Are You Superstitious About Your Clothes?

Superstitions are so dumb. If it were true that every time I stepped on a crack it would break my mother’s back, then I would have been grounded a lot more in high school.

I don’t believe in them and yet, I knock the windshield each time I drive through a yellow light. I lift my feet up over train tracks, hold my breath while coasting past a grave yard and I never fail to cross my fingers while walking underneath a ladder. For someone who had a few mildly obsessive habits as a child (let’s not get into those now) I suppose there’s something in the ritual of these superstitions that I subconsciously once enjoyed. Now I do them completely on autopilot, much in the way you might say “God bless you” after a sneeze.

I am extremely conscious, however, of the clothes, shoes, and bits of jewelry that are irrefutably unlucky and have the unmistakable power to ruin my day.

Once I was given an absolutely beautiful bracelet from a friend with a small pendant that hung from the underside of my wrist. While wearing said bracelet over the course of the month several bad things happened to me, from spilling red wine all over a favorite white dress to my car’s battery draining to getting a speeding ticket. As soon as I pinpointed the problem (which was obviously not me), I ripped that bracelet off A$AP Rocky and chucked it in the trash.

Reversely, there’s a sports bra I own that is guaranteed lucky. I wore it to every competition I had one season because I kept winning. And obviously you can’t wash a lucky object, so you can imagine how great I smelled.

My signet pinky ring has been known to bring on good fortune, so I panic when I forget to put it on (like today!!!). I have a pair of pants that I’ve never had a bad night in, a shirt that’s propelled me through various job interviews, and a necklace that I always seem to be wearing on my very best days.

There’s something to be said for the Space Jam Theory, or if you want to get technical about it, the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy. When we elect something as our good luck charm (Michael Jordan’s “Secret Stuff”, for example), it bolsters our confidence which can only lead to good things. And I suppose this works in reverse: that when I declare a bracelet bad luck, still choose to wear it, and then get shit on by a pigeon, it’s probably because I set myself up for scenarios that could have otherwise been avoided…like standing under the telephone wires of death by Central Park.

Actually, bird poop is supposed to be lucky, right?

So maybe the whole thing is bull crap.

Now what about you?

  • CDJ

    I fell down an entire flight of stairs in my Wednesday Addams costume this year, and then then next night (same costume) I fell up the stairs. Not just funny falls, like “I thought you were going to die” falls. Seeing as Wednesday Addams’ favorite hobby was homicide, I blame the costume, not me.

    The only lucky items I owned were pencils. I used to get A’s on my math tests when I “blessed” them in 8th grade. I’ve never shared that before. #engineerprobZzzZZ

  • cassidy

    I once had a green crochet sweater (i know, but that’s for another discussion) that I got for hanukkah from Anthropologie years and years ago. It was my favorite thing in the world… until the first time I wore it my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. Then the second time I wore it my grandfather died. Then the third time I wore it I got into a car accident. Then the fourth time I wore it WWIII broke out (jk, but THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I WORE IT AGAIN).

    I had only worn it a few times and figured I could maybe get my money back, so I brought it back to the store and explained everything that had happened. The woman working the register first looked shocked, then saddened, then took it from me and gave me a full refund. I asked her what they were going to do with it in the hopes that they wouldn’t put it back on sale – her response was simply that “it will be destroyed.”

  • Belu

    I had a friend that everytime she wore her LBD something bad happened, she would fight with his boyfriend, or a friend, or just have bad night. On the other hand, my own LBD always brings me luck. But I think that it’s all about the attitude that you bring with it, or the memories attached to that singular piece of clothing. Like Miranda of STAC and her skinny jeans!

  • Jemima

    Those shoes! Who are they by?

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I have never thought about this. However now that you mention it I did get rid of a lot of stuff that I wore when I have a year and a half of hell while my father was sick and passed away. So maybe subconsciously I do believe.
    I did buy myself a cartier love pinky ring to signify the end of the drama and I wear this for luck every day!

  • Ana

    I once decided to use those evil eye bracelets and the day I wore I ended up losing my ID and the new one would cost me 500 dollars… Never wore that bracelet again!

  • Sadly, I just recently had to toss my lucky pair of knickers—my trusty
    companion for many an interview and first date. Even though they were
    once gorgeous, unstoppable, and only trotted out occasionally, they had
    gradually regressed into a holey excuse for underwear. May they RIP.

    I have now transferred my superstition to a pair of polka-dotted socks.
    TBC whether they will live up to my lofty expectations…

  • Namrata

    Most of us will deny it, but I guess all of us whether otherwise superstitious or not, are when it comes to clothes on a subconscious level.


  • kendra

    ugh. on one hand, i really love my catbird threadbare gold wisp of a ring. on the other, straight up calamities seem to occur every time i put it on. do we think if i wear it all day on friday (the 13th!) the curse will reverse and my right pointer can go back to looking cool all the time? i’m crossing ringless fingers.

  • Shannon Ashley Kennard

    “…I ripped that bracelet off A$AP Rocky and chucked it in the trash.”
    I don’t have clothing superstitions, but this line was everything to me!

  • Rebecca

    Phew! I’m not alone in this! Well actually…my whole clothing ritual started in the 2nd grade when I wore a pair or floral printed socks from the gap to school. I felt dealthy ill the entire day…called my mom to pick me up and the whole bit and she refused to…all because of the socks (or so I think). mom gave me this gorgeous fur jacket she bought from nordstrom I felt dizzy the whole day at school while wearing it and…well…can you guess…every time I think of wearing it to school I refuse. I’m superstictious about a lot of shit in my life…such as locking my car..when its in the garage for absoltley no reason. Sometimes…I’lll admit I’m crazy but, hey! Aren’t we all?!