Artist Kate Miller Knows How to Transition into Fall

Kate Miller‘s a performer, a mixed-media artist and a poet. These are her professions, obviously, but they could equally be applied to her style. She’s not exactly blending in with a red velvet jumpsuit or a long shimmery maxi skirt paired with a cotton tee that says, “Strong women intimidate boys and excite men.” That’s mixed media and poetry, if you ask me.

Kate has the kind of closet you wish would appear in your house come fall. It hits the perfect sweet spot of warm and cool. Layered and cozy but light on her feet, ready to read a book or host an art show at any moment. Which she kind of is: her exhibition, “Once Broken,” is happening right now in New York and, per above, she’s known to carry books as accessories. Oh and fun fact: the husband she mentions is actor TJ Miller. Redhead power couple? Yes please. Click through a week of her outfits for some creative inspiration.

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You can view Kate’s work on her website here. Details about her exhibition, “Once Broken,” which runs through November 20th, and then December 1st through 18th, can be found by calling the number here.

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