Watch Valentino Live (and Catch up on What You’ve Missed While You Wait)

Welcome to the Man Repeller movie theater, where you’re never too late to catch the previews because chances are there aren’t any and there’s definitely not popcorn due to FDNY fire code restrictions but we do have pancakes.

Up on March 8th’s marquee is the Valentino Fall/Winter 2016 show. Watch it here. Happy eclipse!

If you were also lured in by the headline that promised a catch-up session of any MR or recent fashion week stuff you may have missed, you’re in for a treat. These links are like a cherry vanilla Coke slushy, so prepare to sip on…

Chanel (could it be Lagerfeld’s last?) and Saint Laurent (Hedi Slimane showed couture, said farewell)

An episode of Monocycle that will help you get dressed

A review of Dior and Loewe, who both asked the hard-hitting questions

The 80s, which are back — yet again — at Isabel Marant

A bunch of men in going out tops (who also answer the query, “What exactly is a top?”)

Balenciga, which has a new designer, and Céline, which does not

The closet of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen’s fashion director, Aya Kanai

19 questions about the newest episode of Girls (They won’t totally spoil the ep if you haven’t seen it yet, but they also won’t? I don’t know.)

And finally, a day in the life of Leandra Dilweed Medine so you can see exactly what the hell it is she’s doing, possibly during the Valentino live stream.

Comment your favorite looks and post pictures of the cutest pup you can find on Instagram in the comments!

Photographs via Vogue Runway.


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