You Don’t Own Me

This will, hands down, always be among what is best on the Internet right now. We are particularly keen on resurrecting the sweet, melodic dance moves of Diane, Bette and Goldie right now because while we gear up for fashion week, we, too, want to sing to it and let it know that it can’t tell us what to do.

We’re young and free and all that jazz, too, YA KNOW.

Sing it with us…

  • Katie Frederick

    oh how much I love this movie and ADORE this last scene! definitely learned all the moves & wanted Goldie’s outfit baaaad. I love the world pre-Mylie’s tongue.

  • Natalia Paez

    Great movie. Great song! Plz bring back the girls, we can call it “The original Real House Wifes”. Don’t get mad, get EVERYTHING! (gotta love Ivanna too)

  • Hashtag, in defense of Miley?

  • kaitlyn conway

    I’m young and I love to be young

    I’m free and I love to be free

    To live my life the way I want

    To say and do whatever I please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa acosta


  • Kendall

    “To live my life the way that I want… To say and do whatever I please! ” Fantastic post! Totally in the spirit of Leandra and MR.