What Do Cara Delevingne, L.L. Cool J and Jennifer Lopez Have in Common?

Well tie me down and hit me with a bag of what appear to look like condom caps coated in sugar (The Cut calls them “delicate wafers” but I’d prefer to go with candy condoms), if I didn’t like Cara Delevingne before, I sure do now. In what is perhaps the funniest spoof video Love Magazine has ever produced, the anterior lip synchs to L.L Cool J’s “It’s Hard to Control Myself” playing the part of not just Mr. J but emulating Jennifer Lopez’s cameos where necessary, too.

She lays in the bed of sugar condoms for the duration of the clip wearing a green wig, doing the worm with her arms. Her legs make slight cameos every fifteen seconds or so as well, alluding to her unabashed excitement. There are also emojis populating the screen in addition to translated lyrics in Japanese and the transliteration in English. The whole ordeal reminds me a little bit of the below video, in part due to its rawness:

And if you’re still bored on this fine Tuesday afternoon, well let me just say: that is your problem.

[This Is the Best Thing Cara Delevingne Has Ever Done via The Cut]

J. Lo by Mario Testino via V Magazine