To Leather Bra Top or Not?

So…I’ve got a question that comes in the wake of a recent product update on Net-a-Porter: while the image from Hedi Slimane’s show for Saint Laurent offers a good argument for styling purposes (duh, what else would I put under my menswear style coat and pair with my leather micro mini skirt?), I still have to wonder: where does one wear a leather bikini top?

Surely no one is silly enough to swim in but a mere leather triangle bra. Much less when it cost $990 to obtain in the first place. Nor, I imagine, is one ignorant enough to sunbathe in it. That shit gets real hot real fast and unless you wish to forgo utilitarian nipples henceforth, never mind, to each their own. So, does one wear it to sleep? No, no, that might get sweaty. Out on a Saturday night? Not in the throes of the coldest December since Gettysburg! I know, I know, that happened in November, but stay with me.

Maybe, just maybe, this bra has been tailor made to be worn by individuals not unlike myself and you, who enjoy layers and irreverent styling. Could it be that this bra is meant to function as that which saucily festoons an otherwise mundane white t-shirt? Or is it just simply the tangible birthing of Dominatrix Convention-wear?

You tell me.

[Saint Laurent leather bra top via Net-a-Porter]

Update: As of 3:26PM on Wednesday, December 18th, it is sold out. Did you buy it? When are you going to wear it?

  • Sabrina

    I would wear it with a white silk blouse almost fully unbuttoned with leather walking shorts- id wear that to the club or out for drinks on the town with girlfriends

  • Aubrey Green

    Sold Out; that is hilarious news. I don’t get it, Leandra please explain how a triangle bra for $990 is sold out. Are people opening their shirts/flashing people what they bought, or is each person asking everyone, “hey, I just bought a $990 bra, want to see it?” A triangle bra!

    Is it all in the name? Even if it were, no one would know that unless you told them.

    • KissingDaisies

      a) real leather isn’t cheap
      b) yup, it’s all about the name
      Total cost of a name and real leather = way too expensive

      • Aubrey Green

        The amount of material they used for that is not equal to the price – Leandra’s “the one” leather jacket is under $990 and it’s a jacket!
        thanks for your answer though :).

        • KissingDaisies

          Yeah, I know. The bra costs $650 but what I just meant is about brands names in general. 🙂

  • HayleyRoderick

    I think it would be cute under a lace top or dress but not on its own:)

  • Rory

    I would be appalled at anyone over an A cup that wore this anywhere but the bedroom. I feel like it would just be vulgar on anyone with even a slightly large chest. Then again I’m rather shy about how busty I am so maybe if you can rock it without looking like a porn star more power to you.

  • No brainer – definitely leather bra it!

    I would wear it with a white/cream shift dress with low slung arm holes with black stockings and high booties. Chuck a coloured blazer on for dinner and take it off to party.

    Want! Although I just saw that it costs $990. So maybe it’s a good thing it’s sold out.

    I found these ones that are more in my (and your?) price range? No they aren’t as nice but they are 1/10 of the price 🙂

  • CarlotaLMorais

    It looks like a bikini! Id like it more if it was a bit more complex, structured maybe. You can buy the most amazing pair of shoes or jacket please dont spend 650 in a BRA that looks like a bikini leandra! There are far more interesting pieces of Clothing out there

  • Eric Murphy

    Leather in all forms works for me.

  • like to try, if more photos will better