Ordered Lunch Too Late? Five Ways to Procrastinate Until It Arrives.

Bleeeerrrrrggg, welcome to the midday lull. Bet your brain feels far too cookie dough soft and gooey to focus on anything productive, right? The only solution (E. coli free!) is to take a break. Read each of these tidbits from the web reeeeeal slowly and make at least 10 bathroom trips (walking, naturally, the long way around the office). It’s a surefire way to put off your to-do list for at least another few hours…at which point we should both start doing some work. Really.

Alexa Chung can’t make your desk lunch taste better, but man can she spice up a closet.

Midnight Cowboy

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Word on the street is that she’s obsessed with Réalisation Par, an up-and-coming Australian label full of flouncy mini dresses (the kind you’d imagine Brigitte Bardot skipping down cobble stone streets in) and plunging, going out tops (those are BACK, remember?) with a louche sort of Studio 64 swagger. See that dress she’s wearing above? Same brand. You get in white, I’ll get it in black?

Know what’s more expensive than being a man? Being a woman.


According to a study from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, the “female” version of everything from toys to clothes to personal home care product costs more than its “male” counterparts. (I knew my razor was more expensive, but now you’re telling me my pink, sparkly Windex is too?!) So what’s the solution here? Ask for a raise or ditch the “chick magnets”? [Grazia Daily UK]

In need of a coffee break? Get Marc Jacobs to go with you!

In what might be one of my favorite Insta clips to date, MJ and his pals filmed their very own take on Zoolander’s legendary “Orange Mocha Frappuccino” montage while vacationing in St. Barts. Although I refuse to use the term “squadgoals” in 2016, if I was, hypothetically, maybe, possibly going to reconsider, now would be a good time. [The Telegraph]

Already planning tomorrow’s work outfit? Copy Jaden Smith, who looks dang good in a skirt. 

Observe young Smith in Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, where he stars alongside three professional models in the best look of the bunch. This, however, does not seem to stop him from covertly eyeing a costar’s chain covered purse whilst gesturing at it like a mystical shaman.

And for the water cooler: The New York Times asks, “Can the Turtleneck Ever Be Cool Again?”


Meanwhile I’m just like, I thought they were? What about Diane KeatonLove Actually? Steve Jobs! Buy another one to celebrate (maybe the J.Crew tissue?), and start practicing your turtleneck hair.

[The New York Times]

Still need something to do that wasn’t assigned by your boss? How about crafting your 2016 identity? Or borrowing one for awhile? Or setting a simple goal you can follow through on… like maybe avoiding your inbox a little bit longer?


  • abby

    i was actually offended when the NYT published the Turtleneck article. I was like “OBVIOUSLY HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO FASHION” but then I read it and just sort of ended up confused at the end. They didn’t make much of an argument for or against my beloved T-neck, though they did mention Juliette Greco, who I adore, which was a plus for them.

    I end with this – THE TURTLENECK IS COOL.

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  • Lou

    NYT is always 5 years behind. Turtlenecks are the best.