Happy Sunday: 6 Short Fashion Videos to Watch

Hey you in your pajamas that you may or may not have worn out to a party last night! If you don’t plan on moving from your bed today, then that’s fantastic. Neither do I. Even the remote feels a little too far.

Settle in to this here post, instead, my friends, because what we have is a compilation of short fashion-fringed videos that are all under twelve minutes or less.

First up: In and Out of Fashion with Laura Brown, a new series for Made to Measure. Man Repellaaaa has the exclusive on these babies for the weekend, which is like being the first person in the world with those gold mule Guccis. Sigh. (And on Monday, we all turn into pumpkins, so enjoy this here and now.)

Watch Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner teach Brown about books

They aren’t matching, but they do share clothes.

Go shopping with Uzo Aduba and learn about some designers you’ve definitely never heard of before

Important takeaway from the video below: “Call me a hammer” is the only appropriate response when you nail something.

Walk the walk with Hari Nef

And always bring your own egg.

Let’s all take a quick pause here to run to the bathroom and grab a snack.

Ok ready? Great.

Next up: we have Derek Lam 10 Crosby’s film series, featuring…

The most awkward first date in the history of pink dumpling dining rooms

With Alia Shawkat and Langston Kerman. You will root for them (and cringe) the whole damn time.

The one game no one should ever play because it never leads anywhere good…

Truth. Or. Dare.

And finally, director Sean Baker (of Greg the Bunny fame) has teamed up with Kenzo for this short film that’s great for spacing out if you brain, like mine, can’t seem to lift itself out of that foggy weekend morning haze. Introducing…


Which I prefer to refer to as, “One Girl’s Journey with a Giant Cake.”

Who else is in the mood for cake now? Oh! And tell me what you’re watching.

Laura Brown’s entire Made To Measure series will be available February 8th on Roku, Amazon and m2m.tv. Fun fact: m2m is a fashion video network that WAS exclusively on Apple TV, but now anyone can watch on the website or app.


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  • The Derek Lam films are slaying me one by one

    • Amelia Diamond

      they are REALLY good

      • I mean, I cried. I’m not even hormonal at all, but I cried so much.

        • Lynn Watson

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  • Dani Heifetz

    how do I watch more m2m videos?

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I’ve been watching them all weekend on m2m.tv (If you’re into art/photographers in fashion too, def check out the ____ by Bailey films!)

      • Dani Heifetz

        thanks for letting me know! I’ve got Warhol by Bailey queued up!

  • I’m so curious; what is your take on fashion films and what makes one successful? Its such new territory and I’ve been dying for Man Repeller to dive into this topic

  • Living Paula Blog

    These are awesome! So much fun!


  • Allie Fasanella

    dev hynesssss ugh