Who Needs a Jil Veil?

So, I was doing that thing that I do on Wednesday mornings where in a bout of procrastination, I comb through the most recent offerings that come care of one Net-A-Porter when I accidentally on purpose stumbled upon this brand called Piers Atkinson.

What initially piqued my interest was this fascinating and rather diffident-when-considering-the-rest-of-the-loot grey baseball cap replete with crown bow. It wasn’t so much the hat that intrigued me as it was the hat’s title. See, it’s called the Eeeeeeee!!!!! (eight e’s, five exclamation points) hat. And that Net-A-Porter was forced to not just acknowledge that but convey it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

When I got around to perusing the brand’s product page, what I found was the physical manifestation of Anna dello Russo in the form of headbands and hats and one veiled cap that could have been Jil Sander in a distant, deceased life if Sander wore orange and entertained the prospect of googly eyes.

Also on tap, by the way, is a headband equipped with five miniature cupcakes and a veil, titled the “Scrummy!!

Now, the price point is a bit high, which is why I’m compelled to call this a “Must DIY” but then again, you can’t really put a price tag on he or she who brings a most whimsical and comedic breath of fresh air to this stringent world we call FAHSHUN, now can you?

[Piers Atkinson via Net-a-Porter]

P.S. Unicorns! They do exist!

  • pinkschmink

    I looooooovvve Piers Atkinson – his collections are one of the highlights of London Fashion Week for me. He’s also a friend of a friend and, I’m told, a very lovely man. So nice to see him featured by you.

  • √Člora

    Wow, reading “Unicorns! They do exist!” my first thought was: WHHAATTTT FOR REAL!? And it took a full second before my brain went like “omg you did not just think that, did you?”

    • √Člora

      As a side note, the unicorn hat is fab.

  • Wow these would be so easy to DIY. Some of this stuff I swear, we could all go to a craft store and make this stuff in a half hour on a $5 budget. Only the lucky can make a living charging $500+ for the aforementioned “stuff” though.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Glad I now know what to do with the ass-loads of googley eyes i have procured mwahahah

  • Laura Brooks

    Kind of like seeing a painting and thinking, I can SO totally DIY this at home … but there’s that certain je ne c’est pas of buying the original.