YOLO, Wear a Polo

Well, fuck. Why do Catholic school kids get to have all the fun? Today in cool ways to festoon your school uniform (call it back-to-school bomb-ness), how about forgoing the typical alligator or man-on-horse and opting instead in favor of Jay Z diving (at right, The #AwkwardDivePolo) or Drake Dada leaning (at left, The #DadaLean polo).

What is Dada Leaning?

In any case, there’s a whole Big Cartel web shop dedicated to these blouses over at M.O.C. They are literally called the Yolo Polos and make me feel like if I started at the bottom, I’m probably still there until I know what the Dada Lean is and can wear it. And as for Jay Z, I don’t pop Molly, I rock weird dives.

[Drake Yolo Polo via The M.O.C. Brand]

  • We really got a “prep” in our step these days, huh? It all works for me. I love it.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Amelia Diamond

    i googled it but i still don’t get it. ( http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/drake-in-dada-drake-lean ) it has something to do with the clothing line Dada that old rappers used to wear but I don’t see where the lean comes in. WHERE IS THE LEAN?!

    • earlyholo_scene

      From a now cult picture of Drake, wearing Dada, doing this old-school lean-walk… which then became the subject of the meme.

  • Alba B.

    Is it smth that has to do with Dadaism and Lean IN (of Fb)?!!
    How social this polo wants to be if the answer to the previous question is YES!!!

    By the way leandra (talking about catholic schools) We always want what we cannot have, or as italians say, The grass is always greener on the other side!!!!


    • Leandra Medine

      I love your supposition on the Dada Lean. “Ceci n’est pas une feminist.”

      • Alba B.

        While I figure out the painting of RenĂ© Magritte with your moto, I could hear a bacground sound singing “This is a men’s WORLD, sorry Polo!!!, but would be nothing nothing without a pair of heels and a skirt!!!!”

  • Uh needed a polo for my golf class. I’m gonna get that pink one cuz my class is on Wednesdays.

  • Tony Cerniglia

    origanally pegged #drakeyolopolo, we decided to change it to #dadaleanpolo for possible legal purposes….the funny outfit Drizzy was wearing was the outdated brand DADA and the lean comes from the funny way he is leaning…hope that clears it up! #themocbrand