Vintage Yves Saint Laurent for Sale

The Saint Laurent that we know now — under the eye of Hedi Slimane — is a world apart from Yves’ Saint Laurent. If fashion is about moving forward, though, or at the very least staying in the moment (and selling clothes for that particular moment), then Slimane is killing it. The thing is, when a heritage brand’s DNA runs deeper than its overarching themes (in this brand’s case: rebellion, experimentation, high society), there’s a certain delight in looking back at where the brand started — not as a means of comparison or critique, but rather to feel that nostalgic connection to a past era.

Today, (an online vintage boutique) launched part 1 of their 4 part sale-series featuring vintage Yves Saint Laurent. There are dresses from Yves’ Fall 1971 collection, Safari pieces from the late 60’s, capes from 1969, peasant skirts from the 1970s and 1960s haute couture. Price-wise, considering this is vintage Yves Saint Laurent, it’s honestly fairly reasonable. But even if you’re farther away from making a $1200 purchase than I am from running naked across the stage of a Broadway show, it’s still pretty cool to check out designs that were once the bread and butter of a brand that very much continues to surprise fashion, even now.

[Resee Vintage Saint Laurent Sale]


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