A Fay-sexual is someone who doesn't have crushes on celebrities.

The word comes from the term Asexual. With an “F” before “A” and a “Y” after it (hence “fay,” as in famous), the word describes one who does not have crushes on celebrities. Per a recent article on Miles Teller: a Fay-sexual may pretend to harbor unrequited crushes on Brad Pitt or Devin Sawa, but that’s just to save face. To carry on small talk or to seem “normal.”


To use in a conversation:


Drewsynthia: I literally almost died last night, Ploops.


Ploops: Why??


Drewsynthia: Because I saw my celebrity crush, A$AP Rocky, at Barneys.


Ploops: That is cool. I don’t have a celebrity crush.


Drewsynthia: You don’t?!?!?!?


Ploops: Nope.


Drewsynthia: Not even Jared Leto?!!?!?!


Ploops: Na, I’m a Fay-sexual. Celebz don’t do it for me. I prefer Kyle next door.


Drewsynthia: Ew, Kyle? What a weird name.


  • Faye Lessler

    Uhhhh so my name is Faye and I’ve had about 1 celeb crush ever and that was in high school. I’m a me-sexual? Wait, is that gross?

    • Amelia Diamond

      no way me-sexuals rule

  • happyhappyjoy

    This is me! I never even had a crush on any of the N’Sync or backstreet boys, even though my bestie would ask me endlessly about it. *Fay-sexual 4 life*

  • pASHionateLEY

    Wait! This is definitely me. I’m not alone!!!

  • Kenns

    haha! Amelia, your word “Fay-sexual” is now an official dick-shun-ary entry!