Who Keeps Giving Leandra Access to Microphones?

The very brave Style.com has turned their camera on my strange friend Leandra and allowed her to blather on about denim and day-wear, yada ding dong.

But she has a point, which is that while the majority of us have figured out how to wear denim in a casual manner (and thank blog, otherwise we’d all be running around like naked chickens with our heads cut off) it’s much trickier to utilize the world’s favorite fabric at night.

So here she is, ladies and waffles, the weirdest person I know on how to do denim “after dark.” And she is FRICKIN’ excited.

Here’s how I would do it, sans Angelina, because if I’m wearing a maxi skirt there’s a reason: I didn’t shave.

What about you?

[Watch In the Mood for Denim with Man Repeller, via Style.com]

  • Aubrey Green

    I love her. I loved the maxi skirt with the jean jacket!

  • Sha

    Leandra you’re so fine. X

  • zhanna

    Leandra you look amazing! Love your sense of style! <3 xoxo


  • So fun.

  • check out fashion

    love the video. great 😉


  • I love the look, the statement necklace in the outfit is everything.


  • Dounia

    Really enjoyed this video. As it is for denim, your wit, Leandra, never goes out of style too. Can’t wait to see what happens next ! Also, does anyone know where this fabulous polka dot shirt comes from ? Thanks.

    • Lucy

      I want to know it too!

  • So smart to wear a denim jacket buttoned up as a top! Really excited to keep watching this series.

    xx Ella

  • Oh well, denim it is then!

  • Hilarious! That woman makes me smile. Can’t wait to see more of these!

  • She is just too cute. Leandra, can we be friends, please?

  • I really heart you.

  • You work that denim and microphone like a boss. You may have just inspired me to button up my jacket today.

  • Sue

    The volume control on this video has an “x” beside it and will not work, just this one not others, would love to see it with the audo, any tips?

  • pamb

    Adorable dancing, but I was afraid I was going to see your hooha!

  • hahah. she so awesome. i didn’t expect her voice to sound like that.

  • Terese

    People, do you know what track that is?