Fatootsed & Fachatted

Fed up and exasperated -- "Ughh" meets "Ugh!!!"

Television and style veteran Stacy London brought the words to our attention at the 7:08 mark of her Chatroom episode while discussing Sex & the City.


Upon learning that Stacy has never seen an episode of SATC, Leandra proclaimed: “No way! And you call yourself a woman?”


To which Stacy replied, “Well, here’s my thing about that. Okay? I went through this period where I was like, is this really women, or is this gay men writing for women? And I got very fatootsed & fachatted about the idea that it was a character of what four women would be like.”


Stacy broke it down for us off-camera: “Fatootsed is fed up. Fachatted is tired; fatigued; exasperated.”


And there you have it. The new best way ever to say, “OVER IT.”


Use it in your own sentence below.


Illustrated by Karolin Schnoor.


  • Vienna

    When I heard her say that I was filled with overwhelming joy (I’m not kidding), and I’m SO glad you broke it down! Using.

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