SRY I Was Meditating

When you're talking to someone and completely zone out and they offer a sentiment that requires a response and you're shit out of luck because you haven't been listening for the past 55 seconds!

Just say “sorry, I was meditating.” This works particularly well while trying to cut through the prosaically quotidian fashion week chatter. Meditation is all the rage and by blaming your disrespect on the practice, you may conversely earn yourself more respect for treating your mind and its thoughts like the holy temple that it is.


For Use In a Sentence:

Griselda: “I like can’t feel my feet and it is only day one of Churning Cheese from a Wooden Wheel Week. Did you hear that we’re working with Ricotta tomorrow?”

Farinanananana: “Sorry, what was that, Griselda? I was meditating.”