Vogue’s Newest Lady

Evidently, it is Lena Dunham week!

According to Jezebel, who writes according to The New York Post, who basically speculates as a publication professionally, Lena Dunham is the most recent Chosen One to cover Vogue. She will apparently top the February issue which doesn’t seem all that unlikely given Anna Wintour’s heretofore effusive support of the prolific actress and friends. She was even at the premiere! In People-in-Prada Prada!

But why wouldn’t she support the Dunham, right? Doesn’t the former stand for the equal parts intellect, sincerity, humor and relatively recently fashion-savvy that Anna Wintour hopes Vogue as a magazine and lifestyle will evince?

The news is cool for a number of reasons, all of which really do revolve around the notion of Dunham’s “real girl” body and unconventional beauty. It is, however, also weird because Hannah Horvath.

I know, I know, it’s practically my moral obligation to divorce the actress from the act but…Hannah Horvath. When considering the rest of the highly fashion initiated hoopla circumventing the show (guest appearances by Jenna Lyons and potentially a future cameo care of Victoria Beckham), who *is* she anymore?

Whatever. I’m tired and jet-lagged and wearing this weird shade of red lipstick right now. Tell me what you think about the fact that Lena Dunham may or may not be on next month’s cover of Vogue and whether the implications of such are a. antithetical, b. null and void, c. potato latka.

[Lena Dunham Will Reportedly Be on the Cover of Next Month’s Vogue]

Photoshopped image above: photo of Lena Dunham via Marie Claire UK, cover text from Vogue

  • I think it’ll happen.


  • Not a fan

    not a fan of hers. Her disgusting comments regarding race–the ones that were NOT taken out of context but actual words from her mouth make her insufferable for me. Good for her to be a non traditional beauty and land on the cover but her lack of class–and I aint talkin about the tattoos–has her blacklisted in my book.



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  • Gloria

    Anna Wintour has fully support Lena since the beginning. I don’t see why not. The entirety of Lena and Hannah is amiable and naturally beautiful.

  • I’m definitely sold on the idea that it will happen. Honestly, as odd of a choice as I think it really is – she would be a much more interesting person to cover Vogue than the usual rotating faces we see all the time. It definitely would be going in a fresh direction…which I kind of feel Vogue needs. I love Vogue immensely, but 2013 wasn’t their best year 🙂


  • Katharina

    the cover looks good. different from “normal” VOGUE Covers. younger, wilder.

    Katharina // Katinka

  • Iliyana Licheva

    it should happen! i hope it happens!


  • Adrianna Grężak

    I respect that she is actively challenging mainstream culture to reexamine what’s considered beautiful and our obsession with our weight – but I get irritated because she’s only a couple of steps away from the “norm.” She’s Caucasian with standard facial features and smaller than the celebrities features in the Before/After sections in tabloids.

  • Dina

    Why not? She’s a wildly successful, independent and outspoken young woman. Its time Vogue changed its game plan a bit with regards to who graces their covers. But yeah can’t stand Hannah Horvath.

  • Dina


  • Amélie J.