Whiskey with Jilly (and Leandra)

My friend launched an interview series in partnership with awesome video recording app called Cameo. On it, she asks questions but never lets the question recipient ask back which is why what you’re either about to watch or just watched is quite plainly a duet of monologues or the world’s most nonsensical non sequiturs, point blank.

[Whiskey with Jilly and Leandra via Jilly Hendrix]

  • Lisa Thomson

    Whiskey’s the thing. Makes me want a sip.

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    That was batshit perfect! Thank you for introducing us to Jilly.

  • CDJ

    This was funny. Leandra, you have a great singing voice!! Is your friend’s real name Jilly Hendrix or is it a play on Jimi Hendrix? I wish I could do something punny with my name. (besides Courtney Love)