What Should I Read Next?
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When I finish a good book, it leaves a gaping hole in my life. For weeks, the book will barely leave my side. It gets toted to the gym, comes dangerously close to bath water, and sits next to me in bed. As the remaining pages dwindle, I start to dread the book ending. And I don’t mean the actual content of the book’s ending. I dread not having anymore of the beloved book to read, knowing I’ll never get to experience it again for the first time.

Before we delve any further into how (oddly) emotionally invested I get in books, let’s jump right to the good part: a site exists to ease the pain.

It’s called “What Should I Read Next?” — you type in your favorite book title or author and site populates a list of similar choices.

Not exactly revolutionary, but man oh man does it ease my pain.


— Kate Barnett

  • This is absolutely delightful! This may be my new favorite thing…

    Your Friend,

  • Ines Roma

    I know the feeling. I go through excruciating separation anxiety from the characters, I can’t bare the thought of not having them in my life anymore or perhaps vice versa. Maybe I’ll use it for future reads.