10 Weird Things About ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

It takes a weirdo to know a weirdo, which is why we handily patrolled Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Twilight and The Notebook for weirdness, too. 

A sense of self-worth, a strong work ethic (strong ethics in general), a knowledge of when to see something through versus when to call it quits, the belief that it’s bad form (and mean) to throw friends and colleagues under the bus — all of these are important principles to adopt and ultimately master from a young age. Even more important than these is a deep understanding and respect for how to cross the street.

It’s why The Devil Wears Prada, now at its 10-year-anniversary, is such an iconic movie of our time. It touches on all of what’s listed above, yes. But it is nothing if not a cautionary tale regarding the importance of looking both ways.

And of course, it’s fairly strange.

1. A theory to unpack: Anne Hathaway has it baked into her contracts that any movies involving character transformations require her characters to have nicknames.

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Andy Man Repeller

In the critically acclaimed Princess Diaries, she was born Amelia but went by Mia. In The Intern, she was “Jules,” which is very much a shortened moniker. No doubt Nancy Meyers, kitchen curator and prolific rom-com writer, was too busy for the full-on Julia, just like Andy, future-journalist with no time for your high heeled BS, was too busy for Ahn-dre-ah. (Miranda Priestly, on the other hand: not here for your edgy “Andy.”)

2. Speaking of that photo above, what in god’s good name is with all of the pageboy hats?

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller News-boy-hat

Has anyone besides Christian Bale’s friend group circa late-1800s been able to pull one off? Was this a subtle harkening-back to the newsboys’ strike of 1899 wherein Andy Sachs played the role of a newsie who fought the good fight against magazine-instead-of-newspaper moguls regarding child (or assistant) labor laws and WON? Former interns currently engaged in lawsuits with former non-paying employers: in court, did you wear such a hat???

3. These 22-year-olds are 55.


Andy just graduated college in this movie. Maybe we’ll give her boyfriend, Adrian Grenier, a year on her since he already has his job when the movie opens. He can be 23. But still, tell me, how A) they lived in such a nice downtown Manhattan apartment, B) had a friend (the “you thought Club Monaco was couture” girl) who ran a gallery cool enough for Fashion Spencer Pratt to haunt it and C) they all sat around like sophisticated philosophy professors drinking wine and wearing corduroy blazers while most of us at that age were just trying to break our vodka cranberry habit?

4. The “I Have Patrick” [Demarchelier] Conspiracy Theory

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller patrick

It is only confirmed once that the “Patrick” on the line for Miranda Priestly is the iconic photographer Mr. Demarchelier. The rest of the time, we the audience are left to our own devices and therefore assume it’s him because we don’t care that much. I’d like to go on a limb and assume a few others, however:

Dempsey, EwingStar, Sajak, Henry, Saint. Want to have your mind blown? Google “Patrick Jane.” It explains a lot. Like how Miranda really knew they were going to give her the boot.

5. Hot James Holt

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller trevor-noah

He’s the long lost twin of Trevor Noah.

6. Fashion Spencer Pratt

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller manscarf

Show me a woman who can’t resist the superfluous fashion scarf on a male (specifically one who looks like Spencer Pratt) and I’ll show you a woman who needs to do some deep soul searching.

7. A Woman Who Needs to Do Some Deep Soul Searching

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller Bump It 2

Andy Sachs wore a Bump-It in Paris.

8. The Ring

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller cellphone

Andy, Laura Linney’s character in Love, Actually and the guy behind you in the movie theater are the only three people on the planet who have yet to discover the joys and polite wonder of keeping your phone on silent + “vibrate” for notification-purposes.

9. The Real Reason Anna Wintour Wears Sunglasses Indoors…

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller transitions-glasses

Miranda Priestly’s biggest secret was not that her marriage to Nate Archibald’s grandfather’s was loveless or Archibaldian but that she wore transition lenses.

10. Literally no one in this entire movie has any idea how to cross the street.

10 Weird Things About the Devil Wears Prada Man Repeller roadcrossing

The opening scene is just models waving blindly at cabs, ignoring traffic. Emily gets hit by a car and almost dies. Andy causes multiple hold-ups and is probably responsible for a few rear-endings because she jay walks all willy nilly as though she’s stumbling out of a pub after day drinking. In fact, it’s not until the end of the film that she uses a proper crosswalk. And it’s because she’s smart at the end. She’s learned her lesson: Back-stabbing will get you a promotion, but failing to look both ways will cost you a career.

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