These Shoes

I fucking love these shoes. I find them wonderful. They’re serious in that Wangian way but so indelibly fun because they look like mini, volcanic tikis that can erupt from the midway point of a woman’s foot. The creativity tethered to using a heavy old-school, golden telephone wire as an ankle strap as opposed to just, you know, an ankle strap is irreverent enough to justify (fine, not exactly) the steep price but here’s where I find myself at the intersection of doubtful and penny-pinching:

Do I really want to be the girl who wears a pair of shoes so discernibly indigenous to their season that even the least initiated shopper walking down the street could look at me and say: oh, nice, Balenciaga resort ’14 sandals. Cool.

OR, do I forgo that insecurity (because frankly, that’s what it is), bite the bullet and bask in loving with an obligatory, prerequisite fucking┬áthe definition of the fashion zeitgeist?

[Tassel patent-leather sandals via Matches Fashion]

  • just do it. and whenever you use the word “tethered”, I just think of that post you wrote using the phrase “tethered to a penis” and LOL all over again.

    • Leandra Medine

      I get peanut butter syndrome w words too

  • Those shoes ARE cool as hell. I really wouldn’t care if they can be so easily pin-pointed to a time/collection. If anything, I’d revel in their ability to cry out their designer’s name. And when they do, it’ll be like, “BALCENCIAGAAAAAAA, BITCH!”

  • Erica M

    I’m in love with the gold chain around the ankles!

    Erica’s Edition

  • I farking love these shoes too. Shame they are so expensive. It’s an investment right?

    The Macadame. xx