Used to describe yourself at your most dramatic, introspective and web-tangled moments, Soaprah is portmanteau of Oprah and Soap Opera.
The Summer Salute
When you see someone on the street but can't properly wave because of the situation occurring in your armpits.
Gala Face
It's the full makeup monty, regardless of below-the-neck attire.
Post Fomatic Stress Disorder
A mental health condition triggered by *not* experiencing what was perceived to be The Best Time Ever. Often abbreviated as PFSD. The word "Fomatic" is derived from the Millennial acronym FOMO.
DCS is the shorthand for Double Chin Snapchat, which you either send to -- or receive from -- a friend.
Reverse Camel Toe
When your pants are so tight, your camel toe downgrades and moves from business class to economy if you know what I'm saying.
A Fay-sexual is someone who doesn't have crushes on celebrities.
When fashion week ends and you find yourself tuned into a style frequency previously undetectable by the standards of your mind.
Limbo Dressing
The way you dress between definitive seasons
Not your grandmother's use of the word. This is the good kind of tacky.
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