When fashion week ends and you find yourself tuned into a style frequency previously undetectable by the standards of your mind.

But that might not make any sense so let me break it down with an example:


You’ve just spent the entire week eyeballing clothing on models who are dressed to look like sterling approximations of the following season. When you weren’t doing that, you were eyeballing editors, dressed to look like sterling approximations of the current season. Then the week ends. Instead of experiencing a cold case of whiplash, you instead feel a sense of postfashionism overcoming you. Suddenly, you see style in everything. Plants, potato sacks, canned tuna. It’s like the world is your oyster and you? You are its Phoebe.


Still confused? Here’s how you use it in modern conversation:

Tammystanda: Wow, Jencracker! You look so cool, where did you get those pants?

Jencracker: If you’d believe it, I’ve had them in my closet since last April — I guess it just took fashion week ending to realize how cool they are.


Wait, I forgot to use the word. Here’s another scenario:


“Julianaroobard! Are those vines coming out of your head? They look very much like a headband I recently saw at a Valentino show.”

“Why, yes, Kentwana, how lovely of you to notice. You must have been bit by the postfashion bug too.”



  • Amelia Diamond

    I love Kentwana and Julianaroobard so much

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