Ask Us Anything

It’s that time of the month again.

No! Not the one when you consider the Stockholm Syndrome-esque nature of your relationship with your menstrual cycle (get it? Because when it drops in to enslave you, you lament, but when it unexpectedly does not arrive, you lament even more dramatically because the repercussions mean something far less casual if not entirely life-changing than some operating ovaries).

It’s time that you ask. Us. Anything. Because we talk and talk and talk and talk (and then talk some more) and often you listen, but sometimes, we reckon you don’t, and hey! That’s okay! But maybe there’s some stuff you’re dying to get off your chest and well, we’re open to assuming the quandaries of your chest and nuzzling them ourselves. So, get asking.

Leave nothing out, keep nothing in.

The microphone is yours.

  • Tell me how does a regular wednesday looks like for you?xoxo

    • Leandra Medine

      There’s just a lot of sitting around a fairly big white table with the rest of the team. I for one spend most of the day oscillating between picking my eyebrows and typing

  • Any plans for a MR field trip to Malta? 😉

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Mooney

    I am already über-pleased by your love for culottes and glasses that may or may not be questionable to some, but I would also love to know about more book recommendations and picks of yours cause my budding writer self is currently craving some inspo! (Also, how does one pitch a story/piece to MR? I am fairly certain that would be well above and beyond rad. Keep up the stellar work dudettes! x

    • Leandra Medine

      Most recently I have read Nora Ephron’s Wallflower at The Orgy and Dr. Fuhrman’s Super Immunity and BJ Novak’s One More Thing — WHICH WAS AWESOME

      • Quinn Halman

        One More Thing is and outstanding book. I recommend it to people i pass on the street

      • Sully Ann

        Loved BJ Novak’s One More Thing ! Very interesting and funny!

  • Alex

    How to: tie a “neckerchief” ?

    • Leandra Medine

      story coming soon!

  • mariana

    if you where a cartoon and you need to choose your clothes what would they be?

    • Leandra Medine

      a striped long sleeve t-shirt, high waist cropped jeans and mid heel sparkly ballet shoes.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have no idea but what an amazing question, thinking….

  • Hedgesauce

    I just bought a tight black crop top from Sandro, and was wondering how I could wear it without showing my belly button. crop top without showing my tummy skin sounds pretty revolting and man-repelling to me, eh? any creative idea, team man-repeller?

    • Leandra Medine

      I have a really hard time with an exposed belly button too. Can’t shake the larger Britney implications off. How about a high skirt/pair of wide leg pants/shorts? or try it with a white blouse underneath it!

  • Celia

    Hello Leaaaandraaa! How many people work in The Man Repeller? What have they studied? Do you have an special office for the blog team?

    Leandra, did you study in Spain? I think I’ve read something about it!

    I am so curious!! hahaha

    Keep on repelling !

    • Leandra Medine

      I never studied in Spain, no, and we’re a team of 5. Cinco! Amelia studied journalism, Charlotte studied visual arts, Kate studied government (I know, wuht) and our newest hire, Cristina studied english and psychology

      • Hey Leandra! How does an English Major/ Women Studies Minor get in on this team action?

  • rachel

    I have procrastinated on replenishing my spring wardrobe I think it may be linked with my lack in inspiration recently but I need to know how to get past this. How are you inspired everyday and by what?

    • Leandra Medine

      THIS IS A MUCH LARGER CONVERSATION! I think this in between season time always finds people stricken by the plague of uninspiration not necessarily bc we’re between seasons but bc we haven’t really gotten into the grooves of how we want to dress for the upcoming season quite yet. Shaking off the sweaters n jeans of yore is much more difficult that just, you know, shaking them off AMIRIGHT

      • Kari

        I think the very best part about Spring fashion (and Fall fashion) is you can mix your Winter pieces and Summer pieces together – fashion fusion!

  • Chloe

    I would totally love to read your opinion on how long it takes for a certain trend to flourish, enter the worldwide mainstream via a plethora of different stores and then die out? Also, can it really, truly disappear? Gah, I hope I got my meandering point across!

    • Leandra Medine

      For me, trends die the moment I see them approximated inappropriately. And I know this seems judgemental but there’s a science behind my belief and that is: when a trend starts, it starts at the hand of someone who knows how to take care of it. When it’s gone too far, it reaches the wrong hands and BOOM! Heidi Montag is turned on to it.

  • Issel

    Who is your very very all time favorite designer? You can only choose one!

    • Leandra Medine


      • Leandra Medine

        Nevermind, Rosie Assoulin!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Dries Van Noten

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Blaaah this is too hard. I’d maybe say Yves Saint Laurent– his early work and what he did to pave the way for future designers was incredible.

  • Quinn Halman

    1. what should i wear to prom
    2. what has been your biggest hair-related struggle
    3. what’s the most important piece of jewelry a lady should have
    4. I fucked up some planning and one morning in may i’ll be wandering the streets of NYC solo, so coffee date?

    • Leandra Medine

      1. go nakid
      2. coming to terms with my curls
      3. something handed down from a family member you really love
      4. i defer to amelia

      • Amelia Diamond

        Quinn you know where to find us!

        • Quinn Halman

          For the record, I’m entirely serious

    • Charlotte Fassler

      1. I decided to wear a random dress in my closet 5 minutes before leaving soooo I’m all about a whim decision.
      2. my hair is straight and frizzy… when it rains it becomes a puff and i still haven’t overcome it.
      3. Rinnngggggssssss
      4. Coffffeeeeeeeee!

  • Anne G

    Did you ever find a photography intern?

    • Leandra Medine


      • Claire Shriver

        YES, I AM.

      • Anne G

        Absolutley! What would you be looking for in a photography intern?

      • Ali Follman

        I’m looking for an internship! I emailed man repeller a few weeks ago. Would love the opportunity!!

        • Amelia Diamond

          we’re set with editorial interns for the summer but anyone into graphics, adobe illustrator, with photo skills, email and put PHOTO INTERN in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Aubrey Green

    If you could be anyone (aside from yourself) for a week who would it be and why?
    Leandra, can I have the shoes/clothes that you no longer want :)?
    What does the future of Man Repeller look like?
    How would someone get hired at Man Repeller?
    Do you want to have your own clothing/accessory line?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I would be an astronaut who gets to go into space but hopefully have it turn out better than Gravity and not the John Mayer song.

  • Claire Shriver

    Do you hire Interns? Willing to work for chocolate cover pretzels, Supergas and over-sized Zara sweaters. Or just college credit.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I also will work for chocolate covered pretzels. We’re set with editorial interns for the summer but anyone into graphics, adobe illustrator, with photo skills, email and put PHOTO INTERN in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Katie B

    tips for those without the confidence for full man-repelling glory but trying to revamp their wardrobe with key pieces of ball-busting splendour

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m on the mandal/hobbit sandal kick. those are pretty Man Repelling. actually, all accessories are your friend in this regard because they feel less glaring than crazy piece of clothing, plus you can work them into what you already own. also, cool ear piercings change everything.

  • Una

    I recently bought this great blood orange shirt dress from Zara and I am wondering AND pondering what I should wear it with? Imma go with pretty much everything, but how would you do it yourself?

    • Leandra Medine

      problem over jeans or with a pair of gladiator ass sandal boots. soots. bandals.

  • AJ

    What does your hair routine look like?

    • Leandra Medine

      its not much a routine as it is putting it in a ballerina bun

      • AJ

        it always looks so smooth in your photos! no secret products?

    • Amelia Diamond

      Shower! and sometimes dry shampoops.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I don’t really wash my hair………

  • Nurai

    How did you learn to walk in high heels? I’m a teenager who is obsessed with heels but I haven’t really worn anything higher than 7cm. Do you have any tips to get used to wearing higher heels and not looking like a giraffe on skates?
    Also, I love your writing. Reading your blog makes my day so much better!

    • Quinn Halman

      walk with them on at a low speed on a treadmill. at least that’s what I did!

      • genius.

      • Anonymouse

        I’m in my 40’s and never learned the knack of high-heels. This is a BRILLIANT idea that I’ll have to try. Maybe I’ll graduate from flats to stilettos when I’m 50.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have no idea how I learned! Make sure they fit. I think a lot of times heels don’t fit properly and that’s why they’re hard to walk in. Otherwise, boring but true…practice. Dance in them alone in your room!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      practice! I haven’t worn heels in ages and I feel like any immunity I had to them has been lost…. the more you wear them the more used to them you get has been my experience. Blister bandaids also rule!

  • Alexa

    Are you planning on writing more books? If so, would you write something in the vein of your last (really satisfying) one, or perhaps try fiction?

  • Sully Ann

    Hi Leandra – I would like some advice regarding how to approach a change in career path. I am from a finance background looking to jump into the luxury and retail industry. From conversations you might have had or just your general knowledge of the fashion industry how feasible do you see this? Do you think its a good idea to go back to school and study Fashion Merchandising or maybe just try to get in touch with the right recruiters even though you have no prior experience in the industry?

    • Leandra Medine

      i dont think you need to go back to school — the best education is experience

    • thebloginista

      I am right there with you on this… let me know if you figure it out. It’s tough!

    • adrienne

      apply for a finance/buying/AR job with a fashion company 🙂 you’ll obviously do great and then you could try to transition into sales.. speaking from someone with a merchandising degree who has been in sales, merchandising, buying and now PD..

      • Sully Ann

        Thank you for the reply. Would you mind if I reached out to you with a few more questions? With your experience it sounds like you could give me good feedback on my resume. Maybe connect on Linkedin and I could forward it to you?

  • Hey Leandra and MR team! In past posts you’ve incorporated music, and I was wondering if you were planning on doing more in the future and if you need any recommendations? Side note: loving my T by Alexander Wang t-shirts thanks to you!

    • Leandra Medine

      yes and yes and wee!

  • Thamsa

    How do you handle an itch while in public? (You know which areas 😉 This isn’t about a lack of hygiene but maybe that itchy pair of undies or whatever, that you desperately need to relieve, but sometimes can’t for fear of seeming unladylike;) ) Do you say f**k it and scratch (discretely) or suffer silently?! (Im pretty sure we’ve all experienced this at some point lol)

    • Leandra Medine

      I publicly scratch its actually one of my favorite activities.

      • Amelia Diamond

        She does.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I dance around and then make a joke about being a spazzzz

  • olive

    Have you guys every thought of doing a few stories on clothes for plus sized women? Also how does one join the COOL CLUB A.K.A. Man Repeller team?

    • Amelia Diamond

      This is a great idea! And you ARE part of the cool club! we’re not hiring at the moment but feel free to send resumes and pitch ideas to

  • Sass

    When faced with a terrifying occurence(my pretty much brand new all-white, all-around-groundbreaking sneakers being very dirty), how does one cope? Throw them in the washing machine? I did that once and ended up destroying my, apparently, oddly fragile machine? HALP!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have heard that the best way to wash white sneakers is put them in a pillow case, tie the pillow case, and then wash!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Washing machine with a little bit of bleach! maybe throw a towel in too to pad it?

  • 1. I want to (AM GOING TO) move to NY come sept, or whenever I get hired, can you get me a job doing anything that allows me to not be homeless or in trouble with Sallie Mae?
    2. Will you write another book, Leandra? or all of you for that matter.
    3. Favorite power ranger?
    4. Do you guys share work snacks?

    • Amelia Diamond

      1. yes
      2. i want to. leandra might write a book about the noise she makes with her back teeth.
      3. red
      4. yes!

      • 1. Fo rill? Is it legal? When can I start?
        2. Let me know when I can pre-order both of them.
        3. Edgy.
        4. good!

        • Amelia Diamond

          1. Not being homeless is, in fact, legal!
          2. done.
          3. he was hot.
          4. leandra brought muffins today!


            Am I allowed to ask another question after this question? So far I’ve asked 8. Here is #9:

            When writing a post, how much do you take into consideration the people in your lives that will read it? Does it cause you to hold back at all? Sometimes I want to post a funny story, but don’t want the person it is about reading it or my family cringing. At what point do you let that go?

          • #10: what kind of muffins?

          • Amelia Diamond

            I’m careful when writing about dating because things eventually get back to everyone…

            And my dad reads MR every single day, so I am wary about getting too graphic or crass. He prints my articles out for my grandma, but puts them into word first so he can delete all of my curse words and superfluous likes. (although they are stylist, hello!!)

          • Haha! That’s so adorable, they must be so proud of you!! I say the F word too much on twitter, but the only time I have been in “trouble” is if I reveal a new tattoo or something and my mother catches it. She hates them, and found one on insta from like 3 years ago. A mother I baby sit for once mentioned something about a tweet of mine being funny, and I freaked about her knowing my internet presence and deleted so many inappropriate ones. I guess cjkeys isn’t a sly enough name, but then I think YOTO, and just put it all out there.

            Thanks for answering all of my questions!

  • Liz

    What would you wear with a white, knee length, high waisted, knife pleat Lacoste skirt? I’m not trying to look like a preppy jerk but I also am having trouble parting with this item. It has potential!

    • Leandra Medine

      How about a bra top?

    • Amelia Diamond

      Liz can you send a picture??

  • How often do you guys have to delete comments due to ill intentions, etc? And was there ever an instance in which you requested that a commenter “never come back” to the site (not sure the technicalities of this if it’s like a block or not), due to misconduct?

    • Leandra Medine

      I have only deleted a handful of comments and those have been entirely because they’ve either been antisemitic or crass (e.g. i fucked your mom last night, etc). unfavorable opinions are still always welcome but only if they’re presented respectfully

      • Wow! For a site with such a large comment community, that’s amazing that only a handful of comments have been deleted! I guess it goes to show the general maturity of both the writers and the readers!

  • @all of you: which languages do you like?

    @Leandra: Did your hair turn straight more or less 🙂 naturally? (btw, I love it)

    • Leandra Medine

      not really, i still put a hot iron to it 2/3x a week

      • Maybe, just maybe, it will turn straight eventually? Mine did and I have no idea when or how (age? no-meat-diet? genes?) …

    • Amelia Diamond

      Languages!! I WISH i could speak French, Italian and Portuguese. Not taking my language classes seriously in school is one of my biggest regrets so I bought Rosetta Stone! Also in 2nd grade I took Cantonese lessons.

      • Cantonese? Wow. Am I right you need an accurate ear for that? And Italian and Portuguese are certainly more sung than spoken.

        (I started learning French just a few years ago and soon realized I am never ever going to sound French enough for them to understand me (my mother tongue being full of über-long vowels :-), but I did (sort of) learn enough to read books with a little help of a Kindle dictionary – so great fun is had! 🙂
        I am never going to be able to speak French, but “read” I can. 🙂

        • Amelia Diamond

          Alcessa you’re German right? I’d like to learn that too!

          • No, Slovene, but I have lived in Germany since 2000. And: are you sure?!? 🙂 As a former German teacher (in adult courses) I still find it astounding someone would want to learn German because they like it 🙂 (I do, a lot, still).

      • Amélia

        I’m portuguese, I can lend you a helping hand Amelia aha (also, on a side note, we’re both Amelia : P).

        • Amelia Diamond

          you guys are going to make me trilingual before i know it!

  • NaMa

    What natural beauty/hygiene products do you use? Looking for recommendations!

    • Leandra Medine

      I use a whole slew of different moisturizers (estee lauder, olay, kiehls, clinique) and some under eye dark circle correcting cream that has heretofore proved itself useless

    • Amelia Diamond

      I use coconut oil for all over moisturizer and palmer’s coconut butter: I have a million sticks of it so that every purse, clutch, tote and coat pocket is covered. I keep them next to my bed, in the bathroom…and I try to get my friends to buy them too in case I don’t feel like reaching for mine, I can ask for theirs.

  • Quinn Halman

    New question: how do you measure a post’s success? and how do you deal with it when a post doesn’t receive the feedback you expected it would?

    • Leandra Medine

      these posts are like kids, quinn! some perform better at their violin recitals while other end up dumpster divings, but we created them, so we love them all the same.

      • Dumpster diving can be quite prosperous, actually! It was one of my hobbies as a kid. There was a hoarder down the street whose family had to intervene with a large trash can and I actually found some amazing vintage clothing and autographed books in said dumpster!

  • nycbride

    do you have any tips for synthesizing a bridal “look” that doesn’t bore? recommendations on where to find fun bridal accessories?

  • Bert Fieux

    I own a pair of crocodile-print Versace for H&M jeans and have absolutely no idea what to wear it with. Any ideas?

    • Charlotte Fassler

      That’s a tough one. My rule of thumb is if something sits in my closet for a long time and I still can’t figure out what they work with I chuck em…

      • Amelia Diamond

        me too! otherwise….a white tee shirt!

  • Shulie

    What if I’m just not feelin my style? I would like to dub this a style sag SOS MR!

    • Amelia Diamond

      you’re sick of it and need a revamp? what don’t you like? give us a littleee more context so we can help!

      • Charlotte Fassler

        YA LET US KNOW! Otherwise try to salvage one thing you like and wear it a ton until you’re sick of it! I’m sure you have someethinngggg.

  • darring_usa

    I wanted to send you guys a gift from the designer I work for and couldn’t find your office address. How can one find it? Thanks!

  • Sandiego

    What do you think is the most common and worst style faux pas to commit? Or perhaps, (for a moment of deep thought..) is believing in style faux pas, a faux pas??

    • Amelia Diamond

      MR Credo says do what you want so technically, who are we to say what’s a faux pas. That said…I would say a good rule to keep in mind is beware of pants that make it look like you’re not wearing any pants. Sometimes weird colored leggings do this…my friend has a pair of khakis that do this and when he’s at least ten feet away I think he’s pantsless. if you’re not going to wear pants, by all means don’t, but if you are going to wear pants, make it clear you’re wearing pants. You know?

  • Clueless in Canada

    Hi from Canada, eh!

    (Jokes, we don’t say “eh” all that much. Well, maybe a little).

    As much as I’d LOVE to embark on a fashion-based career, corporate law is calling my name. While firm culture is cool (mainly because it comes with Nespresso machines), I’ve discovered that work-appropriate wardrobes are black holes of blazer-and-pant-suit banality.

    So here’s my question: How can I retain my individuality and sense of style while still adhering to corporate wardrobe requirements (and thereby avoid the evil eyes of old male partners in baggy pants and bow ties)?

    Oh, and as a bonus, what’s your take on firm-appropriate shoes? Ballet flats make me look like an Orthodox Jew (I mean, I’m Jewish, but there’s a limit), but heels make me limp and lag behind my future husband-to-be (i.e., cute male junior associate in Cubicle 2).


    • Leandra Medine

      re: shoes, there is a middle ground and it is called midheels. re: clothes, see:

      yeS? no?

      • Clueless in Canada

        I tried mid-heels…And then broke two pairs walking on cobblestones in London. And I love that outfit, but I don’t think it would satisfy the requirements of any but the most liberal law firms. Sigh.

  • rhs

    So, I’m feeling positively helpless in the face of climate change and our government’s inaction – and fashion is seeming sort of silly at the moment. A few things: 1) Are you particularly impressed by any company’s sustainability efforts? 2) Perhaps more importantly, do you think fashion and green living are incompatible? (Love, love, LOVE your site!)

    • Leandra Medine

      Take a look at Mina and Olya! And the Reformation!

  • Shelby Louise

    Do you have any tips for an outsider (lonely boy-grade outsider) wanting to creep her way into the industry? I’m currently in the PR industry in Canada. Canada, although it’s a lovely place full of friendly people, isn’t exactly a fashion-culture mecca. Much like my fellow Canadian Drake, I’m starting from the bottom, but I do want to get “there.”
    Any advice?

    • Amelia Diamond

      This is a tough one…but it’s do-able. And you know what I say? START the fashion mecca so that where you are, IS there! If that makes sense. Seriously, if you see a hole in the market, fill it! I bet other people are craving it as well.

  • Pepita Caviar

    I’m 37 and a mother of two. Do you know of any FUN style blog close to MR that does not want to remind me how special I am on every other post? I just want the cute sneakers and the prints! (And I’m always going to read your blog.)

    • Leandra Medine

      Are we too Full House?

      • Pepita Caviar

        You’re too toned.

  • Caroline Lewis

    How can you accessorize a prom/formal dress in a really cool, modern way without taking away from the Francine’s of the dress as a whole?

    PS: Leandra, you are literally my idol (I don’t mean that in a weird stalker way)

    • Leandra Medine

      bracelets and chokers and shoes and oh my!

  • Ari S.

    Your go-to beauty products?

    • Leandra Medine

      la mer face serum, estee lauder anti-aging cream (i know, i know, i’m 25, it’s a mental thing), these weird but super cool new jelly things by a brand called spalife which i wear under my eyeballs for 20 minutes every night

    • Amelia Diamond

      these two things for chapped lips (I AM SO OBSESSED WITH NOT HAVING CHAPPED LIPS) dior balm

      and an eyelash curler!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Lucas Papaw for everything! It is the best. AND Coconut Oil!

  • Jake

    Why do you think that most of men’s clothing can be considered all season (we clearly don’t need to pack up one entire wardrobe an open another) as for women there are clothing that are strictly just for one season.

    • Amelia Diamond

      that is such an interesting question…my answer is totally based off of the men I know who don’t work in fashion. they can’t stand the fussiness of shopping and choosing new things, they like to keep it simple. and my roommate, who is a guy with great style, likes to buy one or two really solid new things a season to spruce up his whole wardrobe instead of doing a major overhaul.

      • Jake

        I do totally agree.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        However, to play devil’s advocate for a minute, I would argue that there are different trends in mainstream men’s style that come and go in the same fashion as women’s. Also think male hair trends—remember 90’s hair? Buzz cuts? long shaggy hair? There are definitely little nuances of men’s style that go in and out of season but in general, it seems simple from a female perspective to achieve decent style as a dude. But I think the same can be said for female style if we choose to dress in a simple non-fussy manner.

  • Shulie

    do you ever wonder about the lockness monster? I came this close to googling him

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I do!! AND BIG FOOT!

    • Amelia Diamond

      of course i wonder about him! like, what is he thinking about right now?

    • Quinn Halman

      that might be one of the reasons i want to go to St. Andrews

    • Guest

      (Who doesn’t wonder about him !? He is the big hit that never goes out of fashion ! ahah)

    • Amélia

      Who doesn’t ?! He certainly never goes out of style, like any white shirt or pair of navy blue jeans. ahaha


    Does that fungus cream for your back work?

    • Leandra Medine


      • YOUxMAD

        What’s it called?

  • CarleyFrost

    Will there ever be a Man Repeller iPhone app?

  • bougiesusie

    Hi MR Team. I would be so interested in joining a team of fashionable, intelligent, and funny ladies. Are you looking for a Canadian connection at all? Or perhaps, the point of view of an embittered PhD student (just kidding, sort of) whose stipends can’t sustain her shopping? Let me know as I would love to blog for you.
    PS. Leandra, I love you and your piece on no make-up was amazing (and made me cry a bit, shhhh).

  • Annie

    I have curls and frizz but I’m scared of fried hair. Leandra- you somehow manage to keep your hair looking really healthy, what’s your secret?

    • Leandra Medine

      I only wash it 2x a week

  • How to style leopard slip-ons

    • Leandra Medine

      why are you styling leopard slip ons? jk. all white

  • Seriously, should I wear pants to my Formal?

    • Leandra Medine

      if you want to, then duh!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      YES! I wore a jumpsuit to a formal.

  • sev2108

    What other blogs do you read regularly? Fashion, lifestyle, etc. My blogroll needs some invigoration! (not sure that’s a word)

    • Leandra Medine

      the cut, jezebel, medium,, intothegloss, and i take a peek through the popular fashion page on bloglovin once a week on avg.

  • KittenRainbowMagicKatie

    What is the perfect packing list for a spring vacation to the Mediterranean when the weather is neither hot nor cold?

    • Leandra Medine

      Jeans/white blouse/jean jacket/one pair mid-heel sandals, one pair pumps/one pair snkrs.

      white dress or shirt and shorts combo/utility jkt/same shoes

      • KittenRainbowMagicKatie

        Whoa! The system works! Thanks Leandra- so cool!

  • what is this plz define have read more on but i think u r providing best content ever

  • Alba B.

    Hello Leandra,
    thank you to you and your team to give us the space on asking you questions.
    Although the question I wanted to ask you (Leandra) I know it’s impossible to put in practice…@least in this life, but anyhow I have another practical one….When are you going to come in Milan? Cause I would like to get signed my/your book by you. Do you think might it be feasible in this life? Or do I have to wait for the other life so I can come directly to you with an engagement ring?!!
    @your team how is your relationship with your boss?!!! The microphone is yours and I am not in the mood to hear violins here but just TRUE expressions…..
    Thank you!

    • Amelia Diamond

      leandra’s been my bff for a while so working with her feels like peanut butter & jelly

  • As a young girl, what did you picture as your future career?

    My childhood dreams were always in the vein of teacher by day and pop singer by night. My current aspirations of therapist-to-be and Broadway star (in my own mind) walk that same border of practical and fantastical.

    • Leandra Medine

      i wanted to be an actress!

      • Charlotte Fassler

        According to my pre-school yearbook I wanted to be “an inventor, a president, an actress & a mommy” BUT in case you were wondering, the girl to the right of me in the yearbook wanted to be a Kitty.

        • Quinn Halman


  • mathek

    Do you laugh when bloggers post links to their blogs? #askingforafriend

    • Amelia Diamond

      I laughed at #askingforafriend

      everyone does it, I don’t laugh!

  • Annie

    Amelia, what kind of horse do you have?

    • Amelia Diamond

      ANNIE !!!! <3 <3 <3 He's a Hanoverian and his name is Serrano. (But technically I lease him, I don't own him. Like a car, which is weird, but it's normal in the horse world??)

      • Charlotte Fassler


      • Amelia! I’d love to hear more about your equestrian life. When did you start, and how often/why types of shows (competitions?) do you do? Was this something you also did in the Bay Area, and if so, where did you practice there?

      • Annie

        He’s so cute! I totally get the leasing thing; I’ve also leased horses! I rode saddle seat growing up so I’ve always had saddlebreds. I recently started going to a huntseat barn though because I moved out of state after college, and that’s the most common discipline where I’m living now. The switch has been fun, but it’s different! Anway, just thought you’d like to know that there are other man repellers out there (at least one!!) who get the horse thing!

  • Cel B

    In the future, if someone were to dress up for a 2000’s (2000-2010) party theme..what do you think that outfit will be?

    • Leandra Medine

      boot cut jeans and a belly top. basically anything britney early aughts

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I think I confuse early 2000’s with 90’s— but yes to boot cuts. Or maybe denim mini skirt, abercrombie, uggs etc.

      • bougiesusie


    • Charlotte Fassler

      KANGOL HATS! Anyone?!?

  • Thanks!

  • JewintheCity

    Meeting my boyfriend’s orthodox parents for the first time…want to make a good impression. What to wear?

    • Leandra Medine

      A wig! JK. Are you orthodox too? Why not just the one outfit you feel most excited about putting on?

  • MadG

    Avocado or Kale?
    Paris or New York?
    Miniskirt or Culottes?

    • Amelia Diamond

      Avocado, New York, culottes

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Avocado, shittt that’s hard– CAN I JUST SAY BOTH??!!? New york?!, Culottes fAsHo

  • 1. I need a pair of sneakers in my life, preferably a pair that can fluctuate seasonally, and I dont want to spend a million doll hairs, and I dont want them to be wedges. Any suggestions that come to mind?

    2. Who picks the playlist at the MR HQ and what are y’all listening to these days?

    • Leandra Medine

      1. Nike flyknit lunars
      2. Char and Amelia mostly

      • What about casual wear sneakers? for jeans / shorts / etc. something with a chill vibe. saw some cool opening ceremony x adidas, but was wondering if you’re aware of something else out there. tough to find

        • Charlotte Fassler

          I buy my sneakers at a bizarre second hand family shop in Brooklyn for $10, typically adidas shelltops which had come back instyle it seems with the whole stan smith craze but I am a big advocator of Converse!! I buy a new pair every summer and wear them until I can’t anymore… Honestly check ebay though!

          • Thanks! I just got a new pair of converse! I just didnt want to get something like Isabel Marant and then get sick of them after the season.

          • Yes! I get all my shoes at either thrift stores or eBay! Got my adidas superstars for a few bucks at a thrift store in SF. They needed a day to bake and cleanse in the sun, and then they became mine forever!

            Go, Char! You seem to have really good vintage pieces.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      My music taste is pretty ADD and I have been going through an Outkast phase for about a year—so maybe it’s not a phase..

      However this is my Wednesday jam

  • Holly Laine Mascaro

    Hi there – I’m an aspiring writer & blogger and have seen some conflicting answers regarding posting photos on blogs. I wondered if you could briefly go over what photos you use and what guidelines you follow to avoid any copyright issues? Thanks!

  • Holly Carr

    How do you think social and digital media is changing fashion week – do you think there will always be a place for the runway show? xoxo

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think there’s always going to be a place for the runway show, seeing the clothes move and live and breathe is an important factor. That said, social and digital media have democratized the industry.

      • Holly Carr

        I totally agree – nothing beats seeing every detail in person – do you think the idea of the show as a form of entertainment not just a trade event will become more common?

        • Charlotte Fassler

          I think with some designers, but a lot still just have very very minimal sets and are more about getting a close look at the garments.

  • Amy Jo Whiting

    Currently having constant existential crisis over what to study in college. I’d love to write for a fashion/beauty journalism type deal someday, but that’s such a risky business and maybe I actually want to study film because I’m in love with it or maybe I could just go study the cultural patterns of penguins. HOW DO I DECIDE. ALSO how do I rid myself of the hell that is yellow sweat stains on my favorite white tshirts? Vinegar, bleach, and tears do not work. Thanks <3

    • Amy Jo Whiting

      Also, to thank you for reading this ridiculously long comment, here is a picture I made last semester, naming all my zits. It was a low point, but I’m glad this masterpiece came of it.

      • Amelia Diamond


    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m biased so I say study journalism if you want to write because it will teach you really basic skills that you’ll carry with you for life (though I keep forgetting them … … …), and then once you have solid basics you can get weird with your bad self. And the fun thing about college is you can probably double major in film, or minor in the cultural patterns of penguins.

      I have been trying to figure that out for ever and I just throw the shirts out. BUT I HEARD THAT ACTUALLY it’s not sweat that turns armpits yellow – it’s deodorant!!

      • Amy Jo Whiting

        So the options we have at this point are to either stop wearing aluminum-y deodorants or maybe just let all hell loose and stop wearing shirts all together, letting loose a wave of sweat on the world in full glory. Ok good plan. And also thanks for the advice, love your writing! 🙂

        • Amelia Diamond

          …exactly! and thank you i love your comments!

    • Thritysomething

      Study something you know will excite you and will be able to stick to. Try to experience as soon as possible what working in that domain is all about as jobs hardly represent what they teach you in college. Unless you love only one thing in life, you’ll be constantly discovering new things you can do. The key is to avoid jumping from one thing to the other but connecting what you already know to what you want to do next. xoxo

  • 1. Do you guys ever get sick of each other, and if so, has it ever affected the efficiency or posts on the site on that given day?
    2. What happens if Amelia likes a post idea and Leandra doesn’t, or vice versa?
    3. Is there an office dress code?
    4. Are there any aspects of your private lives that you do not share with one another, or is everything pretty much laid out on that white table?

    • Amelia Diamond

      1. no unless someone forgets to shower for a week
      2. we’re sort of uni-brained but also really good at massaging an idea until it makes sense for the site. if i had it my way Man Repeller would become Horse Town USA though.
      3. no!
      4 we’re prettyyy cards on the table.

  • alex

    What happened to Mattie?

    • Leandra Medine

      She still contributes once a week! She’s just currently abroad in London

    • Mattie Kahn

      I’m still here! Promise!

  • Catherine

    Can y’all sew?
    P. S. Your writing is just superb.

    • Leandra Medine

      I for one cannot

    • Amelia Diamond

      I can sew a button on or stitch a hem as an emergency but it wouldn’t last past a party

  • Marta

    I play a cool fashion Fashion game called Covet Fashion. They have a fashion blog, online store and feature amazing new and established designers. Have you every played it? I think you should have a curated feature or an in-game Man Repelling Challenge.

    • Amelia Diamond

      will check out!

  • Curious

    Is buttoning the shirt all the way up to the colar still in? I see lots of singers and famous people wearing it but I’m not sure if it’s as fashionale as it used to be two years ago.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I still do that and put a sweater over it… who cares if its cool or not wear it if you want to do it then doooo it

  • Laura

    What are your earliest fashion-related memories?

    (Mine would be when my parents put a lock on my closet door because 4-year-old me changed outfits too many times a day.)

    • Amelia Diamond

      that i really didn’t want to wear bloomers over my diaper when i was like, 2 or something.

  • ShotInTheDark

    Would you be open to being a guest speaker at an arts festival? Speaking on Man Repelling (or fashion or blogging or pop culture or writing or whatever!) We would sincerely LOVE to have you!

  • Saakshi Kaushik

    Totally unrelated to style, fashUN, Julia Roitfeld et al, but can I just take this opportunity to say dooset daram (you asked for it), you gooz?

    But also an appt queschUN in my mind: How do you plan for future posts? Posting everyday is a massive commitment. I can only guess that, in such a creative hub full of disgustingly hilarious people such as yourselves, you just let those fashionably Freudian thoughts out into the realm and just write?

    Also, Leandra, my bebeh, when is it that you decided that MR was to be a full time commitment? After recently graduating in Politics and Economics and faced with the glorious route of finance (and paying back a fat ass fucking student fucking loan), I often find myself yo-yoing (not to be confused for yolo, see: urban dictionary) between something ‘secure’ such as accountancy and something which will make me one happy murrfuka but may bring with it tons of struggle before I taste of the fruits of my work (writing and blogging). PLZ HELP. Anybody welcome to answer!

  • not so drunk in love

    Dear MR,

    Finals are this Saturday. I’ve had yet another infatuation this semester. How do I make it different this time?

    Not so drunk in love

    • Amelia Diamond

      Wait. Explain. Infatuation = crush and you haven’t done anything about it?

      • not so drunk in love

        Amelia! I didn’t see your response. 🙁 I hope you see this.

        He is a guy I’ve had a crush on all semester. I feel helpless b/c it is a class of 80!!! I’ve only talked to him ONCE. I am attracted to him but have no idea what he’s really like. It feels superficial in many ways.

        I have a trajectory of having these seemingly unattainable crushes. So I want to change this somehow, even if it doesn’t go well with him.

        Note: I go to college in the South. 2/3 of the student body are women. So intense attractions tend to be rare.

  • Kirsten

    What do you do if you’re wearing simple jeans, boots and a jumper, and then a neckerchief that is “making” the outfit. But you get hot, but not hot enough to take the jumper off. Do you forgo the neckerchief because it is the logical thing to do? Or do you, as my mum would say “suffer for fashion”? Same question applies for a dress with a really cool jacket over the top, or a beanie/hat. How do you keep that element of style whilst still being practical? Thanks

    • Leandra Medine

      i’d probably take the sweater off because i am really committed to neckerchiefs

      • Kirsten

        Jacket is off and neckerchief still on

  • Alma Villarreal

    Can you give me advice in how to improve my personal style?

  • Eva

    What are the best designer consignment/vintage shops in Manhattan/Brooklyn? List em’ for me. Many thanks!

  • T

    What are a few staples that you would recommend to bring new life to a summer wardrobe without having to buy all new clothes?

  • Kandeel

    Whats a goood affordable bag for my 1st designer bag? I dont want my first to be anything like that diaper bag story lol. (Specific bags pls)

    • Isabelle

      Oh I´m fanatically searching for one too! Affordable brands are DKNY or Michael Kors (I think I´ll buy the DKNY Saffiano Leather Satchel because it´s black and a basic)

  • savannah

    You may be reveling in Spring sunshine but on my side of the world I am in the midst of gorging on chocolate-caramel slice and incessantly drinking tea in a bid to escape the buckets of rain outside – did a fire truck just point a hose at my window!? SEEMS LIKELY. ANYWAY, to accompany me on such aforementioned days I’m now the owner of a pair of tartan Zara pants (cue man-repelling),…. advice on how to wear these? WWLMD (what would leandra medine do)

    • Saakshi Kaushik

      She is the Harvey Specter of fashUN

  • Katiquette

    Your blog is so successful, how did you make it so big? What is the best way to “advertise” if you don’t have bzillion dollar budget? There is just so many blogs!:)

  • Caroline

    After having read your book and the MR blog everyday, I’ve found that you (and the whole MR team) have struck a really great chord between feminism and fashion. I point this out because I’ve noticed the fashion industry has a stigma of being anti-feminist (though strong women such as yourself, Eva Chen, Tavi Gevenson, etc. are AMAZING contrasts to this idea). Do you ever find it hard to find this balance/have you ever found it hard to be taken as a smart, serious writer due to your interest in fashion?

  • Ashlee

    Hi! I’m kind of excited, I get to ask the Man Repeller family for their expert opinion. I have a lot of questions so I will try to combine them all into one package. Okay, so, I am in love with 1990’s fashion especially the grunge era. My problem is, my outfits never seem to work out. Allow me to elaborate… I feel like I have the pieces, distressed, acid washed, ripped denim, flannels, plaid, crop tops, ripped tights, platforms etc. I also shop at thrift stores to try and find authentic 90’s items (despite my mothers frantic rants about lice and bed bugs). That being said, I am not married to the grunge fashion, we have more of an open relationship. I also like to throw in a little street wear, beanies, vintage, 1940 and 50’s purses that have been passed down and docs. I have an obsession with docs. Which is a bit unfortunate sometimes because being a student, I lack the funds to feed my addiction. I also (I think the word refuse is a bit too harsh but) I don’t wear a bra. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure bralettes are God’s gift to women. Anyways, when I look in my closet in the morning I think “I have nothing to wear” or “I can’t wear this again, I wore it two days ago” and even “No, I don’t have enough arm or stomach confidence to wear this, but it’s a great piece”. Even when I rip and distress jeans myself, I still feel like when I put them on there’s something not quite right. So I guess my question is, how do you feel I should go about fixing this problem? What staple pieces should I be looking for for each style? Help please!

  • A wannabe mp

    Do you think the man repeller movement can ever become a trend among teens?

  • Lollipop

    What are your thoughts on the much parroted ‘Dress for your Body Type’?
    I wish I were able to dispel this idea as stupid, but I happen to be shaped like a lollipop (boobs and not much else anywhere). Like all grass is greener types, I love the sartorial choices of, for example, the Hepburns, Miroslava, and MR; which often feature women who do not have so much pop on top of their sickle. Yet most traditional ‘advice’ would have me forsake MR code for 50s vintage “feminine” forms–ie Marlyn. Help.

  • Aoife

    How to dress for prom without looking like the loosing end of a fight with a bedazzler or an extra from a john Hughes movie?

  • If you could steal one thing from Leandra’s closet, and she couldn’t do anything about it, what would it be?

    Leandra: To be fair, if you could steal one thing from each of your coworkers’ closets, what would it be?

  • Ash

    I’m dying to know…bandanas as non-Western neck accessories. Do or don’t? I’m trying to make it happen. Thoughts?

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I say DO IT.

  • Alexandra Evanson

    Nike Air Max’s, cool or fool?

  • belulopezchamba

    How was the hangover from the tequila diet? I’m dying to know!

  • Cam

    Hey Leandra! I saw you walking in the city around Bowery a week or so back iwth what looked like a camera man and boom mic so I was wondering if you were filming for a future show?

  • Kayla

    What would advice would you give someone trying to make blogging their life? Besides offering something different. I find money is the biggest issue. Any suggestions? Also, I love you guys! ahahah

  • Hadeer El Mutairi

    where can I find the white skirt you’re wearing over the jeans in the H&M post?? the one in the pic i attached…

  • Georgia

    Hey Leandra (and the rest of the MR team), what shoes do you suggest wearing with a strapless floor length gown? I’m kind of wanting to rock a chunky cork/clog-ish heeled sandal, but I’m not sure how that would work for a formal occasion (i.e., prom). Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Love your blog by the way, such amazing fashion inspiration 🙂

    • Georgia

      its navy blue by the way

  • Laney

    Why have you started a website that draws such sexist attention? (I speak of articles like this
    As a woman, I am extremely offended.

    • pamb

      Not sure why you’re blaming MR for HP’s post…

  • Georgia

    What bottoms are best for shorter people ?! Help 🙁

    • Leandra Medine

      high waisted! to make your legs look longer

  • Georgia Booth

    How would you deal with people who think you’re dumb for wanting to write/be involved in fashion? I’m studying journalism at university and have come across people who have pretty much laughed in my face when I said I was majoring in journalism and hoped to one day work in fashion! I know i should just tell them to fuck off, but I have trouble standing up for myself sometimes, has this every happened to you?

    • Amelia Diamond

      You should do an evil laugh through your head back and walk away. Screw them! Or you could answer, good thing i’m also a billionaire!

  • Thu

    Who are your favourite authors? And how do you find inspiration for your writing everyday?

    • Leandra Medine

      David Rakoff, David Sedaris, Nora Ephron, David Foster Wallace and it is a challenge! Often I pluck it out of my butt

  • Fashion Factive

    I am a newbie blogger who reads MR regularly . I want to know whats the best affordable lens to use for a Canon DSLR for a beautiful background blur effect . I besically want to shoot high quality outfit photos

  • Jess Radcliffe-Brown

    If you could give ONE thing to every person on earth, what would it be?

    • Leandra Medine

      the gift of humility

      • Leandra Medine

        (or, you know, a porsche)

      • Jess Radcliffe-Brown

        Yes! I knew I liked you. Maybe even a great book that taught the gift of humility. 2 gifts in 1.

        (A porsche wouldn’t go amiss either)

  • Anna

    Hi, girls! Do you hire foreign interns? I’m from Moscow, Russia (I knoow), I’m graduating this summer and I would love to save up some money and come to NY to become a part of your team! I’m a journalism+PR major, occasional photographer and fashion editor at a lifestyle website, and I can do arm parties!

  • What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion as I am a sustainable textile designer from Ireland the land of the GREEN

  • winnifred

    amelia, where are you from in California? what college did you go to? did you enjoy moving to new york? or did you find it was too big and you were lost?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have a friend named Winnifred who I call coop because of Winnie Cooper!

      SF, St. Bonaventure, and New York is the only place that I’ve truly felt right at home without experiencing some itchy crazy desire to try living somewhere new!

  • esgilim

    I also wanted to ask some questions?
    1. Is it to late to ask because I live in another time zone (make an exception :))
    2. I am a passionate, kinda new fashion blogger. So, do you have any comments to be successful in this area or do you have any advice? Here is my blog
    Love from Turkey!

  • Leandra Guillet

    Hey! Do you have any must haves for spring?

    • Leandra Medine

      We have the same name!!! Just clogs. Which I secured already: – I know, I KNOW, pricey

      • Leandra Guillet

        I know! I saw a feature about you a few years ago and freaked out! I have never met another Leandra haha! I have some clogs from Aldo from years ago. Think they work??

  • jew-fro

    leandra, where do you get your hair keratin treatment done?

    • Leandra Medine

      I don’t get it keratined. But I used to at a small salon on 84th and 2nd called eli’s

  • Vika Arinicheva

    Leandra, Leandra, Leaaandra thank you so damn much for being so fantastic and making me smile every time I see you.
    It’s a great grief that in Moscow we have no man repelling at all and sometimes I feel like an odd shit among all these perfect girls. So how did you get your confidence?

    • Leandra Medine

      I don’t know how to answer that question but I think a lot of it has to do with people like you making me feel like I am making a difference

      • Eva Kuzyk

        **tequila diet

  • kate

    how do you feel about overalls NOW?

    • Leandra Medine

      Like if I wear a pair I will look like a parody of myself, which I don’t want to do

  • kelsey

    What ever happened to that horrible person who forwarded along that email calling you “ugly”? Besides your inspiring post on the matter, did you ever confront him personally or did he ever apologize?

  • Isabelle

    Hi MR! I have a problem: I bought a pastell turquoise more or less transparent blouse which has a long slit on the back (on purpose) so my whole back is visible when I walk and I really loove it but I don´t know what I could wear under it… A white or black top?
    And another thing: What kind of bra do you wear under a cami top!?

    • Leandra Medine

      Why don’t you JUST wear a black bandeau underneath it and skip the tank top all together? toherwise I’d suggest a skin color tank


    Well, I have always wondered where you guys went to undergrad??
    Also, I am go to Europe (!!!) for the first time and this include fashion capitals like Paris and Milan, I am super excited but I want to take some super rad pieces with me, what should I consider taking that’s current and fun!?


    Aisle or window seat? 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      aisle. i pee a lot

  • What’s the past fashion “no no” that is now a big “yes yes” for you?

    • Leandra Medine

      birkenstocks 🙁

  • Natasha

    What’s your writing/content planning process like? Is it as ad hoc & and spontaneous as it is in my dreams or do you have charts and/or stickers/colour-coding/deadlines like those of us who are a bit too keen with admin?

    • Leandra Medine

      We have a monthly editorial calendar on a dry-erase wall in ouroffice. we tend to full it a month in advance but often move things around as new ideas come to us

  • HarleyQuinn

    more more more book recommendations !
    Is not a question but I love you so it’s ok, no ?

    • Leandra Medine

      bj novak’s one more tbhing

  • Claire

    Are there any blogs in particular that you guys love to read? Other than MR of course.

  • Kristen

    I’ve been reconsidering Birkenstocks (like many other people, thanks Phoebe), and I don’t know which colour to get: black or white?!?!?!?!

    • Leandra Medine


      • kate

        just got a white pair off ebay for $40 holla

  • Like Lillian

    Hi Leandra I am a high school student with a love of fashion who recently started her own style and fashion blog that is not generating as much traffic as I had hoped. How did you get the Man repeller name out there and keep the content unique and interesting? Thank you!

  • BethanyBeach

    Love your blog! I’m going to Paris for two weeks this summer (staying with a friend-I’m too excited!) and I was wondering what you would recommend for me to bring?

  • what’s the one thing you would want to accomplish in life with the caveat that you could never tell anyone about it?

  • Malorie Bertrand

    How interested is MR in highlighting ethical and sustainable fashion, and I mean beyond H&M’s latest Conscious Collection or Stella McCartney? I write about the topic and would like to know if you’re interested in submissions. If not, is the topic something you aim to cover more yourselves? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer! x

  • Kellye Hallmark

    Any recs on dressing for a formal wedding and not looking like a bridesmaid or princess? Everything is strapless and I want sleeves, dammit.

  • Eva Kuzyk

    Ok you’re having a one-on-one coffee date with Beyonce, but you only get to ask her one question. What’s your ONE question?

  • Nicole

    How do you make money on this blog? Do you trace the results/sales for ads that are on here?

  • MarianaFofo

    How do you make up your own style without copying anyone??

  • Victor

    Leandra, do you have spanish Or mexican blood? Is just that i notice that sometimes you write some words in spanish, and i’ve read that you’ve Been in México, i’m mexican so i have that question, actually it’s my second time asking you this, but i couldn’t find the answer btw you’re awesome.

  • Moon Tea

    Maybe I don’t get the question right as my French mothertong sometimes gets me lost when it comes to English. My question is: what to do when you have lost your sex appeal? There’s so many shit happening in Paris street and train that I feel I feel I transformed myself into being invisible. What to do to get back on my sex appeal track thanks to style, fashion…? That’s a 5 year & more loss. So…

  • Eleonora Amabili

    what’s your favorite place in the world?????

  • May be a silly question since (obviously, dur) man repelling is your brand, but do you ever feel bad for just like a second if your husband doesn’t like your outfit? Even though I always SAY stfu, gtfo when my boyfriend dares to say anything about my mom jeans I can’t help but feel a teensie bit discouraged inside. It does tend to wear off in about 10-15 seconds but do you ever experience the same dilemma? Even for just like a second?

  • Guest

    Do you believe that love, ” rididiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-withou-each-other love” can be a click away ? Have you ever dated a person you first met online? Tell us ! : )

  • Amélia

    Do you believe that love, ” rididiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-withou-each-other love”, can be a click away ? Have you ever dated a person you first met online? Tell us ! : )

  • Alex

    How do you keep your apartments safe with all the valuables when you leave them vacant? If you don’t have any relatives to watch your home for you, do you have a security system installed at apartments?

  • Serena

    Hi! Amelia, I was wondering where you were from in California, and if you enjoyed going to college in New york? Where did you go, and did you find the transition from California to new york difficult? Thank you!

  • Katia

    Hi, I was just wondering if you had any advice on how to deal with people who criticize what you wear? I have some lovely friends who just aren’t quite as ‘creative’ with their clothing and they mock mine on occasion and it’s starting to cause me to loose confidence in my outfit choices and as a result, in other things I do. Do you ever encounter this, and if so, how do you deal?!

  • Adina

    Would you offer internships?

  • Tonya

    Are you offering any fall internships?

  • Megz

    I had my belly button pierced 2days ago should i wear high waisted jeans today?