLY.com

  • Judithschneider

    Pro Naturals makes the best in my opinion!!

  • garliclovers

    Hair cut to be curly is essential!! Also, Davines. Italians know curls.

  • Naomi Rodriguez

    Oui dad leave in conditioner is super good if you want to spend the money but briogeo has the BEST hair products for lots of types of hair esp curly and theyou are mostly natural, affordable, at sephora and smelly yummy and WORK!!!! I use it in the shower and only rinse a tiny bit or I do it right out of the shower mixed with coconut oil and let it completely air dry inside. You can use a microfiber towel or tshirt to speed up process but make sure all product covers every strand and manipulate your hair with your fingers to your liking. Define it or tease or combination through your hair as much as you like. Btw deva curl styling products are good too, I don’t recommend their poo and conditioners. Daily conditioner and styling cream are great for slicking hair back or refreshing dirty hair with.

  • Katie Levans

    It is 100% about technique, not product. Wash and condition your hair upside down in the shower. While still in shower and hair is soaking wet, scrunch (upside down) to form curls, wrap in a towel and DO NOT TOUCH. After a while (can range from 15 min to 2 hours depending on what I’m doing), remove towel and then blow dry with a diffuser UPSIDE DOWN. That’s it. Never brush.

  • Mariel

    I LOVE the Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense. It’s meant to be a deep conditioning mask, but I like to use it as a leave-in conditioner. It gives hair a ton of definition, and it lasts for days without getting oily (at least in my case). Ouidad’s Curl Quencher and Climate Control Gel also work really well when used together. They have this method called “rake and shake” which helps separate the curls when you put the product through it, but I’m not sure how necessary that is. I just find that their products work really well to keep me from getting frizzy while defining my curls.

    • Mariel

      I also will avoid regular hair bands at all costs if possible. If I need to put my hair up, I’ll wrap it around itself in a top knot and tuck the ends in, or I will use an old-fashioned scrunchy. Drying it when I wash it, I’ll use a cotton t-shirt to scrunch the curls and get the excess water out, and then I’ll plop my hair once the product is in depending on what I’m using.

  • Sarah Kelly

    I use Alterna Caviar Oil/gel and prep with Caviar CC Creme. Condition everyday but only shampoo once a week. Ima a curly grrll and a hairstylist ???p3hair.com

  • Tasha

    Leave in condition works for me. I shampoo my hair once a month (yep!) & only wash it once a week (double yep!). Works like a charm and my curly hair is not frizzy. I also live in south Florida which is another terrible factor for frizzy curly hair but I’ve learned to tame it. Curly hair should not be treated like straight hair. It’s naturally a lot dryer which is why I wash once a week. I love my curls. I will never touch an iron or blow dryer!

  • Toun

    I use neutral shammpoo and conditioner from the french Aromazone.
    I just wash the scalp and I use an oli mask twice a week.

  • KG

    I have used Kinky Curly Curling Custard for at least 10 years. It is water soluble, so no build up. If I need more hold, Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee mixed in is perfect (also water soluble). I like Greg Juice for a bit more condition and the smell. Any conditioner without silicones is used as a no-poo/co-wash. I stay away from cones as much as possible. Then a diffuser! Do NOT scrunch or touch until your hair is absolutely 100% dry. Once dry, scrunch away to avoid the wet look.

  • girlinthepink

    Davines is SO good! My curls are perfectly defined after just air drying, no other products necessary