Two Ways to Do the Paper Bag Pant

The paper bag pant: we cited them as a trend on the runway for Spring 2016. Remember Tome? 3.1 Phillip Lim? Public School? Creatures of the Wind? Or most recently Dries!?! Now I’m just name dropping, but there’s a reason so many designers want you to wear pants that appear at least a size too big…

Because these are the Netflix and Chill of pants. They give you the best excuse since “We’re Closed” to not visit your tailor, they provide ample opportunity to show off new belts or old scarves, and, if you’re not squeamish about smelling like PB&J, they can stay true to their name and store your lunch.

To carry on this strange metaphor — just as lunch varies, so too can the way you paper bag your pants.

Example number one: the below denim diaper meets Joseph’s technicolored dream coat.

This bodysuit is an outfit redo, if you recall what I wore in my second look for The Last Hurrah of summer (Mom, I know you remember).

American Apparel bodysuit, vintage Cross Colours patchwork jeans, Paula Cademartori shoes, vintage belt

Unbelted, they’re baggy jeans that sit just above my waist and are at least one size too large. Left alone, they’re great! But by hiking them up and adding a belt (I like one with enough length for looping), I changed their silhouette and gave myself a new shape. That’s two jeans, two bodies for the price of one.

Next: the bandana way.


Reformation top, No.6 clogs, vintage bandana as belt, N-DUO pants

These trousers already had a (super) high waist. Rather than put a belt through their intended holes, however, I added a long scarf at my own natural waist, unbuttoned the top as one does post-Thanksgiving and kept the scarf’s bow knotted in the back for flirty lil’ surprise.

Kill ’em as you walk away, as they say.

Now show me what you’re wearing/having for lunch.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; styled by Elizabeth Tamkin