Man Repeller Events

Did you know MR hosts events? Did you know we really want you to come? If not, consider this your formal invitation. Whether in the form of a hotel takeover, a summer clubhouse, or a genuinely delicious strawberry-themed dinner, we’re here to surprise and delight you, so scroll through the ever-evolving list below to see where you can find Team MR next. And don’t forget to keep checking in for updates!



Object Limited x Man Repeller Vintage Bazaar & Closet Sale 2.0
Friday, October 11th–Sunday, October 13th
Join us at Man Repeller HQ to shop the wardrobes of Leandra Medine, Crystal Anderson, Edith Young, Harling Ross, Amalie MacGowan, and Maggie Hoyle. Oh! And the Object Limited vendors will be selling their pre-loved goods all weekend long too. So come hang. Come shop. Come show your love to Mother Earth herself because she, too, loves secondhand clothes. Reserve your spot here!

Good Evening, Session 7—A Conversation About Being a Multi-Hyphenate
Thursday, October 24th
Join us in Man Repeller HQ to hear Emma Gannon—author, speaker and podcaster—in conversation with our very own Leandra Medine for the next installment of the Good Evening series. What IS a Multi-Hyphenate? Glad you asked! It’s all about breaking free of pigeon-holes and boxes—doing multiple things and making it work. People often feel worried that they need to pick one ‘niche’ and stick to it, but we don’t think this always needs to be the case, and we’re here to prove it. Get your tickets here!



Man Repeller | EQ3 Host: The Perfect Housewarming!
Monday, November 11th
To welcome the launch of EQ3’s New York store, we’re hosting an event in the space packed with activities centered around making a house (or apartment!) a home. From coffee table arrangements to cocktail making to table settings, we’ll be creating a fun and exclusive chance for guests to explore the new store. Tickets coming soon.

Graphics by Maggie Hoyle.