Three Web Series to Binge-Watch Over Your Holiday Break

Winter vacation is officially here, which means you’re potentially knee-deep in eggnog, fanning the flames from a few torched chestnuts and juggling texts from every guy you ever flirted with in middle school. If you’re home, then you’ll later retreat to the comfort of your childhood bedroom to enjoy the luxury of your parents’ HBO as it dances across the TV screen.

But if, like mine, your parents have joined the ranks of cord-cutters — a.k.a., you’re staying put at your apartment with no cable to your name, you might want to explore the world of web series. (Especially if you have the cinematic attention span of a fruit fly.) I’ve rounded up three of my current favorites, which, incidentally, are all available online, free of charge. Thanks mom!

High Maintenance

High Maintenance is the brainchild of husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, who co-write and direct each episode. Sinclair plays a blasé weed delivery guy catering to the camp of typical Brooklyn residents. With a guest star list that includes Hannibal Buress (Broad City) and Greta Lee (New Girl, GIRLS) each 5-10 minute episode is pee-your-pants hilarious, but Season 1’s “Heidi” takes the gold.

(You can stream Season 3 now for the price of $7.99.)

 Charles, Your Hangover

“I’m Charles! I’ll be your hangover today!”

Charles is the physical manifestation of your worst hangover. He will — quite literally — pour kitty litter down your throat, spin you in your chair and run his nails down a chalkboard. Episode 1 stars Lauren Lapkus as an elementary school teacher suffering through the aftermath of a wine-soaked grading bender. With an average run time of four minutes, this Above Average production is the ideal hungover-on-a-Sunday watch.

Downtown Girls

Written by Jessica Lamour and now in its second season, Downtown Girls can perhaps best be described as, “the more relatable version of GIRLS.” The series approaches the onslaught of adulthood in a fresh and funny way, and has garnered praise from fellow comediens Ilana Glazer and Casey Wilson. Season One’s “Prada Cakes” chronicles a group of NYU students as they navigate the campus drug scene. Watch it here:

What are you currently watching? What will you watch? What should I watch? I’ve finished these, so I either need you to tell me below, or provide your parents’ HBO Go account.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Amelia Diamond

    Thank you for giving me something to do on the train besides staring into the ear of the man next to me

    • um. you have to listen to serial first. you promised kate like 7 posts ago

      • Amelia Diamond

        shit. i am over-committed!!

    • Esther Levy

      “staring into the ear of the man next to me” – a web series

      • ….An existential cinematic monologue that delves into human loneliness, biological phenomena, and public transportation.

        • Amelia Diamond

          “They say that eyes are the window into a person’s soul…but the ears are two French doors.”

  • Great material for me!

  • High Maintenance is one of my favorite shows ever. It feels so real. Far more real that GIRLS or some other NY-based television will ever be.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      the best.

    • Nice post,i like your favorite shows.

      • Tomasz Bielecki


    • Pop Bob


    • lola

      Wanna trade pussy pics mine 4 yours

  • If you want to watch something depressing, I’d recommend Broadchurch. It’s and incredibly sad plot b/c it’s the murder of a child, but it might be the only show I watched in one day – and the reveal was truly surprising

    • Esther Levy

      I’ve watched the first episode! Need to give it another go-around for sure.

  • Ahhh Im down!


  • Tinkerbell
  • sex18


  • tunie

    I like Kid Snippets on youtube by Bored Shorts. Three of my favs:
    The Proposal:
    Blind Date:
    and the best, Valentine’s Day:

    If you like those then Mean School Nurse, Dance Class, Math Class, and Health Food are sooo great…largely due to the gorgeous brunette, but all these guys are cuuute! Enjoy!