MR Writers Club Prompt: TBT Vitamin C

Does anybody in this classroom know why the title of today’s prompt is “TBT Vitamin C”?

The temptation to follow that question with a “Bueller?” was strong, but not strong enough to break me. Besides, if you were of MTV-watching age in the late 90s and early 2000s then there isn’t a chance in hell that Ben Stein would have to repeat his droll-ass roll call because you, Bueller, are likely jumping up and down in your chair right now crying “Me! Me!”

You’re that kid who is so excited to answer that you’re holding your arm up with your hand while you wag it around like one of these terrifying things.

For the uninitiated — AKA those of you saying, “I literally have no clue why this post is Throwback Thursday dedicated to the cold-fighting-nutrient found in oranges, and on a Friday, no less,” know this: in 1999, Vitamin C sang the greatest graduation song of our time.

“Graduation (Friends Forever)” affected us because we all secretly had the same question as Vit C: will we be friends forever?

It’s the first time we realized youth was ephemeral.

That and the song is catchy as fuqqq.

But the best way to hold on to memories of youth, of course, is to write them down. That’s why we want you to write your own graduation song, story, or poem for the next Writers Club prompt. Get comfortable with the idea of the unknown. Embrace whatever’s next. Say goodbye to someone. And if you’ve already graduated, even if it was 100 years ago, write what you wish someone had said to you back then.

Keep it under 500 words and send your submissions to, BUT HARK! Important! This baby is due WEDNESDAYMay 20, by 12 noon EST.

You can do it.

PS: “Stay tuned.” Our 2015 Commencement Speech is coming to you soon… Want to see last week’s PROMPt winner? Click here.