Five Things to Talk About on Your Lunch Break Today

Lunch with your co-workers today could go one of two ways. Option #1:

“Oh hey, that looks tasty! What are you having?”

“A burrito bowl with extra guac. You?”

“Peanut butter and jelly — it’s not very good. Wish I ordered with you.”

*Awkward silence*

Option #2: A sparkling discussion centered around the five bits of Internet candy below. Read on to never run out of talking points with your desk-mates this afternoon, or just enjoy clicking around by yourself over Tex-Mex takeout (because, obviously, you aren’t sad sandwich girl).

1. “Damn, Daniel!”

In case you’ve been on an Internet fast for the last 24 hours, Daniel is a 14-year-old teen from California who wears a lot of Vans. He and said sneaker collection became famous this week when his friend Josh filmed both multiple times for his Snapchat story while saying “Damn, Daniel” repeatedly in the background — so famous, in fact, that Ellen DeGeneres had both boys on her show. And gave them a lifetime supply of Vans. Lesson learned: We all need to do more weird stuff on social media.

2. Kathryn Merteuil — aka, the evil stepsister from Cruel Intentions — is back.


Or, at least, there’s a good chance she will be very soon. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the part in the iconic 1999 film, has signed on to reprise the character in a spinoff show for NBC. If it gets picked up, she’ll be a series regular. [Deadline]

3. Facebook just got emojis!


Well, sort of. The networking site made news yesterday for building out its “like” feature with six “reaction” buttons: the old school like, a love sign, plus happy, surprised, sad and angry faces. It’s no purple octopus or red dress salsa dancer, but progress nonetheless. [Facebook Newsroom]

4. Mastercard is implementing selfie passwords.


Because, really, who has the brain space to remember their bank pin these days, the credit card company is working on a photo-based form of indenification. And, yes, they’ve thought of a way around other people using your picture: there’s a blinking requirement as proof of life. [CBS News]

5. Kanye West has some more thoughts on fashion.

The rapper took to Twitter to express his frustration with the industry not taking him seriously, likening his experience to an underdog cartoon character from the Wreck It Ralph movie. He also threatened to steal “Demna from Balenciaga” and — gasp! — “sell winter coats in the winter.”

And, of course, if all else fails you can talk dead trends. This season, friends don’t let friends buy culottes.


  • Aydan

    OMG those two kids are soooo funny!! And if you all haven’t read the profile of Kanye in last week’s New Yorker, def check it out. It sheds some light on why his public persona may be the way it is!

    • cameron humphrey

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  • I have been waiting for Cruel Intentions to be (back?) on Netflix for the longest time!!!!!!

  • Yeah!! SMG is back!! I will definitely try out the show!! =)

  • “Damn Daniel!” brings me back to those high school days. These boys were like the ‘everyboy’….Vans, sun-bleached hair, generally chill. Good times.

  • omg thank you. i was wondering what the damn daniel thing was

    • lifetime supply of vans..the dream

      • was thinking man repeller should have their own series “damn, emma”

  • The damn daniel really just gets me in the giggles (my boyfriends country raised mom says things like this–including, that really grinds my gears) ANYWAY, because its so cute and funny that his little skinny friend is following him around screaming about his shoes. It pleases me. It reminds me of high school when one of our friend had something delicious for lunch, we would exclaim “SHIDDDDDD gimmie some of that” but snapchat wasn’t around yet. : (

    We’re Not Exclusive

  • Living Paula Blog

    Damn Daniel!!!!!


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