Up & Out
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Getting dressed in the morning is never easy, unless you happen to be one of those hyper-organized people who lays her clothes out the night before and subsequently earns an extra few minutes (or full hour) slumbering, dreaming all the while of a great outfit sans under-eye bags as accessories.

Well, I am not one of those people, and much to my dismay an app has not yet been invented that organizes my closet à la Cher Horowitz’s.  Instead, my room more closely resembles the mess of clothes sprawled out on the floor in London-based filmmaker Joshua Stocker’s surrealist short for Nowness titled “Up and Out.”

The video follows model Molly Smith as she tries on an array of designer pieces by the likes of Meadham Kirchoff, Alexander McQueen and and Miu Miu while trying to get out of the house. Stocker stated, “I wanted to create a film that felt seamless, without the cuts interfering with the experience,” and seamless it felt, through a series of fluid transitions and effects including a disappearing dress.

His glamorization of a seemingly frustrating morning dilemma almost leads to me believe that the process is a graceful, easy routine.  But through his subtle use of the surreal, I am reminded that this artful interpretation is in fact a fantasy.

Thoughts on the video? And what’s your “getting ready” process like?

  • Nicole De Jong

    Love it!!!
    This is totally my process.. only a tad more messy and clumsy… and my dog is usually giving me a disapproving look.
    Every morning it’s the same. I get out of the shower and begin yet another quest of finding the perfect combination of garments that represents my mood for that day.
    My biggest problem? My closet is tiny! I wouldn’t even call it a closet… it’s more like a cubby with a door. So with the help of IKEA and a severe shopping addiction.. my bedroom has transformed into a walk in closet with a bed. It’s actually pretty badass. 🙂

  • kahrissa.holz@gmail.com

    Try the app ‘Stylebook’ – you can take photos of your own wardrobe and arrange in to looks! Then pick the one you want on the day!!

  • Wadjin

    This is not a problem for me,i have to wear a Fetching little uniform(park ranger) that makes me look like a grown up Girl Scout. My problem is what to wear when I’m not working as I have now lost my fashion mojo.