Vanity Fair’s 50 Titans of 2013

Vanity Fair just ran a story called “The New Establishment”, wherein they pinpoint the 50 most significant innovators obstructing and reconstructing their respective landscapes in 2013.

There’s good news and bad news here.

The good news is: this isn’t a cheap page-view ploy. All 50 names are delivered on a single, scrollable digital page. The bad news, however, is that the list seems awfully dated considering the fact that it is, in fact, 2013 and while Mark Zuckerberg’s clout may never die, is it really as poignant today as it was yesteryear?

Plus, where the hell are all the women? Never mind that not a single one made the list clocking in above the top ten mark but surely there are more than eight – EIGHT – female vanguards doing what the media likes to refer to as “disrupting” shit and so forth. So?

[The New Establishment 2013 via Vanity Fair]

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  • Hudson Berry

    Kinda stale and biased towards the West Coast.

  • itiswhatitis

    Where are all the women? Posing for blog pics. Thats where.