There’s No Wrong Way to Wear a Palette
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.03.16 AM

…As evidenced by Sophia Webster and this prolific clutch. It calls itself the Arty Party but we’d prefer to title it the Artaaaaay Partaaaaaaay. Can you justify spending $595 on one? Here’s our crack at it:

A. Though the typical palette plus paint and brush will roughly cost no more than, let’s very liberally say, $200, it will not be able to hold your stuff. It will only create a mess on your clothes which will cost more in Shout wipes and dry cleaning materials. Furthermore, it may fuck up your walls and that calls for a whole different batch of paint.

B. While most bags aim to quietly compliment your outfit, this one will make it in totality. Heck, wear your school gym uniform if you want to. Which also brings me to…

C. Nostalgia. Don’t you feel like a kindergartner in art class once again, emphatically convincing your parents you are definitely the next Picasso? You can’t put a price tag on nostalgia.

And D. It’s really, really cool. Point blank. Hash tag conversation starter, hash tag new friends.

[Sophia Webster Arty Party Palette Clutch via Saks Fifth Avenue]