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Our resident French Girl who now lives in London is back! In the name of November, Friendsgiving season and Consumption Month, we asked her a whole lot of questions about F-O-O-D.

HI! You moved to London and started a new job. Tell me about it!

Oh I love it! I work for the new, Conde Nast’s new e-commerce venture. Our offices are in Camden, which immediately threw me into the London that I was desiring to see: Dr. Martens, punk, mohawks, fashion girls and guys chatting about tech and computer magic tricks.

What do you eat for lunch at work? How is it different from NY lunches? Paris lunches?

I never eat my lunch outside of the office. I eat salads almost every day. Usually they are very, very green, with avocado, mozzarella and tomatoes. I have yet to find a good salad bar here, or a salad bar at all. After a few weeks of living here, I had to accept the fact that I would have to prepare them for myself everyday at work with groceries that I buy at Whole Foods near our offices. I never prepare anything at home. I barely prepare myself! Ha!

I get lazy though, and very often end up drinking coffee that I sweeten with candies. My new thing is a ham-and-cheese sandwich with a frozen can of Diet Coke. I love it!

Are you a snacker and if so, what’s your go-to during the work week?

I am not a heavy snacker. I’m not obsessed by anything food-wise during the day while I work. Although, I do like having a little bit of action on my desk: chocolates, candies, Diet Coke, almonds. That makes everyone who is coming for a chat in my area happy, and me too!

What’s your go-to work week breakfast?

I’m not going to make anyone happy with this! Coffee and coffee and coffee. Although, on the first of December that will change; my boyfriend got me an advent calendar, so in the morning I’ll get a little chocolate with my soy latte.

T or F: breakfast is your most important meal of the day (regardless of what doctors or science say). Why? If it’s a different meal that’s your most important, tell me!

I could see why, because it could be actually helpful to arrive at the office with food in the stomach to focus. But it doesn’t work that way for me. After a big meal, even if it’s a healthy meal, I like to rest up. I would say my most important meal of the day is the one in the evening. That’s usually a time for me to see people I love, friends, and catch up on the day, London, or just life in general…

What do you do for dinner during the week? What about on the weekends?

I don’t cook, really! I love the idea of it, but it’s happened five times since I’ve moved here. It was great, but I can’t do it all…so I dropped it! I am thinking about the Friendsgiving dinner that I do every year soon. It’s one of my favorite holidays!

During the week, I buy something quick at the store near my house, or I go to sushi with some friends. I am also a big fan of McDonald’s, so that happens sometimes. There is nothing organized about my dinners, and I really love it that way!

On the weekend, that’s another story. As much as I love seeing friends, I also love staying in. I like to have a balanced weekend. Sometimes, on Friday, all I want is wine and good chats with not too many people. On Saturday, I like house dinners, or just dinners from our to-go places…

I want to get better at hosting, but I think I should probably walk before I run, or cut the cutlet before I burn it.

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I do McDonald’s or Chinese. We are like two kids seeing Santa for the first time every time the Chinese food box arrives.

What about for breakfast on the weekends?

MASSIVE is the answer, with TV series, and phone calls, and baths and a mix of everything.

Is brunch as a big of a thing in London as it is in NYC?

I am trying to find out. I had diner with two friends of mine yesterday who sent me a long, long list of brunch places in London. I was a number one fan of the “let’s just go to Sant Ambroeus  to catch up with Alireza at 9 a.m.” on Saturday thing, only to find myself still there, drunk, at 4 p.m. (By the way, Ali, I miss you!)

You’ve been traveling so much recently! Tell me about the best place you’ve eaten.

The best one was in Sicilia. I was in Taormina this summer. When we landed, we were so excited and hungry that we dropped off the bags and asked for a number of traditional restaurants. The one we landed at had some of the best fish and seafood I have ever eaten. It was my first weekend back in Europe after seven years of living abroad. Now, if you ask me, was it the sun on my shoulders, the dolce vita outfit I was wearing, the happiness of the weekend itself…I don’t know. But the food was extraordinary. So tasteful, only lemon and white wine with it. A dream.

What’s the easiest recipe you know and actually like to make? Can you share it with our readers?

-Ciboulette [chives]
-Spicy flakes [chili flakes]
– Tabasco sauce

I like the avocado not too mixed, so I always leave some thick pieces un-mashed. But basically, mix it all!

What’s your hangover meal?

A Bloody Mary with anything consistent enough to make me forget the headache. I also really love pasta when hangover, or a good steak and French fries.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Milanaisa for sure! It is so damn good! Urgh! Or a ham-and-cheese sandwich? Can I have two? Is it okay if the ingredients are not the healthiest?

Of course that’s okay. What are you most hungry for?

Chinese food I think. Or chicken nuggets, but only if they’re served with barbecue sauce. Otherwise, what is the point, really? Who has nuggets without dressing? It’s like a right shoe without the left: really just sad and disappointing.

What’s your favorite restaurant in London so far?

I went to a Japanese place called Roka last week and I loved it.  It has a big, open kitchen surrounded by a bar where we sat. It is really cool to see the chefs cooking in front of you. We had black cod, which I though was only good at Omen, and I was happy to see I was wrong. It was so delicious!

Are you hungry right now: Y/N?

No! I just had a soy latte. As I write this it’s 18:50 in London.

Want more words from Laura? We have asked her about leaving New Yorkstress and friendship.

Photographed by Samir Benson. Follow him on Instagram at @MisterBenson_.

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  • Jackie

    I love her posts!! And that dress is just stunning.

  • Robin

    the beginning of this article is very misleading, my thoughts went from: ‘just salads and coffee? what the even heck does she eat?’ until we find out candy macdonalds and chinese food is basically her diet hahaha

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  • BuffyAnneSummers97

    freeboobing! Love it!

  • pamb

    Candy in your coffee?

    • Jen

      I can’t even….

  • Grace B

    Laura, your American is showing!! And I mean that as a compliment! 🙂 That last picture is gorgeous!

  • Hannah Cole

    I just bloody love her

  • HoldenCaulfield

    I’ve worked with Laura in the past and she was not nice to me or the other interns at all. She once told me I was overweight in front of a group of coworkers at a shoot. I was 20 years old, 5’7 and about 125 pounds.

  • Jellys

    Guys that’s the standard diet of everyone having an office job and little time/interest in cooking a complete meal from scratch. There is nothing French about it. Rather, Laura’s posts read like average upperclass superficial cogitations, which, as we all know, have no border.
    For what it’s worth, she could be Jerilyn from Atlanta or Ingeborg from Aachen, Germany.

  • giulia

    guys what is Milanaisa ? If it something italian (maybe Milanese?!) it doesn t exhist here (in italy)

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    found myself eye rolling through the whole thing… I love but this resident French girl thing is getting old and boring (to me at least) … ps I’m Mexican and that’s not how we make guacamole!

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    I am ready for Man Repeller to finally move on from this played out “French girl” stuff. It’s just a foreign version of the “Cool Girl.” She doesn’t exist, and the “French Girl” n’existe pas non plus. Give young women a break already.