Ugh: Why is Reformation So Good Right Now?

It’s really, really annoying to want something that you know everyone else wants, too. It’s like feeling yourself develop a crush on the captain of the football team or realizing that you like Mumford & Sons.

You accept such defeats on the runway because it means, at the very least, that you didn’t “miss” something. You saw what your peers saw; you understood. (Phew, you may think as you wipe your brow after a close encounter with a tricky show. You liked the shoes a lot, but they were super weird. Not your usual style. Why do I like these, you wondered, concerned. And then: Oh good, everyone else does, too.)

But when it comes to mass retail, that world “mass” hangs over certain shoppers’ heads like a precariously-hung chandelier. All it is is a stamp that says “Buyers: this will appeal to many.” Like cake or pizza! But if you’ve ever wondered why the OG hipster was so defensive about knowing of a rising band years before you, it’s because keeping creative secrets (musical, sartorial) makes your favorite things feel personal.

That doesn’t mean you deny yourself of something you like for the sake of not wanting to share.

Reformation, for example, is really good right now. It’s so good that it’s kind of annoying. Everyone is going to have the white Manon dress this spring. There’s already a waitlist. Everyone will have the pink off the shoulder ruffle top, the perfect, low-backed bodysuit, the side-tie tank, the spaghetti-hybrid cami, the sundress (with the almost-to-the-elbow sleeves), the dress covered in stars, the pink one that covers nothing and probably for the name alone, the striped Amelia tee.

Ugh, though! What if you want it for yourself — and only you! — so that when you show up to your best friend’s birthday party you’re not one of five girls in the frock you found?

The solution is in that question though: What if?

Will the world end?


Will you be wearing the same thing as someone else?


Has that happened before?


But did the world end?


Does it mean I don’t have a unique sense of personal style?


Doesn’t it?!!?!?


So what?

It means you and a large handful of people agreed on something. Consider that a victory.

Photographs via Reformation.


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  • Jasmin

    Yesss! I’m on a wait list for the Manon dress to wear the night before my wedding so please please please pretty dress come back!! Never ordered from the US but this dress makes me want to fly over to you guys just to buy it. Just open a shop in London, will you?!

    • Seriously!

      • Marlene Gallant

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      • Becky Cogdill

        When I saw the draft of 6245 dollars,,,yuc I accept that my friend’s brother was like really generating cash in his free time with his PC. . His aunt’s neighbor has done this for only 10 months and by now repaid the loan on their home and bought a new Car .

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    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m waiting on my size in the white Manon too!

      • Danica Zivkovic

        mee too 😀 Terzetta color

    • The threshold for taxes and duties has gone up to $800 I think! So you can order without getting stung for those extra charges, and they do free worldwide shipping. YAS! x

    • Tell me about it!! Ordered a few things in their Xmas sale and was hit with a load of custom charges so be aware of that, but it will be worth it to wear the dress before your wedding!

  • Seriously!!!

  • TLK

    Ref is my fave but they have made some seriously insenstive gaffes lately that is making it hard for me to want to part with my hard-earned dollars. As a woman of color this really bums me out. More details in this article:

    Notably an instagram of ref employees eating fried chicken with the caption “Happy black history month” uh…. what???

  • THANK FUCK because I have had a cart open for weeeeeeks (yet have not pulled the trigger). I can’t wait to casually wear the Arabeth dress.

    • Olivia AP

      I just pulled the trigger! Think about how those dresses will make you feek when you wear them AND that if you don’t you’ll have to be in the waitlist 🙂

  • ReadER451

    DAMMIT, AMELIA. It is so good right now!

    • You just read my mind, BTW. So much about samenesss 🙂

  • Amy Mills

    ugh is right – I feel the exact same way about Reformation. i guess somehow us all muddling about our insecurities about it together makes it better tho? Like, it can’t be so bad if everyone’s wearing the Manon dress and I am too and I acknowledge all of this meta stuff??

  • Will I look like a blog if I wear Reformation?

    • Leandra Medine

      I don’t know, do you feel like you look like instagram when you eat avocado?

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        only of the toast variety

  • Hannah Cole

    I have to tell myself this more often

  • LJIS

    I love their clothes, but not wearable for those with bigger breasts.

    • Sarah Tynan


    • Victoria

      YES, THIS!!! They announced a collection for the larger-breasted ladies a while back, but then I think even that was capped at C/D cups. I wanted to cry…

    • Jamie

      Dude, I have smaller breasts and I can’t pull that ish off.

      • LJIS

        Ill-fitting fashion show for all!

  • Liz

    Can’t wait to graduate and get a job and have funds for a closet full of Reformation! I found out about them a year ago and think they’re rad. I still feel like in a group of nonfashiony people I’ll still have a safe secret. Tehehe

  • Felicia

    I need the Parakeet dress for my birthday! Thanks for sharing Amelia x

  • Julita Dress *praise hands emoji*

    • Jamie

      Seriously considered buying it in white for my wedding (not engaged yet).

  • Hanne

    I am pondering the Rodarte x &other stories right now, I like the glittery silver long sleeve wrap dress, but am wondering if it is worth spending 250€ on a dress that everyone will own, or at least recognize? What do you guys all think? I can see myself getting wear out of it. But could I get something more original with 250€ than an &other stories piece?

    Slightly different note, what do you all like from the collaboration, which pieces are your favorites and will you get something once released?

  • Adardame

    You can always accessorize differently.

  • Like Lillian

    This is spot on, I thought if I got my prom dress from Reformation instead of Revolve like everyone else I would be so different and edgy but it turns out a lot of people actually know about Reformation so I have to find another way to be cool and edgy…

  • Cory Campion

    Yesss! I’m on a wait around record for the Manon outfit to use the evening before my marriage so please please please fairly outfit come back!! Never requested from the US but this outfit creates me want to fly over to you people just to buy it. Just start a store in London, uk, will you?!
    Espiar WhatsApp

  • The LES store is A DREAM! I got my wedding dress there on a recent trip!

  • Hahaha reading the comments about the Manon dress is too funny! Every Monday I end spending all of my money on Reformation’s new releases. #yayformyclosetneyformywallet

  • Leah

    I love their clothes but their sizing is whack. If you’re tall you have to get a large and then it’s too big sideways.

  • This is how I feel about tacos.

    Also yeah, Reformation is pretty great–eco fashion that isn’t distinctly granola (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  • xtyb

    Um, cute, but I’m more of a bra wearer than any of the designers of these clothes. I’ll take the striped Tshirt though, as always.

  • Paige

    They aren’t worth the couple of hundred you’ll drop on each garment! I’ve bought five pieces from them – and 4 out of 5 are dodgy. They’ve shrunk with the first hand wash/dryclean or the snap buttons on the skirt all decide to fall off after one wear. Pretty disappointing… I took that skirt to my repair man and got him to sew buttons on it. Pretty expensive skirt that now is! I still follow their Insta but won’t give them any more money. Using recycled fabrics and turning them into new cool fashion is a great idea but when the clothes are so poorly made its not worth what they charge ? If you’re going to go there though, choose the most natural fabric like a cotton or linen.

    • Jenelle

      Ok this actually makes me feel a bit better because I have three dresses from them and one of my favorite dresses from them seemingly shrunk when I took it to the dry cleaners. I thought maybe I was going crazy since I really love my dry cleaners and they handle all my clothing well but I guess it’s just the Reformation clothing. I haven’t worn the other two dresses yet but now I’m afraid to for when I’ll eventually have to get them cleaned.

      • ave

        They do recommend hand washing vs. sending it to the dry cleaners, but I understand you may feel hesitant to hand wash a certain type of dress. I’ve only hand washed a ribbed-cotton dress from them (and other ribbed shirts etc.) and they have all kept their form. Haven’t tried other materials though. I recommend Eucalan lavander no rinse delicate wash (order it on amazon).

  • Danica Zivkovic




  • Stephanie Landry

    Honestly, anything and everything they make in that ribbed stretchy fabric is PURE GOLD. I have about 2o different pieces in that material now and I get so much use out of them all! I highly recommend the black tank style dress. You can wear it alone, w a jacket, w a sweater over like it’s a skirt! It’s so useful.

  • ahnah

    Didn’t you read it? They are aparently so good because they copy their ex designers

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Might as well dive in right? Right! Because the fast fashion ‘houses’ will churn out a horribly made, cheaply produced knockoff that will at once make you feel like a rock star for getting the OG AND like a stan because you didn’t just get the knock off instead. May the case always be more of the former.

  • Senka

    Is it really, really horrible that I want the Aquazzura shoes?

  • Sahra

    that pink OTS? I NEED IT.

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  • I agree with you, I kinda feel like when it comes to mass retail, or anything else, not wanting what everyone else wants kinda defeats the purpose of not wanting what everyone else wants. Because everyone is trying to not want what everyone else wants, if that makes sense. It probably didn’t. My point is, why not just say fuck it, I want it, I don’t care who else also wants it. That pink bodysuit is to die for tho.

  • Bethany Walter

    The clothing is fashion but how you style it is what makes it your own. Wear unexpected shoes, layer, or add a colorful accesory that changes the color pallet.

  • Emma S

    I always end up returning everything I buy from Refo. The quality is blah, really weird shinny F21-like fabric and every strap has those cheap plastic adjusters, looks tacky. Hot models and good photography make all of their clothes seem way better than they are. Just my 2 cents.

    • pennyjenny

      I have ended up returning a lot, too. I love one shirt I bought, but the rest just didn’t seem to be made from quality fabric.

  • Savannah

    I want it all! They need to open a shop in Europe, pretty please.

  • Melanie Cheung

    obsessed with all things Reformation.

  • But I’m a Cheerleader

    Yeah, the sizing makes it pretty much impossible for lots of women….once again….

  • Greenhaus

    This is great. It’s true, Ref is amazing, simple, flirty, fun, ethical.

  • alexandra

    i hate pink! i absolutely refuse to wear that color! never have, never will wear it! this color takes me back to the late 90’s, and the rest of the 2000’s. i hated the 2000’s! an unoriginal, tasteless decade, clothing and music wise.

  • Tiffani Shelton

    WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM REFORMATION. I am a military member that was serving out of state when I received my 2 dresses totaling ~$700dresses that took >1wk to receive. When I returned I tried the dresses on and they didn’t fit correctly so I immediately sent them back at about the 32day after purchase mark but only 3 weeks from when I received them at my residence. >30days later I get a response via email from Reformation informing me they shipped the dresses back and would not accept the return. I understand policy, however, circumstances occur in life where a company in which I have spent thousands of dollars should have better customer service.