10 Weird Things About ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

It takes a weirdo to know a weirdo, which is why we handily patrolled Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Twilight and The Notebook for weirdness, too. 

A sense of self-worth, a strong work ethic (strong ethics in general), a knowledge of when to see something through versus when to call it quits, the belief that it’s bad form (and mean) to throw friends and colleagues under the bus — all of these are important principles to adopt and ultimately master from a young age. Even more important than these is a deep understanding and respect for how to cross the street.

It’s why The Devil Wears Prada, now at its 10-year-anniversary, is such an iconic movie of our time. It touches on all of what’s listed above, yes. But it is nothing if not a cautionary tale regarding the importance of looking both ways.

And of course, it’s fairly strange.

1. A theory to unpack: Anne Hathaway has it baked into her contracts that any movies involving character transformations require her characters to have nicknames.

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Andy Man Repeller

In the critically acclaimed Princess Diaries, she was born Amelia but went by Mia. In The Intern, she was “Jules,” which is very much a shortened moniker. No doubt Nancy Meyers, kitchen curator and prolific rom-com writer, was too busy for the full-on Julia, just like Andy, future-journalist with no time for your high heeled BS, was too busy for Ahn-dre-ah. (Miranda Priestly, on the other hand: not here for your edgy “Andy.”)

2. Speaking of that photo above, what in god’s good name is with all of the pageboy hats?

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller News-boy-hat

Has anyone besides Christian Bale’s friend group circa late-1800s been able to pull one off? Was this a subtle harkening-back to the newsboys’ strike of 1899 wherein Andy Sachs played the role of a newsie who fought the good fight against magazine-instead-of-newspaper moguls regarding child (or assistant) labor laws and WON? Former interns currently engaged in lawsuits with former non-paying employers: in court, did you wear such a hat???

3. These 22-year-olds are 55.


Andy just graduated college in this movie. Maybe we’ll give her boyfriend, Adrian Grenier, a year on her since he already has his job when the movie opens. He can be 23. But still, tell me, how A) they lived in such a nice downtown Manhattan apartment, B) had a friend (the “you thought Club Monaco was couture” girl) who ran a gallery cool enough for Fashion Spencer Pratt to haunt it and C) they all sat around like sophisticated philosophy professors drinking wine and wearing corduroy blazers while most of us at that age were just trying to break our vodka cranberry habit?

4. The “I Have Patrick” [Demarchelier] Conspiracy Theory

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller patrick

It is only confirmed once that the “Patrick” on the line for Miranda Priestly is the iconic photographer Mr. Demarchelier. The rest of the time, we the audience are left to our own devices and therefore assume it’s him because we don’t care that much. I’d like to go on a limb and assume a few others, however:

Dempsey, EwingStar, Sajak, Henry, Saint. Want to have your mind blown? Google “Patrick Jane.” It explains a lot. Like how Miranda really knew they were going to give her the boot.

5. Hot James Holt

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller trevor-noah

He’s the long lost twin of Trevor Noah.

6. Fashion Spencer Pratt

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller manscarf

Show me a woman who can’t resist the superfluous fashion scarf on a male (specifically one who looks like Spencer Pratt) and I’ll show you a woman who needs to do some deep soul searching.

7. A Woman Who Needs to Do Some Deep Soul Searching

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller Bump It 2

Andy Sachs wore a Bump-It in Paris.

8. The Ring

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller cellphone

Andy, Laura Linney’s character in Love, Actually and the guy behind you in the movie theater are the only three people on the planet who have yet to discover the joys and polite wonder of keeping your phone on silent + “vibrate” for notification-purposes.

9. The Real Reason Anna Wintour Wears Sunglasses Indoors…

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller transitions-glasses

Miranda Priestly’s biggest secret was not that her marriage to Nate Archibald’s grandfather’s was loveless or Archibaldian but that she wore transition lenses.

10. Literally no one in this entire movie has any idea how to cross the street.

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller roadcrossing

The opening scene is just models waving blindly at cabs, ignoring traffic. Emily gets hit by a car and almost dies. Andy causes multiple hold-ups and is probably responsible for a few rear-endings because she jay walks all willy nilly as though she’s stumbling out of a pub after day drinking. In fact, it’s not until the end of the film that she uses a proper crosswalk. And it’s because she’s smart at the end. She’s learned her lesson: Back-stabbing will get you a promotion, but failing to look both ways will cost you a career.

Screenshots via YouTube.


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  • Amanda Camacho Alves

    This was so funny.
    And yes. When I was 13 (the year was 2006 and yes I feel old at the age of 22) I had a white pageboy hat. And continued on using until the age of 16 because why the hell not? They were (are) cool.

  • Andrea Raymer

    On point #1… As and Andrea I immediately hate girls that I meet that go by Andy. I just can’t believe that it came about naturally. Every Andrea I have ever known IRL went by their full first name until high school when they would try to make Andy (or Andi or Andee) catch on because they wanted to be cool. It was always a big “thing” and would require them telling the teachers on the first day of school that it is actually Andy now even though no one in the class has ever called you that even though we’ve known you for years.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahahh i love a late in life name change

      • Aydan

        oh god I have a friend with a very traditional first and middle name. He went by a shortened version of his middle name until college, at which point he switched to a shortened version of his first name. Like HELP! What should I even call you?!?!?! (I just go full moniker for ease and protest)

    • kellymcd

      I have a friend whose given name is Jessica Helen. In 1993 when she entered preschool, she was one of 5 Jessicas (surprising NO ONE). The story goes she was being called “Jessica Helen” and eventually the Jessica bit was dropped all together. I met her in 1st grade and she was introduced as Helen. I never called her anything else. Ever. Flash forward to the *~*tRyInG tO bE cOoL*~* middle school years and we were attending separate schools. She then insisted on being called Jessica, but rarely responded to it when called. *eye roll*

      I’ll still call her Helen if I see her, much to her embarrassment

      • MarkinTex

        I grew up with a girl that everyone called Laura, until she went off to a snobby private university in the Deep South, and came back as “Laura Anne” (added her middle name).

  • I love this movie, but these are all so true!

  • Tess

    She’s supposed to be right out of college?! And she eats Jarlsberg grilled cheeses on a regular basis?!

    • Rachel

      This movie is why I ate Jarlsberg grilled cheeses in college!

      • Amelia Diamond

        I’m craving a grilled cheese in general right now

    • RKitty01

      her boyfriend was a chef; is he going to serve her Velveeta?

      • Mike Lovell

        Right tho? lol

  • Constance

    Patrick could also be Patrick Sebastien, possibly the sleaziest of French icons (meh). See for yourself… Maybe Miranda Priestly’s transition lenses weren’t her only secret!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Patrick Sebastien if you’re not going to bring guitar necklaces to share with the whole class then you can’t wear yours!

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    The cell phone ring!!!!! It is seared in my skull to this day

  • Those pageboy hats though

    • Amelia Diamond

      Tell me why. There were at least 2 others.

      • Aydan
      • I own several and I look awesome. (photos from 2011 tho)

        • Amelia Diamond

          This hat actually does look amazing on you so you get a pass or I take it back. (My vendetta against most hats is personal, unfounded, deep-rooted and easily broken when I see someone doing it right.)

          • main issue with people in hats is that I can’t wear them. So, fomo.

        • How do you wear this so well!!!!!!!

          • I have a small face and a head shape that looks better in those hats

      • I don’t get it! Pageboy hats do not exactly scream fashion, especially not on Ahn-dre-ah. The thing is, though, everyone wore them in this movie! How did Miranda allow it?!

    • MarkinTex

      I always thought they were called Newsboy caps.

  • Lucy Korn

    I love this so much. I know what i’m watching for the 127843283th time tonight.

  • Alessandra

    Hahaha Fashion Spencer Pratt who came up with that golden nugget of a name?

    • Aydan

      seriously soo brilliant! I started smiling hugeeeee!

  • Gregory Apparel

    “Andy Sachs wore a Bump-It in Paris.” – Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Robin

    In my town (Amsterdam) ‘Sailor Caps’ are a thing now, they’re basically navy pageboy hats and I liked their look until I saw a girl who worked at the wardrobe of a sample sale wear it. She was wearing it indoors, she was running around climbing through our bags and coats and I imagine she made it stick to her head with bobby pins. Too much effort for such a seemingly ‘effortless’-I-want-to-keep-my-hair-dry-look

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Meg

    The face and “look her up and down” motion that Hot James Hold makes immediately after the #5 screen grab never fails to make me cringe.

  • Vickee

    lol Love this!

  • Sarah Swan

    I always thought “Patrick” was Demarchelier’s secretary who would connect Miranda or take her message?

  • Michaela Williams

    Fashion Spencer Pratt. NAILED IT.

  • This was so good! BTW Am I the only person who wasn’t like “you go girl!” when Andy says, “I’m not your baby.” It just didn’t feel like a winning punch. I feel like there was so much to say. Also, I’m not one to judge but that’s all I ever do so… WHY DOES SHE GET BACK TOGETHER WITH JEALOUS AND MEAN AND UNSUPPORTIVE CHEAP-O BOYFRIEND?! Yes, Dean and Deluca strawberries are hella expen$ive but he never really seemed to be onboard for her career. Also, he was such a douche.

    • right??? not a winning punch. more like a weak slap.

      • MarkinTex

        She wasn’t choosing “that” career, she was using that job as a springboard to get the career she wanted. She was 22 and trying to get a foothold in a notoriously difficult field to get into. Taking the less-than-ideal job and busting your tail to pay your dues so you can move on to the job you really want are what your early 20s are all about. He was terrible and not at all supportive to not understand that. And he sulked about her missing his birthday like a 6 year old who doesn’t get the present they wanted.

        • Mike Lovell

          Yeeesss!!! I totally feel the same way!

    • MarkinTex

      CHEAP-O BOYFRIEND?! Yes, Dean and Deluca strawberries are hella
      expen$ive but he never really seemed to be onboard for her career. Also,
      he was such a douche.”


  • Side note: Is everyone’s name Andy nowadays??? I can’t stop seeing and hearing that name everywhere.

  • Sacha D

    Maybe she did some extra years of college, took on some extra courses or whatever because those are not 22 year-old people. I’m 21 years old and look like a toddler next to those people.

  • Ivana Zamora

    Nate Archibald’s grandpa
    That good old Valderbilt blood line lingers <3 perfect

  • Faz

    Literally cannot resists a Devil Wears Prada post… is it bad sometimes I watch it just for the fashion?


  • I love this, and as usual I love our comment section as much as I love the piece. Just by the way, has anyone seen the Reddit thread of men discussing how much they love this movie? It made me smile. 🙂 http://www.refinery29.com/2016/06/111523/devil-wears-prada-reddit-bros

  • Kari

    YES to men in scarves

  • Rebekah

    I probably shouldn’t admit JUST HOW HAPPY I am that you referenced The Newsies. Arguably (or not) the greatest movie of all time.

  • Andy

    you gotta give it to the costume department – most of the outfits i’d totally wear today (sans pageboy – sorry!)

  • I watched the Devil Wears Prada last night (for the 600th time – just for the fashion really!) and oddly enough only noticed for the first time that the cast are mainly wearing winter fashion. Isn’t it suppose to be summer in New York if they are preparing ‘the book’ – which is suppose to be the September issue? And when Miranda and Andy jet off to Paris its winter there too. Once again I’m pretty sure its summer in Paris for PFW in September! Something else to add to the weird list.

    • Tinsley Proust

      The book was used for every issue of Runway, not just the September issue. The PFW part was really strange now that I think about it….

    • AdamBR

      The timing in the movie is off.

      During the editorial meeting, they were talking about spring (florals) and the February issue (they mentioned that Salma Hayek wanted to do a summer cover instead). This means the meeting is taking place around October or November.

      PFW for fall happens in February, so it makes sense that they are wearing cold-weather clothes when they were in Paris. I don’t remember Miranda saying specifically that it’s September.

  • If you really dig “Trevor Noah’s long lost brother,” then definitely go back and watch the show Rescue Me. He’s in it…a lot…and often shirtless.

    Just sayin’…

  • I’m dying over this post . I’ve spent the whole time laughing at my desk . Everyone may think I’m crazy
    The color palette

  • starryhye

    My biggest pet peeve about the movie is how Andy shows up to her interview having *never read Runway magazine*!

  • Gail Leoniak

    I think it is called a “newsboy” cap.

  • Victoria

    What about this scene right after the makeover where Andy discovers “fashion” and changes 10 times (the all-white-everything outfit!!) before arriving to Runway in Chanel ?! Never got that.
    Btw, this scene counts double – she really DOES NOT KNOW How to cross the street.

    Side notes – can you really smell like onion bagel ?!

  • I really don’t know what people have against page boy hats. Granted its odd wearing a wool one in summer and my forehead is red and itchy but I am obsessed.

  • Ale

    The girl with the “pageboy hat” is Maria Ines Rivero, ex – international top model from Argentina. Now she is retired. In the 90´s she was very famous in Europe and US.

  • “Nancy Meyers, kitchen curator”

  • MarkinTex

    I thought the weirdest thing about the film was how rotten Andy’s friends were to her about taking the job, and how selfish and childish they were when she had to miss social events with them due to her work. Hadn’t anyone heard of paying your dues? Journalism is an incredibly difficult field to get a foothold in, did they think she’d just walk into Times Tower and get a beat at the Gray Lady? Sometimes you’ve gotta take the crap job that will be a springboard for the job you want, and you’ve gotta work your tail off at that crap job for a few years. Her boyfriend and friends’ sanctimoniousness and petulance served to reinforce every stereotype of Millenials as whiny and entitled.

  • Vanessa

    My boyfriend thinks it’s bullshit that the boyfriend, Adrian Grenier, plays a chef but has nights and weekends off (to nag Andy that she’s never home).

    • Erin Sassaman


  • Erin Sassaman

    Those aren’t Transitions…that’s the ear pieces behind the lenses.