Gala Face

It's the full makeup monty, regardless of below-the-neck attire.

Gala Face pertains only to the area that spans forehead to jaw, typically resulting in The Line: a border that should, in theory, be easier to blend than Buffalo and Toronto. Instead, your neck is three shades lighter than your face — but of course it is. You’re raising money to save the seals; you don’t have time for blending. Or getting dressed. (Gala Face is more often than not paired with regular old street clothes.) And you can’t really be bothered to do your hair, either. Messy bun it is!


You do, however, have time for your face:


First you’ve got your primer. Then you’ve got your zit concealer, under eye concealer, sculpting stick, foundation, setting powder, bronzing powder, blush, highlighter, shadow primer, eyeshadow, liquid liner with cat effect (a little more than intended because you kept trying to even out both lids), 3-palette eyeshadow, and mascara.


To use in a sentence:


Oat McFreebilly: Jessaura is so weird. She always comes to class in a full face of makeup with fake eyelashes and giant earrings, but she hasn’t changed out of her pajama pants in like, seven days.


Rosemary Bobtooth: Don’t be so judge-y, Oat-fuck. Jessaura feels best in Gala Face, and unlike your slow-ass, she’s ready faster than anyone else to go out because her face is permanently already done.


  • lindamruiz43


  • I plead guilty to the Gala face and damn I’m having a ball doing it!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      you go girl! you probably do not scare people on the subway like i do!