Berlin Closets: Emilie Boschung Only Wears Four Colors

Emilie Boschung brings elevated basics to life for KIMEM (the L.A. and Berlin-based brand she founded and designs for) and also just by living and moving. She embodies what she makes; she’s comfy-cool in person form. Boschung only wears four colors, but without making it feel like a uniform. White, black, navy, gray, repeat. Yet it’s special every time.

Exhibits A, B, C: She wears navy velvet pants and a large knit sweater like pajamas and a suit simultaneously (seems impossible but trust me). She makes a strong case for mini dresses in the winter, which is both provocative and efficient. She makes six layers look as simple as one. Her style sits at the intersection of everyone’s favorite style adjectives: easy and put-together.

We asked her to document a week of outfits and the evidence and her commentary is immortalized in the slideshow above. Enjoy!

Check out KIMEM and follow the brand on Instagram @kimemclothing.

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