Some Kind of Miracle

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, and this particular one came to me via a bubbly expat named Molly residing in New York by way of Melbourne, Australia. She quickly extended her stay in Manhattan but had her trepidations — not about finding a job or place to live, but rather about what she would do when she had inevitably squeezed out all that was left in her sole tube of Lucas Papaw ointment.

“Paul Paul?” I ignorantly asked. “What’s it made from? Unicorn poop and rainbows?” It is not. Upon further inspection, it’s simply freshly fermented papaya and can aide chafing, insect bites, burns, cracked skin, “nappy rash” and the list goes on. I understood it to be the Australian iteration of vaseline, but less goopy and with a subtly sweet flavor. I kind of wanted to simultaneously eat it and smear it all over my face.

Much to Molly’s dismay, a fellow expat pick-pocketed her at a party, bolting off victoriously, paws firmly clutching the Papaw. An Australian friend later gifted her a dozen tubes, one of which she let me keep. Now I never leave the house without it and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I am somewhat of an addict. It has held me close during this horribly dry, frigid winter and keeps my lips and hands from cracking into 8 trillion pieces. The best part is that Net-A-Porter now carries the miraculous concoction so if/when I lose mine I will only have to panic for 3-5 business days.

[Lucas Papaw Ointment, $12 via Net-a-Porter]

  • Wow, this stuff looks great. Lovely piece, Charlotte.

  • Found out about this when I moved to Australia. Loved it! Especially when I have cold sores. It works wonders.

  • bob

    I love how fascinated Americans are by Papaw. Every time I have been overseas and pull out that red tube I get pummelled with a million questions. I also love that the rest of the world now gets to pay ridiculously inflated prices (it’s $5 here) for beauty products for once (small victories).

  • Bob’s right, it’s always bizarre and amusing to see foreigners discovering pawpaw ointment, something most Australians are keenly familiar with. (Kind of like mentioning that there are beaches here). Hope you enjoy it, though, Charlotte!

  • jas

    that is crazy! you can get it for $5 in australia! love this stuff though. use it all the time and for everything.

    reckless abandon

  • Greta Gale

    I used to love Lucas Pawpaw too – but it’s unfortunately made of a petroleum base (so it really isn’t that much better than vaseline), if you’ve looking for a versions that’s 100% pawpaw then have a look at the Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm, it’s much better than the Lucas version 🙂

    x greta

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Oooh! I will definitely check it out, thanks for the tip!

  • Emily

    Lucas’ Paw Paw is such a staple here, been using it since my high school days – it does wonders for the lips and cuts!

  • Eve

    I had a gp recommend I use it on an open wound to prevent it from infecting… And it worked. Itsa miracle cream!

  • sO mINe*

    I am addicted too! Love this and can not be one day without this on my lips! People ask me about this amazing shade, hehe…

  • Guest

    I got some just before winter came, needless to say – I don’t leave the house without it

  • I came across this earlier this year and haven’t left the house without it yet. I got mine from its the best UK supplier of it and at quite a decent price really too

  • pterridactyl

    I have just had the most wonderful holiday in Brisbane & Melbourne and seized the opportunity to stock up on pawpaw whilst waiting for my (delayed) flight. Five tubes later, I think I’m set for rather a while…

  • Greer Clarke

    Hahahaha that is so funny that pawpaw ointment, which is made literally in my city’s backyard it being marked up so high and being sold on NET A PORTER or all websites! weird!

  • The Healthy Collective

    This stuff is amazing… Been getting the big pots brought over from Australia!