Digital Herpes
The artist formerly known as e-mail
Home Clothes
The random crap you wear when you go home for the holidays, typically unearthed in your childhood bedroom closet, drawers and the plastic bins under your bed.
When the items on your feet beg the question: shoes or pants?
SRY I Was Meditating
When you're talking to someone and completely zone out and they offer a sentiment that requires a response and you're shit out of luck because you haven't been listening for the past 55 seconds!
Phone Acne
Caused by notification negligence, not clogged pores or pizza
Social Media Shirt
That one piece of clothing you always seem to get "caught" wearing online.
Period Brain
When you feel like you've just dumbed down 100 degrees of intellect but you're actually just getting your period. Phew!
Relationship Clothes
Stuff you can only wear if you have a partner because it takes more than two hands to get on.
Kimchi Kool
When your coolness factor relates to the trendiness of your culinary wardrobe as opposed to your clothes. SEE: LA.
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