Five Ways to Kill Time Until You Leave Work

Congratulations! You’re almost finished with Tuesday, which means it’s nearly Wednesday, which is the middle of the week — and everyone knows it’s a downhill ride to pancake town from there. But first, you’ve got to make it to the end of the day.

Here are five ways to get there that are far more appealing than actual work:

1. Watch the first trailer for Vogue’s forthcoming documentary about the annual Met Gala.

How can one documentary hold so much scurrying?! Only time will tell. A more important question: Regarding cameos, where is Grace?

2. Re-think your coffee order.


If there was ever sweet, sweet justification to spring for the sixty extra cents it takes to pay for soy milk, it would be the java chain’s updated rewards program, which is now based on dollars spent rather than individual visits.

If all you order is a tall black coffee, however, this might be a good time to explore the local cafe scene. [Forbes]

3. Enjoy the pure magic that is a Rihanna and Drake music video collaboration for “Work.”

4. Celebrate the return of America’s Next Top Model but then hold the phone for a caveat…


Tyra Banks will no longer host it. Apparently the show is getting a reboot through VH1 with an entirely new panel of judges, its fierce founder smizing behind the cameras as an executive producer. [Vulture]

5. Give yourself a fashion shower!

Not the Anna Dello Russo kind of fashion shower where you drape yourself in gold and make a video with H&M. I’m talking about drenching yourself in LFW — through a cell phone screen — the NYFW street style scene and all of the cool kids at Eckhaus Latta. Dry yourself off with a fluffy warm towel made of Marc Jacobs and check the clock.

Is it time to head home yet? Yup.


  • ANTM without Tyra?!? Is that even possible?
    While pondering how that’s going to work… I’ll watch the work music video!
    Drake and Rihanna definitely did their thing!

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  • Yvette

    You should make these articles a daily thing!
    Well appreciated.

    • Leandra Medine

      Yvonne will be so excited to see this feedback

  • tinydarling

    Loved this! Even though I totally watched this at the beginning of my work day, I feel v refreshed and ready to slay.


  • Aydan


  • I need answers on the back-to-back Riri video! Second one just to showcase her nipples?

  • Victoria

    I don’t know why so many people are crazy for Starbucks. I think their coffee is overrated, too expensive for a chain coffee and there is not atmosphere. Usually, I meet up my London Escorts in a small discreet local coffee shop where they serve Illy or Lavazza coffee. Fortunately, in London there is almost on every corner a non-chain coffee shop and I feel better to support small businesses than rater big corporations. X Vicky

  • Yeah this is great, vogue will definitely rock this season. I like it most. Again Rihanna has done their job, and it look amazing. Kajri is big fan of yours, I love you Rihanna…….