Period Brain

When you feel like you've just dumbed down 100 degrees of intellect but you're actually just getting your period. Phew!

Imagine the circumstance: a specific week rolls in once monthly and all of a sudden, you feel stupid. Hugely idiotic. Like you’ve been watching too many housewives throw champagne at each other and can’t see past the stained silk blouses. There is a bright side though, and that is the satisfaction that comes with finally realizing that you are not dumbing down. Your brain — the matter upon which your opinions and therefore identity are founded — is simply in a temporary (keyword, people) prison cell being run by your ovaries. I don’t know why it happens, but does it matter?


I ask you to consider this hypothetical conversation:


Ginghoolia: Amapicca! What’s up? I haven’t seen you in weeks. Have you finished that dissertation on the molecular biology of a frog’s neck?

Amapicca: Whfdsaufb, fyhfhjssfh — fhdsjh fhsja fyrnvcajhgeuy.

Ginghoolia: You must have a case of period brain. I get it. I’ve been there.

Image by Lily A Ross. Follow her on Instagram


  • Angela Miller

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  • harrietfordypa
  • Wendy

    This article does’t do much to help fight against misogyny does it? Isn’t this what so many men have said is the reason why women shouldn’t become President or hold other important jobs? I’m kind of surprised I’m reading this here. Bummer.

    • rachel

      But it happens to some women? just like some get really bad cramps Its part of being a women . In my opinion it makes us badass because some how we keep going .

    • I get this on all sides. I’m a smart woman, usually one of the smartest people in any given room. But…period brain is real. I am going through it right now and I feel like I’m drunk all the time. I hate that this is the case as it does support those narrow minded idiotic men. First of all, most people that run for President are post-menopausal, so that stupid joke that I’ve heard way too many times (even during Hillary’s run–the woman is almost 70!) is really irritating. But, I think the answer is to provide real solutions to fighting period brain. And I have yet to see that. Especially in this article that just says “Hey, yeah this thing can happen to women and it sucks.” Yes, we know this. Now what can we do about it?