Ask a College Freshman

Age is irrelevant when it comes to personality, interesting ideas and style. Who’s to say that a high schooler can’t pen one of your new favorite twitter accounts, that a grandmother can’t inspire the runway (or that the runway can’t inspire a grandmother). Just a few weeks ago a 10-year-old redefined play clothes and an “actual” millennial taught us new words.

Then there is the college freshman, someone whose entire first year is about discovery, independence, education and transition all while learning to balance a rigid class schedule without immediately giving in to the university-branded sweatpants.

Meet Emma Hager, homesick for sundresses. You may recognize her from our robust and growing comments sections.

Name: Emma Hager

Age: 18

School: McGill University

Major: English Literature

1 . On a scale of “What are my parents’ names again?” to “When is the next flight out of here?” — how homesick are you?

Full disclosure: I am not missing my family all that much. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but SPACE, you know? I am counting down the days until winter break only because I want to sink my teeth into a cheap, greasy Carnitas burrito. And cuddle with my dog.

2. What’s been the hardest adjustment so far?

Time-management. There really is no one chaperoning your study time or critiquing your work ethic, so it’s really easy to get caught up in the moment when exams seem so far on the horizon. Weeks move dangerously quickly, too.

3. How has your approach to getting dressed changed since moving in to college?

The style aspect of college has been one of the toughest for me. I left the majority of my wardrobe at home  —  mainly because most of it is unfit for arctic winters  —  and I am getting really bored of wearing jeans, a tee, and my coat. I miss my funky, printed dresses that the temperate, California climate allowed me to wear year-round.

4. How has it changed your outlook on style?

I am beginning to realize the functionality of style. Previously, my outlook had very little to do with necessity. Now style is a vessel for getting from point A to point B.

5. Not to sound like Cady Heron’s mom but have you made friends? Are people nice?

I’ve met a lot of nice people! I am solidifying friendships slowly but surely. Meeting people is the easy part. The harder part is finding people you want to reach out to that second and third time. Funny how so many people disappear after what I call the First Week Frenzy.

6. What’s one thing you’ve encountered so far that you did not expect?

It sounds silly because I am, after all, attending an institution of higher education, but: the seriousness of the work load. When people say college is a lot of reading, a lot of studying, do not underestimate them.

7. What’s your favorite class/teacher and why?

My favorite class this semester is actually my computer science class. I am working toward a degree in English Literature (I’ve become hardened to jokes about lack of job opportunities, so keep ‘em coming), but I wanted to take a basic computer science course because I feel like it’s a subject matter so fundamental to being a global citizen these days.

8. What are (sorry for this) “all the kids” wearing at your school?

There are some terribly stylish humans at my school. Both male and female. There are many intimidating French girls here, too. They stand outside the library and smoke together, clad in their Nike Air Force 1s, well-fitting jeans, and cocoon-y jackets. Man buns and Stan Smiths are also ubiquitous.

9. Any new trending words that we should start awkwardly jamming into our vocabulary immediately?

Ha, I actually haven’t heard anything! I’ve noticed that people laugh at some of my “slang” terms, though! The other night I was at dinner and said: “That meal was so dank,” and I had to explain that it is a term used by many California teenagers (fine, stoners) to describe good food/things.

10. What’s the most fun thing you’ve done so far at school?

I went on a backpacking trip the first weekend of school and that was so magical. I met a lot of amazing people and we just chilled in the woods, swam in the lake, told stories by the campfire. It was a great way to actually connect with people. I find it hard to connect in a meaningful way at parties.

11. What’s it like living with a roommate?

Living with roommates is a new experience for me, obviously. There’s a lot of estrogen in a confined space, and I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t tension at times. We are all so different — ideologically, socially, etc — but we still get along.

My motto is this: You do you, but always pick up after yourself and be mindful of others’ needs and space.

12. Piece of advice for annoying applying to colleges right now?

Go into the application process with no expectations. I know it’s hard when you’re in the moment and you want nothing more than to attend your dream school. I am at the exact opposite type of institution that I had originally wanted to attend. For the longest time I had this romanticized vision of myself at a small, rural liberal arts college. Then when I was admitted to several and I visited I was like: Oh, shit, not only are these schools really expensive, but they’re REALLY small.

Finances ultimately played a large part in my decision, and I’ve realized it’s all about attitude. You can make your experience what you want, anywhere you go.

Get through the applications process and don’t take things too personally. Often it’s a lottery.

13. What are the most valuable things you’ve learned about a. fashion b. independence c. education since you started school?

A. Wear layers. Functionality of fashion is highly important.

B. Let loose but remain dignified.

C. Treasure the privilege of acquiring esoteric knowledge. That’s only our sole responsibility for such a small fraction of our lives.

  • Quinn Halman


    • There are attractive boys in all of my classes, Quinn! I do not let them influence my intellectual curiosities! No, no!

      • Quinn Halman

        Well I’ve only heard about one!

        • I keep to myself!

          • Quinn Halman

            do sleepovers mean nothing to you? Jk you are legit the coolest person I know and I’m kvelling

          • stars_and_sequins

            LOLing at your kvelling

      • Tara Jayne

        but seriously I went to McGill too and there were so many cute boys with amazing clothes and hair. Sigh.

  • Kayla Tanenbaum

    A+ EMMA. Also, hollaa English Literature majors

  • Esther Levy

    I majored in the ‘Art of Satire’ and look at me now, mom! Emma you look like a pixie dream girl, good luck with the rest of your semstah!

    • It’s young women like you that keep me motivated. I want more than anything to have my job be my passion, and seeing Esther Levy-Chehebar’s work on sites like MR keep me on track. #WriterDie.

  • Computer Science: what a great idea. You’ll need it when life turns serious 🙂 And to charm the boys, maybe, yes 🙂

    (Not that English Literature isn’t serious or worthy – says one who failed her final diploma exam because she declined to read Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (aka Damn Too Much Compulsory Depressing Reading Syndrome)

    Really nice to meet you, Emma 🙂

  • Leyna Rowan

    I’m not good with words (a-hem, future collabs?) and you are so wonderfully badass with your long, flowing sentences. I can’t wait until I see what you do next. Before our hair grows to be as long as we want it

    • We’re on that perennial quest for #StevieDanceHair

      • Charlotte

        Yes to #StevieDanceHair!

        • Amen, sister. My friend Leyna and I are freaking obsessed with her and you can join our cult (….or I hope you’ll let us join yours?)

          • sexipuja


  • Tara Jayne

    Emma I can’t even believe you are eighteen years old. WTF. I swear I spent 90% of my time travelling to “find myself” and hitting bongs in hot tubs. 10+ points for maturity and eloquent speech.

    • But who’s to stay hot tubs and bongs cannot be dignified? It’s all in the way you carry yourself. X

  • itsjules2u

    Let loose but remain dignified…fantastic advice for years to come!

  • Chris

    I can’t say that I’m surprised, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less proud of the most hard-working and intelligent friend I have. You continue to amaze me and I’m just waiting patiently until some place like MR snatches you up.

    • Thanks, @CopyLab. You are a visionary, my friend. Miss you like crazy.


  • Ah you got out of California! It’s easy to take things for granted here – perfect weather, ability to wear whatever you want year-round, and that amazing Mexican food that is just part of our lives!

    Although I love California, I have been dreaming of going to a place completely different than this, and experience what other with less-than-perfect weather go through. I just feel like living in SoCal is like living in a bubble.

    Enjoy your time in your new University Emma!

    • No matter where you’re from (even if it’s the “center of the universe” like New York), it’s so healthy to get out of your habitat. Makes you appreciate the diversity and adversity of and in this world.

      • I definitely agree with this Emma! I was born in Peru, moved to Palm Desert, and now I’m in OC, CA and every change has taught me so much! Now my next goal is to live somewhere with a different climate to experience what its like 🙂

  • I always love reading her comments!

  • I had the same harsh realities about applying to schools/getting into tiny expensive ones. It really is all about what you make it, and believe me, getting out with little or no debt is better than living your high school dream for four years.

    Also, way to go on actually taking the comp sci class… I never got further than just talking about it.

    • Girl, I feel you. At first it was heartbreaking but at the same time I didn’t love any school enough to want to be indebted approx. $70-90k to my parents. I know not how to conceptualize that amount of money, and at some point I had to realize that presumably my dream job will never garner much in the way of paycheck.

      All about the ‘tude!* (*attitude)

      • Hey, you never know about that dream job… Just ask Leandra and the team at MR…

        I still think you made the right decision, but never give up on living the life AND the dream.

  • EMMAAAA!!!! you are so cool it hurts. loved this so so much, it even made my hangover go away a little bit. LYLAS, girl. <3

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Oh man, you’re about a billion times cooler than I was my freshman year of college. Love this! You have some really awesome perspective – wise beyond your years. Also, stick with those computer science classes. I was an English Major as well, I ended up going to law school and now I work as in house counsel at Microsoft and often secretly wished that I would have pursued computer science – some of the jobs out there that require those skills are SO cool and creative and seem like they would be an awesome path to take. Anyway, you’re killing it!! Cheers!

  • Kelsey

    Loved getting to know you better as my fave MR-comment-section-lady!! Im an New Englander turnt Bae Area resident and graduated a few years ago from one of those $mall liberal arts colleges as a History Major. I wish I had this drive and passion when I was a freshman so keep doing your thing! Dank carnitas burritos arent going anywhere 😉

  • just read this 6 more times. getting response #13 section b tattooed on my lower back.

    • Tara Jayne

      I already tattooed “let loose but remain dignified” on my forehead. I do it at home.

  • Cc

    K but someone gotta throw some credits at that AMAZING outfit; don’t you dare say it was off some balmy street vendor near Venice beach

    • Hey there! Ha, the top is from a flea market in Amsterdam (what is not pictured is the tire marks on the back of it), the pants are from a vintage store in the East Village, shoes are Superga, jacket was from a garage sale, and fanny pack from Salvation Army! X

      • Amelia Diamond

        Oh! I’m gonna add this in!

      • Surely this is an Annie pack? 🙂 (it rests so happily on what Leandra calls Flapping Annie)

        • Ha! Yes — when we were shooting these photos, actually, Leandra was like: “Your bag looks like a Flapping Annie.” I wasn’t sure whether or not to say ‘thank you,’ but then I realized I’d rather have my bag look like a breast than a slew of other things! X

          • You are absolutely right.

  • This is wonderful! I am constantly amazed by Emma’s level of maturity and great style. I don’t think she will have any trouble finding a job.

  • Yasmeen Mjalli

    This is great, Emma! I’m also an English major and I’ve seriously considered starting a “pointless majors anonymous” group but then I say to hell with that. If I’m good at and passionate about what I’m doing there’s nothing keeping me from finding a job. Right…?
    As a college freshman myself, I’ve faced a few moral conundrums: Do I fill my blue book with sweet nothings for my hot TA to distract from the fact that I had no idea there was even a test?
    I can say that the morning after an all-nighter to write a paper (or a party, which results in the same why-do-I-exist mentality) the university-branded sweatpants are a sweet calling. Alas, an aphorism from the beautiful “How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are” keeps me away:
    “Always be fuckable: when standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning, buying champagne in the middle of the night, or even picking the kids up from school. You never know.”
    The issue I face now is how to obtain a subtle “fuckable” look while maintaining an air of intelligence. Is intelligence inherently fuckabilty?
    Should I raise these questions in my philosophy class?
    Great post, Emma.

    • I always hated how people rank and compare college majors. All liberal arts majors are essentially the same – you read books and write papers about them. None of the people who hired me (variety of industries – publishing, fashion tech) remembered what I majored in.

    • JCCBama

      Yes,….exercise sex organ in philosophy class ,obtain good “fuckabilty”,
      many other wonderful results.

  • Lulu

    OMG!!! First of all, thank you MR for featuring Emma in this article! I personally feel she embodies the qualities of what MR is all about!

    Second of all, Emma, it was so nice reading this article and getting to know the girl behind the comments I love reading so much! I can not believe you are only 18!!! Wow!! I am a bit older, but can totally relate to your experiences as a college freshman. I went to Temple and was a Art History major, or as my mother called it, “the your gonna starve major.” I say, do what you love, with love and it will love you back! Lastly, is that fanny pack in your pics vintage?? Lol!

    • Lulu, thank you so much for your continuously kind words. I really do appreciate them; it makes my heart especially warm to know you think I embody what MR is all about.

      This site has been such a huge part of my life for a long time, and I do not take for granted the privilege of connecting with women like you on a daily basis.

      We owe it to the content creators (Team MR) for creating a unique web destination, but I’m equally happy that so many great people have chosen to contribute in their own way to this site.

  • I feel old, I was a freshmen at NYU in 2007.

    I should have expected it, but what struck me the most was the sense of style NYU students had. I was expecting to see more Williamsburg hipsters (before I knew what Williamsburg or a hipster was) who wore esoteric band t-shirts. NYU is expensive, and it’s not as “alternative” as it’s marketed to be. I attended high school in Pennsylvania, where people threw on a hoodie on top of bell bottom jeans they bought in 2003. I felt very self conscious because I had no idea skinny jeans and leggings were a thing, and I had no money to acquire them.

    The most valuable thing I learned through my liberal arts education was the importance of studying or immersing yourself in a variety of subjects. Too many students get hung up on the “what are you gonna do with —” without realizing that not every decision has to lead to a career path or money.

  • EMMA! The most eloquently spoken, self aware, cali teen, college freshman I’ve ever heard/read. I am so glad that Man Repeller has finally featured you. You are gonna do just fine on this planet. When it comes to college I think it doesn’t matter where you go but what you get out of it. Good luck!

    And fanny pack across the chest = genius. I’m gonna have to sport that trend IMMEDIATELY. Also, can’t you wear the floral dresses over longsleeve/turtleneck and jeans/leggings/tights? maybe?

    • Josie, you just made me cry. I cannot properly articulate how much all of this means to me.

      Also! It’s embarrassing to admit but I didn’t actually think about the prospects of layering when I was packing for college. I kind of just furiously left all of my “loved ones” behind. You’ve inspired me to wear turtlenecks and things underneath the dresses that I did bring, though! And I packed the above pants, too. 🙂 X

      • You are too sweet! You totally deserve this feature. Actually, my sister is the same age as you. I’m glad I can help w the layering. Living in chicago the past three years meant figuring out how to do winter. The perfect coat I’ve yet to find. I will definitely start partaking in the discussions you’ve invited me to. Just busy lately. I followed you on Instagram although I’m not sure you’ll know it’s me. I’m channelspirits …my bf and I share an insta….haha
        Anyways, always wishing you the best!!!! See you round the manrepeller peanut gallery!

      • Oh! Also, I would totally wear thick tights or leggings (I have armour leggings to wear under pants) under the pants featured with a nice big chunky sweater!

    • “When it comes to college I think it doesn’t matter where you go but what you get out of it.” you have idea how much I needed to hear/read that right now! Hah.. I’m stuck going to school in my city while my dream school is only two hours away (because my parents suck), but I really do want to make the most out of it.

      • Let this fuel you and motivate and challenge you in ways that will only make you a better version of yourself. Really, really. X

        • Thank you for your kind words ❤ I’ll do the best I can!

      • Diyana, that is so great to hear. I had a really crazy college experience and I sincerely wished I had stayed home and gone to community college for a few years and then transferred. But I wanted to get out of my home state ASAP.

        Having a positive attitude about yourself, where you are, and what you do will go far. If you want to leave your hometown, make it so that you can do it for yourself. Work with what you got! You’ll do great, especially if you have a goal or dream, something to work towards. Good luck!

        • That’s how I feel at the moment; I just want to get out of here because to put it bluntly it SUCKS.. and also, the University of Toronto is a better school! But I will heed that advice and work my hardest for the next few years, making the best out of my experience here, and maybe halfway through my undergrad studies I will be able to transfer. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • Emma! First of all, you are gorgeous and that outfit is on point. I have long admired your well-thought-out comments and musings. It was a joy to learn more about you!

    • Hilary, thanks a million! Appreciate it — I really do!

  • Zola

    I got (embarrasingly) excited reading that you’re at McGill because I, too, have just moved to MTL – be my friend!?

    (not even kidding)

    • DUH!!! Have to put this out there, though: I’m kind of a dork.

      • Zola

        Hahaha I don’t discriminate 😉

        …. Although I highly doubt you are! I’ll keep an eye out for a stylish beauty around town xx

  • Ha! The first week frenzy is still totally a thing every time a new school year rolls around

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • Dawn

    Emma I could just squeeze you–how fresh and happy you look on your new adventure! I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a bit through your comments. You look just like I pictured you. And I feel like you need to find a way to rock your dresses, with boyfriend sweaters and layering. They need to be brought along into your new life. You’re going to do great!

    • Dawn, thank you so much! Glad to hear that we’ve all been able to get a little closer via comments. How cool is that?!

      Both you and @josiefillat:disqus have given me determination to incorporate my dresses (the ones that I did bring, at least) into my look. Winter to me means down jackets, but until then I had best make use of my dresses! Xx

    • P.S. Gonna wear this 70s frock in IN THE DEAD OF WINTER one day just for you. <3

  • Lindsey

    yayyyyy emma I am glad you are infiltrating every blog I read. haven’t read this but excited to after work later. xx

  • The ladies at MR are so on-point featuring such a brilliant and ineffably cool girl like you! Like many others have said, I was no where near as mature and sartorial when I was a freshman. I’m pretty sure I still wearing those tight, one-sleeved, bedazzled Bebe tank tops when I went to college.


    I just can’t wait to see how you impact the rest of the world, it’s clear you’ve already made one on this little online community. 🙂

  • Kandeel

    sO GREAT!!!! When I saw this pop up on my feed I knew it was Emma haha

  • Wait…dank is a good thing? (granted I was a California teenager over a decade ago)

    • dustUP

      it’s a dream team, thank you both!

  • hassan

    well so you are great may ALLAH bless you

  • amalieilund

    Emma, this was amazing! Your writing is superb.
    Our school-system is different in Denmark, so I am still looking forward to getting away from my parents (love them, but SPACE as you put it).
    Also the layers: it’s one of the funny parts getting dressed! I like to think that I have 3 different wardrobes – 1 for summer, 1 for winter and 1 for spring and autumn. That way you don’t get tired of your clothes (and it can also be an excuse to buy more).
    PS. That outfit is so dank (adding that to my slang-dictionary)!

    • Tak så meget!!!!

      • amalieilund

        Det er mig, der siger tak!

      • amalieilund

        Det er mig, der siger tak!

  • chuydroapdead


  • Wow, when I was a freshman I’m pretty sure I spent 90% of my time either at the cafeteria pasta bar or dreaming of it. Looks like you have already experienced a lot more than I did in college! Also, thanks for the new vocab. Can’t wait whip out ‘dank’ in casual conversation.


    • No problem, just make sure you really use it for food. While it does work in other settings, I’d say “dank” has become reserved for things like sandwiches, burritos, the like, haha!

  • I adore her advice!

    Warm Regards,

  • claire bear

    Emma, your bit about the application process is absolute GOLD!
    I just graduated this past May and looking back, that is similar to the advice I give people. I spent the first two years wanting to transfer to the bigger, more important, more popular school and it wasn’t until I sat down one weekend and said “face it kid, you aren’t leaving so you can either spend the next two years pretending you are too good for this institution and your peers, or you can go out there and run the damn thing! Time to nut up or shut up!” So that’s what I did and I can say it was the best decision I ever made!
    Keep that attitude and you will know no boundaries in life.

  • Great interview! Out of curiosity Emma, whats you ultimate goal after ur done school? Im applying to uni this year and im planning on majoring in English, and im always getting flack from people about it haha 😉 PS your style is A+

    • Hey there, Diyana! I would ultimately like to write in some capacity, be it for online, print, or even radio (Hey Ira Glass and/or Sarah Koenig: if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!).

      I’ve wanted to ever since I was a little girl. There’s a lot of improvement to be had on my end, but that’s exactly what these next four years are for. Gaining experience via classes, school publications, outside internships, etc.

      Best of luck…feel free to check in any time. While I am no guru on any of this stuff, it can sometimes be nice to hear from other girls going through the same things. 🙂 X

      • Same goes for me! Writing for a glossy would be cool, but websites have become such ubiquitous sources of ideas and information. But of course, I’ve always got people telling me “you could do better/you won’t make money/you should go to law school after” yadda yadda..
        Speaking of internships, I’m afraid I won’t be able to land any good ones if I can’t go to school in a big city? I wish you great luck finding opportunities in Montreal though, it’s such a wonderful and cultured city!
        Thanks for sharing 🙂 xox

  • English instructor here:

    Keep taking those computer science classes. Even if you eventually want to become a writer/editor/teacher/leader of the world someday, having those skills is going to be clutch.

    Is anyone still saying clutch anymore?

    Dammit, I’m old.

    Anyway…keep at it! It sounds like you’re doing great so far!

  • I feel like being at a “colder climate” school must actually force more stylish happenings to occur. I go to school right zonk in the middle of California, and everybody either wears sundresses (sorry, but it does get old once December rolls around) or yoga pants + SCU sweatshirt. Rise above, y’all, am I right?!

    P.S. English majors! Yeahoo!!!

  • English lit = best major. As long as you can write and communicate, there are heaps of jobs out there for you. Do it. I did. And it worked out quite well 😉

  • Charlotte

    Let loose but remain dignified. Got that whole dignified thing down, but the letting loose part is a struggle. *Making a mental note.

    Great article and concept by the way 🙂 Emma seems like such a cool girl

  • firefirepants

    Ahhhh, yes, the intimidating Montreal girls. I know them well.

  • sama25651

    Hi,dear freinds

  • Lauren Ann Long

    Wish I was that stylish as a college freshman, love that top!

  • sama25651

    where are you from,dear Lauren Ann Long?

  • NyGirlTrappedinFL

    Great article! My Daughters attire has changed quite a bit since she left for school 4hrs north of us….Wellies have become a staple as well as all sorts of comfort footwear that’s required for schlepping around campus. She left at home many of her more expensive items of clothing and handbags. The campus uniform is much more relaxed than her more fashion forward attire at home. Have others felt college campus not exactly a fashion show?

  • Lucy

    Oh my gosh I hope you see this in the sea of comments, but as a Minnesotan who also lived in Toronto for a year and still frequents there, buy a Canada Goose Jacket. Yes everyone has them but when its -20 F (or -30 C..not accurate, but since you’re in Canada now..) you will never regret your purchase.

    There are also so many USA to Canada comparisons and questions I want to ask you. Do you like Tim Horton’s coffee? Do you appreciate that Netflix Canada has the Mindy project while the US doesn’t? Do you get pissed that they don’t have Law and Order SVU though? Do you appreciate the fact that ‘eh’ isn’t a stereotype but they actually do say it? Have you figured out the Celsius to Fahrenheit ratio? And are you obsessed with every French Canadian you meet? They are all stunning and stylish.

    To reiterate previous comments, you are the most well-spoken, independent, stylish 18 year old ever. Kudos! Enjoy Montreal, if you ever are down in Toronto I hope to run in to you!!!

    • Lucy, hi there! First off — thank you. Likewise. I’ll look you up if I am ever in Toronto!

      1. Tim Horton’s coffee is kind of weak/water-y but it serves its basic purpose
      2. I’ve never actually seen the Mindy Project (ooops!)
      3. I’ve never seen Law and Order SVU. I don’t watch that much TV, actually!
      3. I am hyper-sensitive to “eh” — I hear it a lot
      4. I don’t think I will ever figure out the Fahrenheit to Celsius ratio
      5. I’ve met some great French-Canadians but at the end of the day they’re people, too! Some are great, some aren’t.

  • I’ve been waiting for this! Emma, your comments just as entertaining, perceptive, and insightful as the articles themselves and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your input. The stuff you said about applying to schools exactly lined up with what I went through two years ago…attitude was and continues to be everything.
    I love reading about college style in different regions of the US, even though we will never be as cool as the French exchange students.
    Also…so jealous of what I’m sure is a stellar English Lit curriculum. I’ve taken two English Lit classes as electives and they actually changed my life…I look forward to reading about your future endeavors! keep doin u, girlfriend

    • Hey Jenna! Just wanted to say thank you, girl. Your words keep me motivated.

  • I hate to be that person but there’s a tiny typo in question #12: “annoying” should read “anyone” unless I missed the memo that only annoyings apply to college now. In that case, carry on I suppose.

    In less annoying (ha, see what I did there?) news, I’m all about the answers to question 13. Knowledge is good, layers are good, dignity is good. So basically, all’s good in the hood, continue on with your lives peeps.

  • yuvakavi

    nice keka…

  • yuvakavi

    hai quinn halman

  • Katie

    This was cool! Please keep doing them!

  • Rosaly

    …….the fashion here is yoga pants and a sweatshirt. The infamous “I just got out of bed 5 minutes ago and I almost missed this class” look. Thank god I am a fashion merchandising student where we actually wear jeans. But then there’s that one day you wear leggings and completely feel out of dress. Serious college problems. It goes by so quickly! Enjoy it!!

  • Daphne Blunt

    Age is just a number! Im only 16 but I feel like im either 35 or mabye 60


    • Ha, agreed! People have been telling me since I was about 8 that I have the psyche of an 80 y/o spinster. I loved volunteering in an Alzheimer’s ward, tbh. Both the old people and I loved reminiscing about 1947.

  • Chioma Agbaraji

    Can we be friends? You’re fucking fab, I love it so much. Yay college Freshman! Great post though. xx

  • hassan

    We Have Partnered With Multiple Websites Who Have Agreed To JOIN Same Sites.

  • Ismael Jbarat

    Emma hager . although I dont know before but you are gracious! what beautiful you are !!!!!

  • are these college student pictures?

  • As for me a lot has changed when I entered college. From the way I groom to activities I engaged myself with.

  • Arielle

    i’m also a student and live in cold montreal and i one hundred percent feel you on the limits of style. i layer and layer and layer but find that dressing for winter has way more restrictions than for a warmer climate (where’s the leeway with a heavy winter jacket???) i just spent winter break in california and was able to wear so many things i feel i cant at home!!