5 Looks to Inspire Your Winter-to-Spring Transition

You know the perfect between-season climate that enables you to wear your favorite dress or your favorite sweater or both at the same time? Megan Papay lives there permanently. Partially because she resides in the Bay Area, fine, but doesn’t she just embody it perfectly? The airy dress over jeans, the fluffy pink coat, the tousled hair, the old oxford shirt cut into a smock with a pussy bow (this one killed me). She looks like she belongs in a season-less San Francisco diorama, perched on a sunny rock in patent oxfords.

Megan is the co-founder of SF-based shoe brand FRĒDA SALVADOR (along with Cristina Palomo-Nelson). Their classic shoes are inspired by menswear, handmade in Spain and named after Frida Kahlo, which some might call a hat trick. Shoe trick? I’ll stop. Anyway their stuff is really good. I wore these to an airport recently and two women stalked me down an entire terminal to ask where they were from! That’s a true story.

Please click through above for some outfit inspiration as we approach the monumental transition of winter to spring and tell me which outfit you’d wear if you had access to her closet. I’d pick #6.

Follow Megan and FRĒDA SALVADOR on Instagram @fredasalvador.

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  • Isabel

    This was my New Year’s resolution as well! I will say it is hard to find responsibly-made sneakers and sunglasses. Accessories have been difficult all together. Searching for responsibly made jewelry and clothing has actually made me a more thoughtful shopper, which has saved me money even though I spend more for the quality of an item! Highly recommend trying this.

  • Camille

    I’ve recently embraced cultivating a capsule wardrobe and it has made my life so much less stressful. It’s important for me to have great pieces that are versatile and sturdy to last for many years, and the loose boyfriend-style jeans Megan features in many of these outfit ideas are perfect. My favorite look is #2 but I also adore that Gucci fanny pack.


    Camille, a Nashville-based blogger

  • Molly

    This is the exact article I needed. Dig the fanny pack and the white boots v v much.

  • AryaChic

    Maxi dresses are my thing right now, of the best transitional pieces


  • Shevaun

    God outfit #6 and #1 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • ella

    This is the time of year man repeller is seasonally relevant to me! I’m in Australia so it’s transition from summer to winter (to be fair it’s still like 60 or 70 degrees here but still- it’s no long 100 so it basically feels freezing)