Tinder: The Movie
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Every time a new dating app is born, an older one gets its wings…or spoofed. Something like that.

We were recently introduced to the new digital matchmaker Charm, and just as I was getting ready to declare it The New Tinder (sorry, $3.50 for the D-bag jar) a friend forwarded me this video to remind me that nope, Tinder is still equally relevant to the point that someone made a parody about it online.

Based off a trailer for The Social Network (which, if you live in a teapot, is a 2010 Aaron Sorkin film about how Facebook came to be), Tinder: The Movie is YouTube’s answer to…all our problems. Or perhaps just Friday antsy-ness. It’s just funny, okay?

Do you guys use Tinder? Be honest.

[Tinder: The Movie (Official Fake Trailer) via YouTube]

  • Adrienne

    This is amazing. I was actually just looking up one of your old Tinder articles to send to a friend, to lend to my “refusal to use Tinder,” argument. This parody reinforces the ridiculous precipitate creation of relationships (or initial “connections”) based on looks and looks alone. The larger issue at hand (as portrayed in the movie) is that some take the app seriously, and others frankly, do not….but either way, we are losing FACE value.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Do a lot of your friends still use Tinder and actually meet people off it? I feel like everyone I knew used it about a year ago, and now I know practically no one who still uses it for dates, more just as a game when you’re bored standing in line..

      • Adrienne

        That is usually the case….but then there are those few stragglers who have just jumped on the bandwagon, in FOMO fashion.