Vaguely Important People

I’d like to say that I love a good pun just as much as the next guy but I’m actually pretty sure that I love it more. This, of course, makes my having found Vaguely Important People, a Tumblr that chronicles puns born most predominantly from the names of famous fashion folk, considerably more exciting.


Figure a woman like Anna Wintour. Has no one ever thought that maybe, just maybe, she’s been popularly regarded as something of an ice queen because her last name is a misspelled season that denotes frigid temperatures?

Or Karl Lagerfeld. At his core, he’s a builder. The alpha builder. But not just that — he cuts shit down the way Joan Didion tears through societal norms and then builds it right back up in a way that is sartorially smarter, artfully cleaner, and downright more tasteful than it had been before. This makes sense considering the uncanny similarity his name boasts when considering, you know, a logger.

And as for Jane Birkin?


Ugh. No wonder!

Head over to Tumblr and enjoy the images at your own disclosure. They are pretttttttay good.

[Vaguely Important People via Tumblr]

  • Quinn

    They can also double as a cheeky halloween/pruim costume! (stevie knicks, anna winter, virginia woolf-erine)

    • Leandra Medine

      Now THAT is good thinking.

    • Which reminds me of the Halloween episode of the Mindy Project last season! Dirty Harry Potter & Lil Wayne of the Prairie

      • Quinn

        Lorde Dissick is another option

        • Amelia Diamond


          • Quinn


  • deb

    FAB site!

  • I’m sorry for what just popped up in my head while reading this ….

    Miley …



  • Guest

    Lighten up people. It’s a CHILD at a dance recital, not the The New York City ballet or a solo choreographed by Savion Glover. This is gold! Parents should be proud of having such a unique child. If anything, blame the dance instructor for boring choreography and a stupid music choice. I’d make that face too someone made me dance to that.