5 Queens for a Day

I imagine every day is a great day to be a queen, but today feels like a particularly compelling one. And if you’re wary of such an assertion, I beg you to give me a queen’s dozen (that’s 5 because I just made it up) opportunities to convince you otherwise.

1. Literal Queen: Elizabeth II, that is, celebrates 90 years of life today.

Yes, living with upwards of five corgis immediately qualifies you as royalty, but Queen Elizabeth II also has a country to serve. And a world to charm; everyone is joining her in celebrating her 90th today, not least of which is Annie Leibovitz, who took three new portraits of her in honor of this momentous occasion.

Take a peek at them here or just watch the above video (and be prepared to open PetFinder in the immediately adjacent tab).

[Harper’s Bazaar] [Vanity Fair]

2. Rap Queen: Nicki Minaj is Time’s most influential person.


Hot on the heel’s of People‘s proclamation about the most beautiful woman, Time went and one-upped the gossip mag by naming Minaj their most influential person. This is some Game of Thrones shit. Sorry Jen, I’m pledging my loyalty to Queen Nicki on this one.

[Time] [The Fader]

3. Literary Queen: Charlotte Brontë would turn 200 today!


Renowned author and poet Charlotte Brontë tragically died at the age of 38 while pregnant, but if she hadn’t, she would be turning a sprightly 200 today and would probably be celebrating somewhere in a sunny meadow. If you’re not in the vicinity of grass to partake, learn a little about her here in honor of her special day.

I personally enjoyed learning she popularized the name Shirley.

[Mental Floss]

4. White House Queen: Michelle Obama is a crazy dog lady, just like everyone with a heart


In a Q&A yesterday with our lady American Queen Michelle Obama, a second grader asked her what she likes to do with her dogs. She then proceeded to wax poetic about squeezing, cuddling, blowing on and massaging them, proving once and for all that I’d like to be her pet.

[The Cut]

5. Overall Queen: Beyoncé’s mysterious Lemonade will be free on HBO!


Does “Beyoncé’s Lemonade” sound like a reference to her urine? Yes. Would the world probably drink it if that’s what turns out to be the big reveal? Yes. So grab some popcorn and your coworker’s dad’s ex-wife’s HBO GO password because you’re about to get a free show this weekend.

Not be too on-the-nose about it, but praise Beyoncé and all the queens who are making today not your average Thurs.


Photo credits: Nikki Minaj by Ben Hassett for TIME; Charlotte Brontë from Getty via Mental Floss; Michelle Obama via Woofipedia; Beyonce still via YouTube




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