Three Shows, Three Sentences

Lisa Perry was an early indication that this might be the season of the re-imagined ’60s (the second was Coach) as opposed to the 2000s per my scared prediction a few weeks ago, but it was also an opportunity for Perry to crack her knuckles and show us what she does best: a bold color among black and white in silhouettes that range from basic, to sporty, to whoa cool! — there are pants under that deep v-necked dress.

At Kaelen the models wore flowers in their hair — or at least a few of them did, the lucky ones I guess — but the really lucky ones were those who had a blonde scarecrow’s wig flying out from the hems of skirts and jackets in the form of fringe, fringe, fringe, which I liked so much that I almost stole hay from a barn up in Riverside but then I said, Amelia, that is a not trY, leave it to the professionals, and then one more thing before I run out of breath is that I am all about a stripe and Kaelen was obviously like, Girl, I got you.

Finally, there were candy buttons on the skirts and dresses at Honor — unsurprising given that her trademark has officially become sugary confections in the forms of cake-tiered fabrics and silhouettes that a little girl might dream of but only a woman (paired with her furrowed brow deliberately mussed hair) could pull off, which makes total sense when considering Zosia Mamet, who oohed and ahhed from across the runway at the clothes, and maybe too because the giant pearls on the back of the finale gown looked like Lemon Heads with the yellow bit sucked off. Yum.