Outfitting Yourself for a Day that Ends in a Holiday Party

Magic transforming slip dress isn’t for you? How about a party suit? (It’s nothing like a birthday suit)

We are the backslash generation and you are a busy woman, so it is 85% likely that when you have a holiday party to attend, you also have 363675 other obligations to consider. Like, for example, going to work, conducting at least one meeting while you’re at work, appeasing your friend’s birthday by accompanying her to a dinner after the holiday party and also attending another birthday party, at a bar in the East Village that both starts and ends at Midnight. So what do you wear, right?

Wrong. Ask not what you wear but rather what you don’t. You’ll be forced to pile so many layers into one, succinct outfit that there is no other option. None. Zero. Zilch. Rien.

Start with Zara’s now vaguely infamous holiday slip dress. The first version of this was offered in metallic, the second in teal velvet — this is an approximation of what you’ll wear to the holiday party. Socks, sandals and all.

Now put a turtleneck under it. Change into leopard print boots because it’s your life and you do what you want. This, you can purportedly wear to the dinner you’re obsequiously attending or the birthday bar portion of your evening, though you can also add a pair of jeans and wear that if it’s 44 degrees out, or something.

Now you’ll add a blouse. What’s great about this blouse is that by forgoing the turtleneck and boots and re-adding the heels, you’ve potentially mocked up another outfit to wear to this dinner.

Finally, you’ll add a sweater because your day starts at the office and no one seems to understand the fact that it is winter.

Zara dress & boots, Wolford turtleneck, Patrik Ervell jeans, Adam Lippes top, Tibi sweater, Prada shoes

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