We’re Ready to Let the Leopards Back In, Right?


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I’m asking because two years ago, after having submitted that I would probably never wear another article of leopard print clothing again, I am all, “Ooooh, these boots are cool. Hey! That’s a neat jacket. Yeah, this is great. And kind of ironic!”

You get where I’m coming from regarding the former statement, right? As a woman who has spent years waxing poetic on such prosaic -isms as, “Not leopard? Not interested,” my previous reluctance to continue living life in the parodic lane probably had little to do with the actual print so much as it did my needing to escape the inflated sense of self that I created.

That, and every time I slipped my arms into the faux-fur jacket that I’d bought from Zara on Boulevard Haussmann on one particularly lonely Saturday evening while I was abroad in Paris, I am reminded of having felt like the remains of a pick-up post explosion in aisle 9 at Toys”R”Us.

And that’s the wrong kind of nostalgia to indulge in, not because it’s a poor memory but because it’s so sweet, having to come to terms with the fact that those are days I’ll never experience again really just makes me want to stab myself in the throat with the chain knights wore around their necks — yes the hard fabric that elicited a cushion, which would become The Turtleneck as outlined this morning in Amelia’s outrageous story on the sweater’s genesis.

But back to the leopard print — I’m all in. Again. It’s just…that platform, man.

[Charlotte Olympia Calf Hair and Suede Ankle boots via The Outnet]

  • Roar! 🙂 (I’m still out)

  • Brie

    i will always want to wear leopard. i will always buy leopard things. it is a staple neutral in my wardrobe and there is no going back. ever.

  • claudia

    I love leopard booties, I think they´re a staple piece!


  • Aubrey Green

    I love leopard, but don’t own any – I just can’t bring myself to buy it, I don’t know why -whenever I see a great jacket, shoe, etc on someone else, I always tell myself, I need that, I will literally stare at a piece online for 30mins before deciding against buying it.

    On another note, Leandra: if someone were to take one, maybe two writing classes, what were your favorite(s), or what would you recommend (maybe they weren’t your favorite(s)) and why? thanks in advance.

  • Lina

    I used to hate leopard print, or any animal prints for that matter, and one day….suddenly…I was wearing that leopard print shirt dress and the world seemed to have changed. I loved it. Leopard print stopped representing my ever single auntie and it became me. I’m single and probably should start worrying that my love towards the print is the first step of turning into the aforementioned auntie. Still, she always looked great so I guess I shouldn’t care. Regarding the shoes, I’m not sure about the platform but you’re Leandra and Leandra can pull off a lot of things 🙂

  • Greta Gale

    Yes definitely! I have a pair of boots similar to these and I can’t wait to bring them out a bit more


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  • DP

    i wore my leopard coat today after fiercely (no pun intended) declaring leopard was so over. i look great.