Beyonce’s New Pixie
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Beyonce’s New Pixie Cut–You down?

  • Michelle Natalia

    When you are comfortable with yourself then you can pretty much pull off anything. She is not the first to do it or the last! But I do think someone that really depends on her image so much was brave to take a risk. xxoo

  • She put it down like that, da-down like that. In turn, due to the transitive property, I am down with it.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • karmajess


  • Charlotte

    Does anyone else think this new look resulted from this incident?

  • Lauren Bortolotti

    I see a lot of wigs in B’s future!

  • I love it! It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor chopping off there hair. How hot! It made Halle Berry a star! Plus, it is nice to let your face actually get a little action, and not be hidden behind tons of “hair”. I mean seriously Natalie Portman never looked better then when all her hair was chopped off.

  • ni ni

    I miss her long hair !

  • Anita

    I foresee extensions in about a week

  • pchboys

    The extensions have arrived! That didn’t take long.

  • Alexius Baker

    LOVE! almost wiling to cut all mine just cause I aspire to be Bey.

  • Carmen’s Opinion

    She’s so powerful and beautiful that a pixie works
    She’s perf
    Sorry – totally girl crushing