20 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

In April we discussed how to get our proverbial shit together — our dwindling bank accounts, our messy closets, our forgotten workout regimens — which is why this May we decided to shift our focus away from the physical building blocks of our lives toward the mental ones: our anxiety-riddled fever dreams, our early morning listlessness, our late afternoon existential crises plus all the shit that keeps our brains buzzing and our stomachs swirling.

Today is the final day of Mental Health Month and over the past four weeks we’ve covered a lot. In case you missed anything or this post-holiday Tuesday finds you with a little extra dread in your step, here are 20 ways to improve your mental health.


If someone’s flashy job is making you feel down on yours, how to fight job envy.

If you’re sick of “career success” being synonymous with fame, 10 women who are redefining the word.

If you want to talk about what success even means in this day and age, our Round Table on the sometimes-shoddy concept.

If your routine is boring you to tears, here are some ideas on how to break out of your rut.

If you’re spending a little too much time rewording texts, five things you can do on your phone instead.


If your phone dependence has reached new levelssome tips on how to put it away.

If you can’t afford a therapist but your mind is in shambles, some ideas on how to tackle it on your own.

If you’re stressed and very not Frenchone French girl’s guide to overcoming it.

If you’re reading this from the depths of a mental spiral, some ways to talk yourself out of it.

If your bad habit is driving you up the wall, how to break it.


If you’re a bundle of stress and have an internet connection, consider the soothing benefits of ASMR.

If you feel like shit and are short on time, how to trick your brain into feeling happy.

If you’re making excuses to not do something scary, Leandra’s Monocycle episode on being addicted to the comfort zone.

If you’ve heretofore ignored the existence of your body during meals, try eating naked.

If you’ve heard about meditating but think it sounds daunting, a beginner’s guide.


If reading Instagram isn’t exactly improving your mental state, here are some of our favorite self-help books.

If you want to take a trip but aren’t sure who to go with, consider solo travel.

If you have an inexplicable jump in your step, the sunny weather may be partially responsible.

If self-esteem just isn’t cutting it, try self-compassion instead.

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